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Don't forget...Taylor is hosting SNL tonight!

This is the clip I've been looking for to post...Taylor and Bon Jovi.

They're both funny, but the second one absolutely cracks me up!

10 Things I Hated/Loved about New Moon: Jacob Edition!

Hello EoA readers! If you've been tuning in to the blog over the last couple of days, you may have noticed a new guest has appeared -- me, Sabrina! I'm Amber's long-time (I'm not allowed to say how long) friend and fellow Twilight fan. Amber has graciously given me permission to visit from time to time so that Team Jacob is well represented. And so, I give you my thoughts on New Moon with a Team Jacob Spin!

10 Things I hated About New Moon

10. The New Vampire Eyes
You know, just a few short months ago, it seemed like the Cullens all had slightly unusual, Amber-colored eyes. Were they all exposed to radiation since then? The problem is not really the eyes themselves. The problem is the glaringly obvious change.

9. The Volturi scene change
Okay, so Edward leaves Bella to heartbreak and misery for several months, and it takes all of 30 seconds for them to kiss and make up? Sorry, I'm not buying it. Besides, I like the
idea that Edward has to suffer a bit for his mistake.

8. Jasper's Hair
What is that
on Jasper's Head? A Mop? A Dead Yorkie? Oh. It's a wig. Next time consult Alice before trying a new 'do.

7. The Music
If we had any doubt, the music of New Moon reminds us from the very beginning that this is not a happy tale. Gloomy tunes dominate the first...I don't know...hour
of the movie? Okay, okay! They're doomed! We get it already!

6. The Volvo
Edward is supposed to have a silver Volvo. I'm sorry, but that's a black Volvo. Maybe dark gray, at best. Silver? No way.

5. The Wolf Pack

The wolf pack was just not exactly what I was expecting. Maybe it's just that they pale in comparison? Is it just me, or were the movie posters a little... over-exaggerated?

4. Cameron Bright as Alec
The Volturi all played their parts to perfection -- with the exception of Cameron Bright. His delivery of his single line was without inflection and odd, particularly next to Dakota Fanning's genius as Jane. Bright is only 16 now. Maybe some years and practice will improve his portrayal in Breaking Dawn.

3. Taylor Lautner is still 17
It's cruel and unusual punishment to parade shirtless, 17-year old, Taylor Lautner in front of audiences that mostly consist of women who are legal adults. We want to drool and ogle, but we just can't -- not yet. Maybe for Eclipse?

2. The Scene in Bella's Kitchen Even though I *knew* it was going to happen, it was still frustrating. For the love of all things holy, kiss now; answer the phone later!!

1. The Scene at Emily's House
Explain to me why everyone is shirtless in this scene except for Jacob. That's discrimination! They should've made Taylor take off his shirt too. You know... just to be fair.

10 Things I Loved About New Moon

10. The New Vampire Eyes
Apart from the change between the two movies, I loved the new vampire eyes. They are seriously creepy, and also kind of lovely. Maybe they can fix them digitally in Twilight.

9. The Acting
In Twilight, I had trouble connecting with several of the characters, mostly due to bad acting. Most everyone was more settl
ed into their roles this time around, and it allowed the audience to sink into the world as Stephenie Meyer created it.

8. The Direction
New Moon was better than I had ever expected. It was lovely and vibrant. The scenery was fantastic, the effects were superb, and it's all thanks to Chris Weitz. Here's hoping Summit brings him back for Breaking Dawn.

7. The Cliff Diving/Hunting Scene
Charlie's hunting wolves, the wolves are hunting Victoria, Victoria is hunting Bella, and Bella is going cliff diving. Underscored by Thom Yorke's Hearing Damage, this scene is incredibly intense and action-packed
, and also aesthetically gorgeous.

6. Michael Sheen as Aro
Although he only had one real scene in the
movie, Michael Sheen easily gave the best performance in the film. He added complex dimensions to the character of Aro, and he was truly creepy through a guise of civility. He was simply brilliant.

5. Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner
There were plenty of people wondering if Taylo
r could pull off a role this size -- figuratively and literally. There's no disputing that he stepped up and gave the performance of a lifetime. He played the part well, but his drastically changed physique is proof that he was was willing to do whatever it took to be Jacob Black. The results? Wow.

