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Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 7: Unhappy Ending

Another week, another seven days ticked away on the countdown. Are you anxious like me for movie goodies? Is it June yet?

Like last week, Sabrina is still tied up with some family matters, so we were unable to have our formal discussion.

Chapter 7 is nearly entirely Rosalie's show. Leave it to Rosalie to grab the spotlight for a while, right?

I'm actually glad for this chapter, without it Rosalie is just a grouchy background character, who apparently hates Bella for no reason. We'll leave that spot to Lauren, while we get to know Rosalie better.

We begin with Rosalie asking to come in to talk to Bella. Bella nervously lets her in, because, honestly, would you say no? I love the change in Rosalie's demeanor now. I think her actions in New Moon really were something of a wake up call for her. While her opinions on Bella's choices may not have changed, she is at least trying to recognize what Bella is to her brother.

The story Rosalie tells is both shocking and enlightening. The biggest thing it tells us is why Rosalie struggles the most with being a vampire. Edward explains in Twilight that vampires are essential frozen at the time they are created. They change very little, in personality, in emotional state.

Rosalie had everything she thought she wanted. The only thing she was missing, she assumed was an inevitability. She was beautiful, people adored her, she had a fiance who publicly showered her with attention. The big house and perfect beautiful children were on the way.

You see in the thread of the story that she was noticing the little details. Royce King didn't gaze at her lovingly, or do the small romantic gestures. Everything was a show for the public. She wasn't ready to accept that though. To be honest, her upbringing did not prepare her to think that way, much less to act on it. She was groomed, literally, from childhood to make and impression, and be the trophy.

The rude awakening to Royce's true nature is appalling. In it's most watered down description, it would be devastating to anyone. Rosalie was coddled and cared for her entire life, and that was ripped from her by someone she trusted. That he carried it as far as he did, shows the depth of the monsters he and his friends were.

I can only empathize with what it must be like to be in that situation. I can imagine, that even if her physical injuries had been repairable by human medicine, that would be nothing compared to the psychological damage that was done. The body heals far faster than the mind does.

Carlisle recognized the situation and wanted to save her. And he did, physically. The vampire venom repaired her broken bones and damaged body. However, vampire venom does nothing to heal the mind. The devastation, the fear, the anger, they are all still there.

Rosalie is a strong woman though. She did embrace her new life enough to follow Carlisle's example, and never taste of human blood. She sought to not be the monster in the situation. I think we can all excuse her act of revenge. If I were her, and found myself with superhuman strength and speed, I would most certainly use it to exact revenge on the ones that hurt me. To top it off, pure style points to Rosalie for haunting Royce in a wedding gown.

But after that, what happens? Her life is turned upside down. She will never have children, the one thing that was out of her reach still in her human life. The jealousy of those with the possibility forever frozen within her. And she has to find her place in a family wholly different from her previous one. And Edward, who can see right through her.

I find one thing interesting. Edward objected to Rosalie's creation, namely for the upheaval changing her would bring to their lives. Rosalie was too well known in the area, they'd need to leave. Rosalie's objections to Bella, particularly if you read Midnight Sun, are very similar. Edward and Rosalie are probably more alike than either of them would care to admit.

Rosalie admits to her jealousy of Bella, probably a difficult thing to do. I find it hilarious that all Bella can focus on at that is the reference to the Denali Clan and "all those females". I can't blame her, that would probably shake my self-esteem, too. Even with the knowledge that Edward hadn't been interested.

Rosalie pleads her case for Bella's life. I think this shows the most compassion from Rosalie, if she didn't care at all, she wouldn't bother. And I don't think she's wanting to separate her brother from the woman he loves, she just doesn't want to see the waste of life, as she sees it. What I admire the most about Rosalie here, is the strength she has to say her peace and at least promise to be civil. They may not ever be close friends, but steps were made. I think that Rosalie's at least accepted that Bella will likely still choose to become a vampire, and knows that if they are to spend eternity together, they had best make nice.

The chapter wraps on a lighter note, with Jacob showing up unexpectedly at the school and helping Bella "escape." This is important as well, as it shows Bella asserting her own will. That despite Edward's misguided attempts to keep her away, she is her own person, and will make her own choices.

I'm hoping to have a group discussion set up for next week, something all of you can participate in as well. There will be an announcement as soon as I get it all figured out. Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, leave your thought on Rosalie's story in the comments. We'll see you next week!

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Desiree said...

Yes, I agree its definitely Rosalie trying to make nice cause as everybody knows Edward loves Bella and she's by no means going anywhere. So like you say they may never be best buds but, she might as well put some type of effort to atleast get to know bella and be comfortable w/her.

And yes...her stalking him in a wedding dress!! Classic Don't say I blame her at all.