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Rainy Saturday Afternoon Funny

Well, it's raining here, but this is vampire country, after all. Rainy days means: Stay in and watch YouTube! There's still the occasional television appearance coming out, and I'm missing them in the Thanksgiving craziness. Today, I found Taylor Lautner on George Lopez's talk show. I was chatting with some friends on Skype at the time, and they kept asking me why I was giggling.

Watch for cute pics of Little Boy Taytay, great one liners from Mr. Lopez, and just a lot of fun. A bit of Squeemaggedon, but not too bad.

New Moon Costumer Designer Talks Clothes

Costumes are one of my favorite "technical" aspects of a movie. It fascinates me how much thought goes into each piece of clothing. It's all geared to tell the story, just like every other aspect of the movie.

Tish Monaghan, the costume designer for New Moon, spoke with's Popwatch about dressing the cast.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anyone who’s listened to the Twilight DVD commentary knows that Robert Pattinson wasn’t a fan of Edward’s pea coat.
TISH MONAGHAN: He wasn’t a fan of the pea coat. He wore it in virtually every scene, and I think maybe he just got tired of it. I’m guessing. [Laughs] He just wanted a more mature look. That was part of Edward’s Grade 11 year, and now he’s getting into his graduation year, he’s in a relationship. He had worn hoodies and jeans and sneakers, and Robert, the director [Chris Weitz], and I all wanted to portray him more as a gentleman, more elegant and classic. With our vampire characters, I always went back to the time period in which they were turned to see if there’s any element I could try to simulate in contemporary clothing. He came out of the Edwardian period, around 1910. Of course, most of the gentleman from that time would be wearing suits, coats, hats, etc. We had to pick something that was iconic for the character that would suffice to be used throughout the whole film. At the very beginning of the film, he has one school outfit, and then there’s Bella’s birthday party and disaster strikes. So Edward ends up in that same costume for the remainder of the film. I was thinking of just putting him in a dress shirt and a pair of pants, but Robert wanted to be in a suit.

So I found a modern contemporary look that would be appealing to him and to the massive fan base, a very slim cut, and a fabric that to me was a bit Old World — this beautiful tweed fabric that we got out of England. It had the gray base, which is kind of essential for the Cullen characters in their cool tones, but also had little interesting flecks of blue, which is also Cullen, and a tiny little bit of rust, which I liked because Bella wears earth tones and that kinda linked her into the picture. The general texture of the suit would hold up well no matter what setting he was in: Inside the house for the party, or in the forest, or in the Volturi chamber. We had to show wear on the suit, and it’s much easier to rough up something that has texture to it than just a flat piece of wool. His pants are worn at the knees, they’re rumpled.

I don’t know if anyone’s looking at his pants when he removes his shirt in Italy.
(Kerry: *snickersnort* Well, maybe not his knees...)The fans were very excited to see that, I don’t know if Robert was particularly excited to perform that in front of 1,500 people. I think it was quite hard for him to do. We originally tested Edward in a plain white shirt, as a forlorn-looking option. That is also what Robert wanted — he wanted something that would wash him out. But you need to have a color that makes you pop, and so we actually dyed the fabric this beautiful ink blue ourselves. It highlighted his vampire white skin really well. I think it’s a great moment when we see him in these clothes that he’s worn from September to May. When he goes to sacrifice himself, he’s in disrepair. Robert and Chris wanted his shirt to have a rip across the chest, so that’s what we gave him. It’s really kind of tragic to watch him take off his shirt, because he really is sacrificing himself. It looks like he’s just giving up. He’s exposing himself and he’s completely vulnerable, and he just takes his shirt off and he drops it at his feet with his eyes downcast. Then he gets attacked by Bella, who shoves him inside the doors. [Laughs] I don’t find it like a beefcake moment. It really is a moving moment, and I think Robert did a really amazing job for that scene.