4. Edward's Wardrobe
Did anybody else notice that Edward never changed his clothes after he left Bella? By the time we catch up with him in Brazil, his designer outfit is little more than tattered rags. You see, Bella's not the only one who suffered, and I like that it's obvious.

3. Jacob's Idea of First Aid
Fresh out of band-aids? No problem! Just borrow Jacob's shirt. And maybe if you get hurt enough, he'd run out of shirts. I'm thinking the risk of bleeding to death might be worth it (*after he turns 18, of course*).

2. Harry Clearwater's Death

When you've read the book a movie is made from, the last thing you expect is a twist or surprise.
New Moon gave us just that with the death of Harry Clearwater. My jaw literally dropped as my mind figured out that it was absolutely within the parameters of the book. Amazing!

1. The Months
I very carefully avoided all New Moon spoilers, so I had no idea how they would handle the progression of months. If this scene was done poorly, it had the potential to ruin the movie for me altogether. It was heart-breaking, breath-stealing, and beautiful. Thank you, again, Chris Weitz.

**Amber here. You can check out Sabrina's review of New Moon without a pro-Jacob slant on her Examiner page.**

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New pic released from The Runaways

While the fandom fell into uproar over the summer when Kristen Stewart cut and dyed her hair, the results were absolutely amazing. The Runaways will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in the out-of-competition category. They released a new picture of Kristen and Dakota Fanning today and it's beyond words!
Here is an excerpt from the summary they give for the film.
What really makes the film cook are the sizzling performances by Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Not to be missed, The Runaways is an ode to an era and a groundbreaking band.
Kristen's film with James Gandolfini, Welcome to the Rileys, will be premiering in the US Dramatic Competition category. Ashley Greene's new film Skateland will be competing as well. As an interesting bit of trivia, Skateland stars Shiloh Fernandez, who was one of the final four candidates to play Edward.

Thank you to TwiMoms.

Kellan talks to Popsugar

Great interview with Kellan. He talks about a little bit of everything from his charity work to his holiday plans, his new dog to his Twilight cast mates and his portrayal of Emmett in Eclipse to Breaking Dawn and more. Check it out!

Thanks to ROB & kriSTEN Lovers.

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Eclipse Book Discussion: Preface

There are just (just...ha! Is it June yet??) 29 weeks until Eclipse opens in theaters. Coincidentally, there are 29 chapters in Eclipse, counting the preface and epilogue. Today, we are starting a new series at Eyes of Amber with a panel discussing the book Eclipse, chapter by chapter. The panel consists of Amber (Team Total Bella -- meaning she is very much our resident Bella, but not "Switzerland"), Kerry (Team Edward for (un) Life), and our guest panelist Sabrina (Team Jacob - like seriously).

You know me and Amber. Sabrina is a good friend of Amber's, and therefore a good friend of mine, despite her Jacob fetish. Sabrina read Twilight at Amber's recommendation, and enjoyed it as much as we all did. We wanted to include her to get the perspective of Team Jacob. Like us, Sabrina is an adult fan, meanting none of us are 12 (we totaled our ages...let's not go there), also a busy mom (between the three of us..there are 11 children yikes!) who enjoys the escape into the Twilight world.

We started with the Preface, including the Robert Frost poem "Fire and Ice". Read on for our discussion:

