Thursday, January 21, 2010

Details on New Moon Distribution

The New Moon DVD release is just a couple months away. After the impressively successful sales of Twilight on DVD ($9.2 million in 2009), Summit is revising their distribution plan for New Moon.

There will be no single-disc DVD version for retail sale. This version, with limited special features, will only be available for rental.

There will not be unique versions for various retails outlets. (i.e. Target's 3-disc + iTunes copy). All retailers will get the same package.

Summit is hoping the wider demographic for New Moon will open up their Blu-Ray market. Twilight on Blu-Ray Disc only comprised 3% of their sales.

See more at the Twilight Examiner.


KG said...

suck. I really love my Target Special Edition Twilight, and was looking forward to having the New Moon 3-disc with an iTunes digital copy. *pout*

Fox Otter said...

Whereas I am happy that I don't have to own 3 copies of New Moon to get all the special features, I am still very bummed there is no Rob commentary on this one.