Moving on to the wolf pack, was it easier to dress them since they were shirtless?
We still had to have a lot of fittings with them. You had to be very careful with where the shorts fall on the hip bone, we had to make sure everything sits at the same place when they run. Each individual actor had their own request, but we also had requ
ests from the visual effects department, because if we had big, loose shredded shorts on when they morphed into wolves, it’s too much work and too many hours to magically get rid of that clothing on camera. They wanted the shorts as close-fitting to the leg as possible, whereas the natural tendency of the guys would be to have something baggier so that they didn’t look like they were wearing hot pants. [Laughs] So if I knew they were going to morph, then they had tighter-fitting shorts, and if they didn’t have to morph, then we would give them something a little bit looser and longer. There were lots of Levi’s, American Eagle, Old Navy. Quite honestly, I tried to shop where I figured the wolves would shop. [Laughs] So we went to Wal-Mart. The general concept was that anytime they went off to hunt, those shorts got destroyed because they’d change into a wolf. So they all had a secret little stash, buried in a hole somewhere in the forest, where they went running naked. [Laughs] That’s what we imagined. They had an unlimited selection of cut-off pants.

And did you or did you not pay special attention to where the sleeves of Jacob’s T-shirts fell on his biceps? Because job well done.
Absolutely. Everything was geared towards making sure that his arm muscles really showed. There’s a scene where he’s working on a motorcycle, and his
muscles are really pulling against this plaid shirt he’s wearing. He looks very strong and very built, and we tried to do the same with this T-shirts. There was no way since it was the same actor that we could show somebody that had grown like six inches. So it was Chris Weitz’s genius idea to tailor his clothes, to make the sleeves a little bit shorter, a little bit tighter — make it look as if he’d grown out of his clothes in a couple of months and hadn’t had time to go get new ones. We found T-shirt brands that fit him well with hardly any adjustments and just stuck with those in earth tones — The Gap, Banana Republic, American Apparel, Levi’s. We tried more expensive T-shirts, but he looked too pretty.

Let’s talk about the ladies. Rosalie and Alice?
There wasn’t much chance in New Moon to go into the backstory of Rosalie, but she has graduated from high school. You only see her at home, and at home, she can dress exactly how she wants. Harking back to the era that she came from, one of the icons that [Nikki Reed] and I discussed was Veronica Lake. Sensual, glamorous, tieing in with the blond hair. Alice, of course, is still a high school student and she had a very successful fashion-y look from Twilight, so we wanted to continue with that. We wanted things that looked cute and feminine on her, paying more attention to detail with the little swing coat, arm warmers, and a scarf at her neck. To me, all of this was an aide of covering up parts of her body that could potentially sparkle. When she was going to Italy, I just had in my mind Audrey Hepburn. You have this woman driving this Porsche, which was originally supposed to be a convertible, so I wanted a beautiful scarf around her head, big sunglasses, little capris. When I mentioned this whole Audrey Hepburn look to Ashley [Greene], she said, “Ohmygod, she’s my icon!” The funniest thing I saw was Ashley standing next to her stunt double on the cobbled streets of Montepulciano, in Italy, both dressed identically. She looking beautiful, pale and pixie-like, wearing her headscarf, red gloves and Michael Kors jacket, and the stunt double the same, but with a generous Roman nose, and a heavy 5 o’clock shadow. Too funny.

What was your vision for Bella’s look?
I think that the previous designer really successfully captured the essence of this girl who was a little bit misplaced and ill-prepared coming from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest. I wanted to continue the look that she was a very practical girl. She didn’t dress to entice, she threw on a jacket if the weather was cold, she layered up because she probably gets colder than the average girl from that area. In discussions with Kristen [Stewart], she also wanted to look a little bit more mature and put together. At the beginning of the film, when she’s happy and in love with Edward, she wanted to be linked colorwise to his world, the cool tones. When he leaves her, she kinda falls into disarray and gets sloppy and just throws on any old thing. But the any old things that we threw on her were in the earth tones [of Jacob's world]. We didn’t bring back her cool color palette until she was encountering Edward again.

See the rest of the interview here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of our readers in or from the US, Happy Thanksgiving! To our readers outside of the US, hope you're having a great Thursday! No matter where you are from, we are so thankful to have you as one of our readers. We hope you have a wonderful day and have plenty to be thankful for. If you missed our list of Twilight things we're thankful for, be sure to check it out here.