Kerry: I have to say, that the context of Fire and Ice makes for all kinds of fun interpretations when you apply them to Jacob and Edward.
Amber: very, very true, and so fitting
Sabrina: Oh yes. I also hold with those who favor fire
Amber: Well, you have the most obvious link...Jacob is fire, he's a toasty 108
Sabrina: mmmmmm
Amber: and Edward is ice...but also, you have the fire linked to desire and the ice linked to hate. With Edward...Bella is all fire, all desire. With Jake...she feels them both
Sabrina: True. And the idea of destruction is pervasive in this poem. Although it might make you think about the love triangle, that's not what the poem itself is actually about.
Amber: well obviously sweetie...I didn't think Robert Frost wrote poems about Twilight
Kerry: Really??
Amber: okay, give me your take, Miss English Major
Kerry: ooh! An English Major!
Sabrina: this poem gives a foreshadowing of the problems that the Cullens as a clan face.
Amber: if you're looking at it that way could the fire be the wolves and the ice the newborns/Victoria?
Sabrina: can the Cullens form a truce with the werewolves (fire), and can they defeat Victoria (ice and hate)?
Amber: I think it's safe to say that Sabrina and I are of the same thought process on that one. I like that much deeper meaning...far beyond Jacob and Edward
Sabrina: Well, a miracle has occurred here today!
Kerry: *marks day on calendar* With the Cullens and the Wolves working together, it's both forms of destruction, they were unstoppable by the newborns, so much so that Edward could sit out.
Amber: the joining of the two became a destructive force more powerful than either the fire or the ice alone
Sabrina: Good point.
Kerry: and fire and ice cancel each other out, without some sort of buffer agent, like Bella
Amber: ooooooooo
Sabrina: Very true
Amber: she enabled them to coexist
Sabrina: All very true. Back to the love triangle, too.... I kind of see Bella like two possibilities.
Kerry: I think it's a personality thing too, Jacob is very hot tempered and impulsive, maybe a little unpredictable.. Edward is calculating and inexorable, one he's on a course it's difficult to sway him. Fragile and strong at the same time.
Sabrina: I see her as what she would end like with Edward, and with Jacob. And to have one self, you have to destroy the other.
Amber: oooo ooooo ooooo ooooo You are both SO good!
Sabrina: LOL
Amber: I love the strong and fragile view of Edward and the two possibilities of Bella in order to have one, she must destroy the other...and in choosing the ice, she destroys herself as ice
Sabrina: Yes
Kerry: Ok, I'm totally the over-analyzer, I 'll give you that, but to me, it makes the second sentence in the preface interesting. "With ice in my heart, I watched him prepare to defend me."
Sabrina: ... no, I like it....
Amber: hmmm
Sabrina: She always uses fire and ice comparisons for Edward and Jacob. I don't think that's an accident at all. I mean, Jacob is like his own personal sun, and Edward sparkles like ice...
Kerry: Ok, so it's not just me
Sabrina: Nope, not at all
Kerry: Stephenie Meyer does the peek at the end thing , whether its just a preface like this or Twilight, or a dream..Do you like the hint at the end?
Sabrina: Yeah... and the great thing about... well, nearly all of them actually, is that even though you technically know what's going to happen, you don't really know who the major players are. And so this preface is great because you have no idea who her protector actually is.
Kerry: the enemy Victoria? is it the Volturi? is it the wolves? She mentions his family, but then, it could have been Emmett or Carlisle..
Amber: doesn't say who her protector is, or who she is being protected from
ah...but the wolves are Jake's brothers
Sabrina: Or his brother wolves
Amber: okay...we've got to stop doing that
Sabrina: It almost sounds like she is being protected from the wolves .. right?
Amber: I'm not really sure that I thought of the wolves there as who she was being protected from
Sabrina: So, at the end, we know that Bella and those she loves faces death. But the audience has no idea where the battle lines are drawn.
Kerry: I guess I never saw the protector as Jacob or any of the wolves. I'm just that Edward biased ;)
Sabrina: ... well, based on the end of New Moon and the treaty... it very well could be that she is being protected from the wolves. Especially with the wolf howling at the end...
Amber: that is true
Kerry: and you don't know if she'll be changed in this book
Sabrina: Exactly
Kerry: I know my husband thought she was going to be changed in Eclipse.
Sabrina: I love it. Stephenie is such a genius.
Amber: sometimes it's hard to step back to the first time I read the books
Kerry: me too
Sabrina: It's easier when you wish things might have gone different.
Kerry: that's why this is kind of fun, trying to look at the story with fresh eyes again
Amber: aw...poor little wolf girl
Kerry: Instead of jumping straight to the leg hitch..
Amber: I guess the leg hitch has a different feel for the team jacob girls
Sabrina: ...the WHAT?
Amber: the leg hitch... you know...
Sabrina: no...don't know
Amber: OME!!!
Sabrina: Somebody care to explain??
Kerry: Team Jacob might not read that scene the same way...I can't wait until we discuss that chapter!
Amber: I can see how you would forget that part, being a wolf girl
Sabrina: Yeah, I'm in for a long road ahead with this book.I love Eclipse, but it's probably my least favorite of the books.
Kerry: I'm actually looking forward to your view, Sabrina, because I really haven't discussed the book with someone that wasn't Team Edward.
Sabrina: *reviews leg hitch* Yeah... I was like, oh whatever. Get over yourself and get it done already!
Sabrina: Oh, this is too fun.
Amber: Lets not get so dramatic wolfy.
Sabrina: I love tormenting you Edward girls.
Amber: I'm wondering if they'll be able to use anything of this preface in the beginning of the movie the way they did the first two
Kerry: maybe as a dream again
Amber: but it would give A LOT away
Sabrina: Not if they make it a montage of fighting groups and not show who is fighting who
Amber: hmmm I'm skeptical
Kerry: or just a close up of Bella all terrified with a rock in her hand
Sabrina: I hope they have her actually read the poem like the did the romeo and Juliet quote.

