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Eclipse Discussion Chapter 5: Imprint

This post contains book spoilers for Eclipse, through chapter 5.

Welcome back to the Eclipse Book Discussion. While I'm enjoying this slow read through and discussion of Eclipse, I have to say, I'm not sure it's helping the time go by faster. I do find myself asking if it's June yet. We'll have to revisit this post in a couple months when I'm saying, "Whew! Where has the time gone?"

Chapter 5 picks up right where chapter 4 left us, Bella has taken an opportunity to visit Jacob, and they're having a chance to talk after several weeks of silence and bad feelings. At the beginning of the chapter, Jacob fills Bella in on the Pack. Quil has joined, to Quil's delight, and we hear Sam's story.
Amber: Such a big change from the Quil of New Moon who was terrified of what was going on and afraid that he was going to be next.
Sabrina: Well, garage Quil is very cute and funny.
Kerry: I think it's interesting that only Jacob and Sam are really negative about their change, even though Sam is pretty much over it now. And it seems to both stem from relationship issues.
Sabrina: Heartbreak, really.
Amber: For both of them, it caused a separation.
Kerry: Can you imagine having to deal with that alone?
Sabrina: I literally cannot fathom what that would be like.
Amber: It's amazing that Sam isn't more bitter than he is.
We get the down and dirty details of Sam and Emily's engagement. His heartbreak of Leah, and himself, really, as well as the horror of hurting Emily.
: What are your thoughts on imprinting, ladies?
Sabrina: I've always really liked the idea in general. I mean, wouldn't it be nice if it were that cut and dry?
Wouldn't that cut a lot of the mess?
Sabrina: I mean, just think if you had this massive crush on someone, and all of the sudden... he's totally devoted to you. You don't have to worry about him cheating, or not caring for you, or that he might get bored. There's definitely a good side.
Sabrina: But yeah, then there's Sam/Emily/Leah. No winner there.
Sabrina: Every one of the three paid a high price for the imprint.
Amber: Sam's story is so different. He meets Emily and breaks every promise that he's ever made to Leah. Like Jake says, he has to look in her accusing eyes and know that she's right.
Sabrina: And, some part of him has to, well, care in some way about Leah, even though his feelings for her were totally eclipsed by those he has for Emily.
Kerry: and he probably still cares for her...the love he felt has changed..but no reason for him to stop liking her.
I just want to call attention to this astute observation from our dear Amber:
Amber: Emily is Sam's Edward, Leah is his Jacob.
See what she did there? I thought that was a fantastic analogy of the situation, as well as some good...maybe not foreshadowing, but mirroring? Maybe.

The concept of imprinting is a bit of a sticky point for some people when they read Eclipse. This is our first introduction to the concept, but you can bet we will be coming back to it. Look for it in a future Twi-Theory also. I don't want to just gloss over it here though, so here are a few more of our thoughts on the matter.
Kerry: Like Jacob said, "it's hard to resist that level of commitment and devotion"
Kerry: Here you have this man, who is utterly perfect for you
Amber: it was just in her nature to try and take care of him, comfort him
Kerry: everything you want in a person, maybe even more than you knew you wanted
Sabrina: Still.. wouldn't you be just a little resentful?
Sabrina: It's like, finding yourself in an arranged marriage that you never wanted, yet it suits you perfectly. would you be happy it worked out, or would you wish you had a chance to make your own choice?
Kerry: maybe at first, like Jacob said, she was angry at first, but over time, as the commitment is proved
Sabrina: I"m looking forward to exploring this topic more in depth down the line.
Bella asks Jacob the question we're all wondering at this point then. Has he imprinted on anyone?
Kerry: How about the part where Bella asks Jacob if he's imprinted...
Amber: I think Bella was relieved when he said no, but I think there was more to it than that. She didn't want him to claim some "wolfy connection"
Sabrina: That was a weird scene... the one where she asks if jake has imprinted.
Kerry: yeah, awkward moment for them
Kerry: how do you feel about her reaction?
Amber: I think she wouldn't have really been surprised if he'd said yes
Sabrina: Um... suspicious. I don't think she's being entirely honest with herself.
Amber: I agree, I think she may have been a tiny bit disappointed, but at this point not sure why
Kerry: I think she was honest...she's already confused about where she and Jacob are, so she's relieved she doesn't have to argue the supernatural with him
Sabrina: Well, in some very small corner of her heart, I think she was a little disappointed. I think she is still secure in Edward, but still.
Amber: probably so, but I just think there might have been a twinge there that she wouldn't have understood
So, some disagreement there in the camps, I'm sure this subject will get revisited soon!

This is followed by a brief explanation of wolf characteristics, we find out that Jacob isn't aging, much to Bella's dismay. It's easy to understand her sensitivity to the subject. When many of the people around you are immortal, it's easy to see how quickly your life is passing, even at the tender age of 18.

Two more points I want to highlight for this chapter:
Amber: Did anyone else notice the sun reference in this chapter? How it made everything look different?
Kerry: it's interesting that they shift into talking about "before" then..
Amber: Page 126: The sun broke throught the clouds...everything changed color - the waves turned from gray to blue, the trees from dull olive to brilliant jade, and the rainbow-hued pebbles glittered like jewels
Amber: it was like the sun changing the way everything on the beach looked, is just a physical demonstration of how Jacob changes the way things look to her.
Amber was totally on with the deep observations!

Lastly, a Bella expresses to Jacob how much she dislikes the attitude between Jacob and Edward.

His eyes narrowed slightly, "But I am a werewolf," he said unwillingly. "And he is a vampire," he added with obvious revulsion. "And I'm a Virgo!" I shouted, exasperated.
Amber: I like that she's trying to make it clear to Jacob that she doesn't think of him or Edward in terms of vampire and werewolf...they may see each other that way, but she doesn't even take that into consideration
Kerry: and the statement about Jacob/Bella/Virgos I love..because it shows that she doesn't define either Edward or Jacob by their supernatural qualities
Sabrina: lol... cute ladies!
Aren't we adorable? This chapter is so full of symbolism, with the imprinting and the love triangles and the sun and everything. This is wear the we start really getting into the deep feelings and things are being brought out to the open.

Please share with us your feelings on Chapter 5. What do you think of Sam and Emily's story, or the conversation between Jacob and Bella. Next week, we'll read about some of the aftermath of Bella's visit in Chapter 6: Switzerland.


Desiree said...

I love how Amber compared "Emily is Sam's Edward and Leah is Jacob."

Yes, I agree that the reason Jacob and Sam were "upset" about the wolfie thing was yes they may have had alot more to lose than the others.

And pg 124 last paragraph When Bella asked about the imprinting...if he had imprinted on her. She sounded "relived"...trying "to explain my reaction to myself. I decided I was just glad he didn't claim...." So yes she was glad but...

And yes I loved the Virgo statement too.

I'm looking forward to Switzerland. That's one of my fav chapters!!

LN Mommy said...

One of my favorites quotes from the series comes from this chapter:

"Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV."

Great line, even greater mental image!