I'm thankful for the wonderful family that I'm with today...and for the fact that we may be going to see New Moon after dinner!

Happy Birthday & Thanksgiving, Peter Facinelli!

There is a lot to be thankful for in the Facinelli household today. In addition to all his current professional success, today is Peter's 36th birthday! We want to wish him a very happy birthday and a wonderful Thanksgiving to his whole family!
I wonder how many times his birthday has fallen on Thanksgiving. It looks like he talked to Celebuzz about what he pictured for a Cullen Thanksgiving.

"As far as settings go, Facinelli figures the Cullens would feast in the woods—not so much to capture that authentic Pilgrims-and-Indians vibe, but because, well, they're not too big on table manners:

"It would probably involve hunting in the woods. They're kind of messy eaters. I envision them going to a forest with fall leaves falling and with a little bib around their necks and they'd go hunting."

And make no mistake, there would be some drama. Perhaps not surprisingly, Facinelli imagines that Nikki Reed's character, Rosalie Hale, would be the one to get the ball rolling:

"Rosalie would probably start something. She's always starting something."

Ah, but now on to the real question: Would the Cullens find it in their immortal hearts to include Edward's non-vampiric sweetheart, Bella Swan, in their celebration? P-Fac doesn't think it would be such a hot idea, but his stubborn kid would probably insist anyway, leading to a melee that no one would be thankful for:

"I don't know if we would invite her. Of course Edward would want to invite her and that's where we'd get into the fight with Rosalie. But I'm not sure she's into raw animal, so she'd probably have to bring her own little doggy bag...her own werewolf bag."

Of course, if it was a post-Breaking Dawn Thanksgiving, things would be very different...

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My Thankful List: Twilight Edition

You know the tradition. Every year at Thanksgiving dinner, Grandma insists that everyone go around the table and share the things they are thankful for. The kids groan in protest. It's cheesy, but really not a bad thing over all. It's never a bad idea to take a moment to be thankful for the blessings in your life.

So, here's my list, sort of. The Twilight Version, at least. If you want to hear the rest, dinner is at my house tomorrow. **Amber here, Kerry did such a great job with this, I'm just going to add my thoughts in italics**

1. I am thankful for Stephenie Meyer and her kick-ass dreams. Without Queen Stephenie, none of us would have any of this. I am 100% thankful for Stephenie Meyer. Like Kerry says, without her, we would have no world of Twilight or anything of the other things on this list.

2. I am thankful for Summit Entertainment, for buying the rights to the movie, for saving it from the truly awful demise the previous holders had planned, and for getting the ball rolling on bringing our favorite love story to life. I refuse to even contemplate where we'd be without Summit.

3. I am thankful for the wonderful Twilight blogging and fan-fiction communities. You filled my need for more. This is one of the reasons that I am so thankful for Twilight. I have met some of the most wonderful people in the world because of it.

4. I am thankful for my new bestie, Amber, for taking on a total stranger to her blog and letting me participate in sharing my love for the books and movies. Someday, we'll actually meet. LOL Wait a minute? We haven't met? Wow. LOL Like I said in #3, can't imagine my life without some of the wonderful people I've met because of Twilight. And I'm so thankful for Kerry. I was looking for help on the blog and I ended up with an awesome blogging partner and even better friend.

5. I am thankful for Bella and Edward, for rekindling my inner romantic. I'm thankful to them for reminding me what love feels like, and how bad it hurts when you lose it.

6. I am thankful for Alice, for rekindling my husband's inner...romantic.

7. I am thankful for Catherine Hardwicke. She put together a amazing cast to bring all of these characters to life. She listened to Rob and decided against the extensions. She listened to Kristen about casting Rob. Without Catherine, we wouldn't have Rob as Edward, and where would that leave Twilight?

8. I am thankful for Chris Weitz, for taking New Moon to a new level, for raising the bar for the future movies. For seeing that Taylor IS Jacob Black. For a beautiful, emotionally powerful movie, that has gotten me to the movie theater more times in the last week, than in the last year. I. Love. Chris. Weitz.