We now turn to you, if you would like to comment on the poem and/or the preface. Next week we will dive in to the first chapter. I hope you will enjoy this as much as we will, I'm looking forward to some good banter and discussion as the different views come together. I'm hoping, personally, to maybe get something new out of the book. And I can't wait for June!

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Remember to Set Your DVRs: Taylor Lautner on SNL

Here's a little promo tidbit for Taylor's appearance this Saturday, December 12th! I'm looking forward to seeing this, the skits are going to be hilarious!

Eclipse to Be Remastered for IMAX

The IMAX theater in Seattle is 60 by 80 feet.

60 by 80 feet of Edward, Jacob, and newborn armies fighting it out with the Cullens' and the wolfpack!

Oh my...

From (Full press release there.)
Summit Entertainment has announced The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released in both conventional theaters and in IMAX on June 30, 2010. While the film was shot with regular cameras, IMAX is going to digitally re-master the movie with their proprietary IMAX DMR (Digital Re-mastering) technology so it can be shown in IMAX theaters.
The movie was not shot with an IMAX camera, so it won't be the full effect of IMAX, but that won't stop me from seeing this beautiful piece of work.

Thanks to Robsessed

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Jackson Rathbone Q&A at NewCon Nashville

We don't ever get enough Jackson Rathbone. It's not often that we get an interview or appearance, but he is always so charming and funny. Here is a video from New Con in Nashville. He talks about his character in The Last Airbender, stunts, working with Rob and his almost casting as Edward.

Twi-Theories Tuesdays: A Matter of Time

This post will contain book spoilers for the entire series. Go Read!

Have you ever stopped to think about the timeline for the series? It was always something I sort of knew about, but didn't think about in depth the first couple times I read the series. The series of crazy and scary events that our dear characters experience take place over a shockingly short period of time. Even more so, when you consider the timeline within the timeline.

The general picture? The entire series takes place in just under two years. Only TWO years. We meet Bella at the beginning of Twilight in January of her 17th year. By the time she is seducing the socks off of Edward by letting him read her mind, it's just after New Years, when she is chronologically 19. And all of that, from Bioward to BellaUberShield happens in that time.

There is huge amounts of down time, too. The summer between the events at the ballet studio, and Bella's fateful birthday party. A few weeks between Jacob's motorcycle shenanigans and note passing, and two months-ish between Bella and Edwards last meadow frolic and the wedding.

Let's see what all they endure. The dates I give here are collected from the books, as well as the Twilight Lexicon's timeline.

Bella and Edward meet on January 18, 2005. Edward disappears for a week, and the day after he returns, we have the incident with Tyler's van (Jan. 25th). Our beautiful boy then decides he's going to ignore Bella for a month. All of February is covered in a single sentence.

Here's where it starts to get crazy. From the blood typing class, to the events in Phoenix, is only TWO WEEKS. The trip to Port Angeles, the meadow scene, the visit to the Cullens, the baseball game.