9. I am thankful for the entire cast, for getting your characters. Especially after New Moon, you are all who I see in my head when I read now. Every single one of you. And for staying real, despite the frenzy your life has become. I cannot agree with this enough. This whole cast understands and cares about their characters. And on top of that, they are some of the nicest, most genuine people around.

10. I am grateful for Rob, and not necessarily for the pretty photos. We know you're not Edward, but when the movie starts, you are, and we fall in love with the both of you. Thanks for taking that one audition, and rocking Kristen's world. Besides, if it hadn't been you as Edward, I might never know who Daniel Gale is, and that would be a true shame. I'm thankful for Rob too. Thankful for someone who was willing to take on Edward, and truly get him, understand him, and bring him to life for us. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us all. I love that I can watch a movie with Rob in it, and five minutes in, I've forgotten it's Rob. All I can see is the character.

Most of all, I am thankful for our wonderful blog readers! You have taken something that started out as just my way of not covering my entire family blog with my love of Twilight, and turned it into something I never could have imagined! You totally rock, and I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving! Oh, and I have to say, I'm thankful for a husband who loves me enough to indulge me in this world we call Twilight.

A special thanks to my husband, for reading the books and insisting I do the same, and to his co-workers, who insisted he read them. Thanks to all of you, for reading our ramblings, and sticking with us when we aim for funny and get sappy instead.

Happy Thanksgiving, to everyone!

Wednesday Wrap Up

Pre-New Moon craziness has dissolved into Pre-Thanksgiving craziness, but before I start cooking, I wanted to Wrap Up some of the News I Missed over the last week or so. It's nowhere near all of it, but some lovely bits for everyone!

Business Item: There may be spoilers in this post for New Moon. I figure we've all seen it by now. If you haven't yet. GO!!! It's so good!!!

Posting may continue to be sparse over the next few days, as the both Amber and I celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, but do stop by, I do promise to have something for you here everyday!

Something for Team Robert

The 4th installment (and unfortunately, last) from Vanity Fair!

And Something for Team Taylor

The baby face is going away. This might just be Taylor's hottest shoot yet. Yes it's okay to be on both teams. From Rolling Stone.

Chris Weitz Is My Hero

For a lot of reasons, but at the moment, for this one:

You’ve been around the world promoting this movie. Have you ever been part of something like this?
Never. It’s like being Ringo Starr. There are the big three and then there’s Ringo. It’s probably what he faced a lot. Hey Ringo, Can I meet Paul? When I meet the fans there’s a lot of enthusiasm for me, if one of the kids is nearby or, if they think I can arrange some tryst. What about dealing with the paparazzi? Did you have any run-ins? I did a bit of a Sean Penn at LAX. When we were leaving for the European tour. We had left from our L.A. press junket to go to LAX and someone nearly ran us off the road trying to get to one of the cars. We were followed by eight different vans and there was some really dangerous driving. And I understood for the first time how things happened to Princess Diana (I don’t think I’m Princess Diana), and I understood for the first time why celebrities lash out and what’s that about. My first thought upon getting out of the car was, “Who was that driver of the car?” I never found him, but I did lift someone by the hood. A photographer. He was in my way. They have a legal right to be there but they don’t have an ethical right, and he was obstructing my path, and there was someone else I threatened to knock their teeth out. It’s not like me but I felt very protective at that moment and very attacked. There is a huge difference between the attention of the paparazzi and the attention of the fans. The fans have been lovely. The paparazzi in my opinion are a very low form of primate.

You can read the full interview at

Artist to Artist: Chris Weitz and DCFC

Artist on Artist with Chris Weitz and Death Cab for Cutie

Artist on Artist | MySpace Video

Did I post this? I forget. How could I forget?

When They Said "My Brand of Heroin", It Wasn't Supposed to Be Literal!

Recently, authorities seized a shipment of heroin. I hate to quote TMZ, but the story checks out.

DEA Special Agent Erin McKenzie-Mulvey tells us the heroin baggies with "Twilight" characters were seized recently in West Hempstead, Long Island. The "Twilight"-themed baggies have been gaining popularity over the last couple of months.

Hot Topic Event Pics!