Let's skip to New Moon. The beginning is just a couple of days, and then we have the poignant "Months" pages (so beautifully done in the movie). Bella "wakes up" again in January, if only barely. We have some time here, the bulk of the New Moon content takes place over nearly four months, as Bella and Jacob bond, have their adventures, getting frantic again as Alice returns and they rush to save Edward in Italy.

Eclipse is always the one that boggles my mind. There's no significant downtime, or uneventful time, it all happens inside of a month and a half, and there is only a couple of weeks in between the end of New Moon and the beginning of Eclipse.

Breaking Dawn, again, a little bit longer, spanning from August to January, but still, what a few months! Wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy, transformation, and preparing for the Volturi's visit. And the emotional journey, the uncertainty of Renesmee's life, the adjustment to vampire-hood, and the shift in dynamics with the wolfpack, and Jacob, specifically.

I take from this a few things. First, how such brief periods of time can affect us so deeply. Life truly is about single moments, and single events. You never know which one of those moments and choices will change the entire direction of your life and set you on a course you never saw coming.

Secondly, it helps me understand some of the emotional turmoil in Eclipse. It's barely been two months since Edward's return, and life hasn't been remotely peaceful. Her best friend, and the man she loves are at war with each other, an entire army of vampires is after her, and she's still dealing with the aftermath of the deep depression she suffered in New Moon. Anyone who has dealt with that knows it doesn't go away, just because the situation appears to be fixed. It's no wonder she is confused, and making choices that might not be helpful.

I'm curious, do you think at all about the time frame when you're reading, is the short timeline as surprising to you as it was to me when I finally thought about it. Do the events seem to overwhelm the calendar?

Also, I would love to hear your ideas for future Twi-Theories you would like to see featured. They can be simple, like this one, or deep and complicated, or a character profile. Leave your suggestion in the comments if you have one.

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Some Words on Eclipse from the Stars

I'm still debating how many more times I can get to the theater to see New Moon, and I'm already getting excited for Eclipse. During the press junket, the stars were asked about what we can look forward to in Eclipse. There are minor Eclipse movie spoilers.

Thanks to CBA

Taylor Lautner Photoshoot Outtakes

It's definitely photoshoot day for Eyes of Amber today. Here's a few outtakes of Taylor from the Men's Health shoot.

Don't make me upset...

Taylor is so buff, he uses weights for pillows.

See more at Lion & Lamb.

Empire Magazine Photoshoot Outtakes

This is another favorite of mine, so much so that I like the original picture of Rob and Kristen as my "Bella and Edward" picture, more than the Twilight poster. Empire released some outtakes recently, and of course, they're great. Some are even funny! And, of course, it's great to see Cam Gigandet and Rachelle Lefevre again!

The original, now in HQ!

Prom pic?

I spy still-scrawny Taylor in the back!

Okay, so Cam, Rachelle, and Taylor are all business here. What's so funny, Rob and Kristen?

Rawr! Tear him up, Kristen!

Noogie, incoming? Or a flip over the shoulder?

See more at Robsessed.

Alex Meraz Photoshoot

Well, hello Alex..

Pictures of Alex Meraz are always nice. I'm not sure what these are intended for, but has even more of them...

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The truth straight from Chaske Spencer

Apparently there have been a lot of rumors swirling around Chaske and his time in rehab. While we haven't reported any of them here, I think if something is big enough for him to make a personal statement, then we should help him to get the word out. Here's an excerpt.
To all the wonderful, incredibly loyal fans:

For those of you that read that I was in rehab, I wanted to make sure you heard the truth from me directly. Yes it is true, that I was in rehab, however it was over 19 months ago, long before NEW MOON was even on my radar. It was a pivotal time in my life where I was lucky enough to have supportive friends and family to help me get healthy.

You can read the rest at his site.

The Eyes of Amber girls are big fans and absolutely loved his portrayal of Sam. "Jake's right, you're good with weird." I shall not reveal who it was, but one of the girls I was with at the midnight New Moon may have left saying that if she couldn't have Edward, she was Team Sam! Let's help Chaske get the word out and set the record straight. We congratulate him on his sobriety and the fact that he's willing to be so candid just shows what a class act this man is.