My lovely ladies from the Hot Topic event, Susan, Michelle and Shelley, were generous enough to share their pics with me. Now you can see just how adorable Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley are, and, of course, the lovely Anya Marina.

I Somehow Managed to Miss This Bit of Lovely

The Twifecta posed for Entertainment Weekly in the World's Most Adorable Photoshoot. If you've been under the same rock I was, here they are!

Don't Forget Those Other Vampires

Vampire Diaries is on hiatus for now, but Amber is still giving us plenty of Damon and Stefan filled goodness over at the Vampire Diaries Examiner. Go read and be sure to follow!

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Twi-Theories Tuesday. The Matter of Marriage.

This post will contain book spoilers for the entire series, as well as movie spoilers for New Moon. Proceed with caution.

Recently, I've had a few brief-but-interesting conversations with a friend of mine regarding the Twilight saga. To my knowledge he has not read the books, but he has seen both movies, and has expressed his enjoyment of New Moon. A unicorn? No, not really. Maybe we'll call him the Almost-Unicorn. He does, however, have a deep appreciation for vampire stories, and, most importantly, an open mind to the details. In a discussion yesterday regarding New Moon, he posed a question:
"What is so shocking about a marriage proposal when the item on the table is immortality?"
Now, granted, he's referring to the final moment of the film here, but the end of New Moon, and nearly all of Eclipse (and even a little Breaking Dawn) is filled with Bella's rather extreme reservations regarding marriage. I know he's not alone in wondering this question. Even I, over-analyzer extraordinaire, was initially confused by this. Marriage seems such a small detail, when you're talking about becoming an immortal being, possibly risking your soul, with the same person who's proposing marriage to you. Just have the wedding already! What's the big deal, Bella? Conversely, why wait on details, Edward? Doesn't making her an immortal vampire essentially amount to the same thing?

Answer: It is a big deal. And, no, it doesn't amount to the same thing.

I realize that in our current time, marriage is much the subject of debate on the technicalities. I don't wish to discuss religion or politics with you, though. Can we agree on...tradition? Only in the context that marriage is intended to be a forever agreement, between two people that love each other deeply. Can we all agree to that for the moment? As long as we both shall live....

Bella hardly has the example of a solid marriage. Her parents marriage was over before it really started, and long before she would have been old enough to witness it in action. Her mother is flighty and prone to only dabbling in things that seem interesting at the time. Given this, how is Bella to know that her mother's new marriage is any different from the various new fads her mother has tried at one point or another. She even tells Edward at one point that, to her, marriage and eternity are not necessarily mutually inclusive or exclusive concepts. She is hung up on a corrupted concept of the idea. The idea that marriage is a trivial thing, subject to the scrutiny of others, putting yourself and your chosen one up for either acceptance or judgment. She is missing the point, that the concept of marriage is a covenant between two people, both an agreement and a declaration of choice.

Choice is the word I want to focus on here. Hand in hand with the theme of humanity in the series, is choice. That the choices you make with the lot you've been given make all the difference. And here is another choice. A choice to tie yourself to someone, to be with them, for all eternity, whatever eternity deals you.

There's a difference between falling in love with someone, and choosing to love them. Falling in love is great, but the true power of a relationship comes from choosing to love that person. Falling is subject to emotional whiplash. Choosing allows you to deal with all of the issues, and still love the person you have chosen.

Edward has seen more than a century, and is just now beginning to see his own humanity, By mid-Eclipse, he has admitted to wanting Bella to be immortal, so that he can have her forever, and confessed to the feelings of selfishness that it creates. Combine that with the Jacob factor. He knows Bella has feelings for Jacob, as well. Can you blame the guy for wanting a formal declaration of choice?

It's important, in the end, for both Bella and Edward to get married. The symbolism of choice. "I choose to be with you, forever and for always." That is much more powerful than..."You bit me, and I became a vampire, and now you are stuck with me."

Bella finally understands this, at least at some level by the end of Eclipse. "I will tie myself to you, in every human way, before I ask you to make me immortal." Even with her reservations about the spectacle of the event, it's the concept that's important.

I hope I am making sense in trying to explain my views on this subject. Please feel free to continue the discussion in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

*Fan Art found at Twilight Guide.