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PLT's Josh Ryan "Secrets in Stereo" Giveaway

This week over at Peace. Love. Twilight. this week you can win Josh Ryan's debut album and a personal email from him. He'll even answer a couple of questions for you!
Remember Josh Ryan of the band Secrets in Stereo (featured on Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, Private Practice, Dr. Phil, The Young & The Restless, "I Love You, Man" and more)? He recently wrote a song that he hoped would be part of the New Moon soundtrack, but unfortunately that didn't happen. However, "Vanish" is still a song that you'll enjoy for sures!
Click here to read more about Josh Ryan and find out how to enter!

Twilight MasterCard Commercial

Love This...

From Twifans via Robsten Lovers

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Shout Out

Everyone say "Hi!" to Misti over at her blog. Misti gave Amber a really nice shout out and recommendation for her Vampire Diaries column, and even though I pick on Amber for cheating on Edward, I'm still proud of her, so anyone who likes Amber's writing gets an OK from me.

Plus, Misti gave Eyes of Amber some link love, too, and that's always nice.

Misti's blog is full of Twilight and other movie and entertainment news, and she loves pink, which is a plus in my book. Drop by and say hi!

Twilight Scene It? Coming Soon!

Have you ever played 'Scene It?' ? If you haven't, and you love movies, check out this game, it's a lot of fun. Even better is soon we Twi-hards will get to test our Twi-geekiness with our own version.

From the press release,

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and Screenlife today announced the availability of the long-awaited Scene It?(R) Twilight(TM) game, the latest member of the Scene It?(R) family of entertainment trivia games. Scene It?(R) Twilight(TM) will be available in formats including the ever-popular Scene It?(R) DVD boardgame, on-shelves this October, as well as on Wii(TM) this Fall. The Scene It?(R) Twilight(TM) game will arrive just before the next installment in Summit Entertainment's TWILIGHT film, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, debuts in theaters on November 20, 2009.

The game will also be available on Nintendo DS in early 2010.

Scene It? Twilight version (boardgame) will include:

  • TWILIGHT content: On-screen puzzles, movie clips, sound bytes, music and trivia questions pulled directly from the very successful first TWILIGHT film.
  • All-new puzzle types: Puzzles including "Alice's Vision" and "Locker Picks," sure to satisfy both Team Edward and Team Jacob fans around the world.
  • Bonus activities like "Which Cullen are You?", and an exclusive downloadable bonus feature for hardcore fans, which provides all the planning elements for hosting the ideal TWILIGHT-themed party.
The Wii version will have some extras, like single and multiplayer modes, new scoring system, and the ability to use your Wii controller like a buzzer.

Amanda Bell, from the Twilight Examiner has more information. I'm looking forward to this, my favorite game paired with my favorite movie? Sign me up!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Is Where Kerry Gets All Swoony -- HQ People Mag Scans

Here are some gorgeous scans from People Magazine's latest article on New Moon. Since I didn't learn about Twilight until well after the movie was released, I missed all the build up for the movie release. I'm having so much fun seeing all the preparation. November, November, November!!

I'm thinking this might be a dream sequence?

Those eyelashes are a mile

Oh Jacob, putting the moves on..

From RPLife via Thinking of Rob

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Happy Wednesday, Twilight campers! What a nice week for Twilight news! We have a soundtrack, an iPhone application, tons of gorgeous new set pics from New Moon, and a tweet from Rob! Inevitably, though, we miss bits and pieces. Not be because I was making silly captions for the New Moon stills, for sure. I'm a busy mom, after all, and so is Amber.

More Words From Kellan, Hold the Soapbox.

Kim, over at the Twilight Examiner, had a second part to the article inspiring my soapbox rant a few days back. Mr. Dimples is always fun to hear from, so we bring you a bit from that article.

About the Twilight Saga directors:
Catherine Hardwick- She was really energetic and wild and crazy in a good way, because I’m that way too. It was really fun working with her because she just had an energy that was really fun to have in a director because then you don’t get sluggish and down.

Chris Weitz- He was really calm and really had everything planned out. Every time we had a question, he had an answer. Every day we went on set it was really easy; you didn’t even have to work at all.

David Slade- This is an action movie, so it’s nice to have him and his team make it a manly movie that’s really action packed. With his insight and making it gritty from Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night with the action packed vampires, it's looking great.

From Kim:

The chiseled physique of Kellan Lutz immediately draws in the eye. His background as an Abercrombie and Fitch model comes of no surprise; his exotic look and playful, yet Mephistophelian glint in his eyes implies a possible clannish, clubby decorum.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. A free spirit, Kellan’s boyish, playful nature and willingness to speak to me and put his life on a platter for fans to snack on is endearing, bold, and insightful.

Can I just say that Kim is my hero for using "Mephistophelian" in a sentence?

The Host with the Most!

Ok, that was cheesy. Shush. Stephenie Meyer announced on her site today that her newest book, The Host, will be made into a movie.

I'm so excited to be working with Nick Weschler, and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz to bring The Host to a visual format. They've all been a dream to work with, so lovely and collaborative, and I feel like we're in a really good place to make a great movie together. And then to have Andrew Niccol writing and directing? Truly awesome. If you've never seen Gattaca, go watch it now. One of my favorite movies of all time. It's such a great example of character driven science fiction, which is ideal for The Host, no? I'm having an absolute blast imagining different dream casts, which I would post if people didn't take my silly blogs so seriously these days. I'm looking forward to seeing the cast lists you come up with in the fansite forums, and if any of them match mine.

I haven't actually read The Host yet, so I have no idea. If you have, what are your ideas?

More For Your Twilight Closet

Nordstrom's announced their new Twilight Saga: New Moon line. Maybe still a little teeny for me, but a lot more subtle than Hot Topic some other lines. The site is kind of fun though. Take a quiz to find out who your Twilight style-mate is, (sorry unicorns*, only Bella, Alice, Rosalie and Victoria are options, might get a little awkward) watch videos, and download some custom icons for your desktop. Check it out here. I noticed that the Luna Twilight cosmetics are also available through Nordstroms.

*Unicorns = Male Twilight fans (yes, they exist) Not "Wide Awake" unicorns..that's something else entirely.

More For Your Twilight Pocket

The New Moon editions of Pocket Edward and Pocket Bella have arrived, and this time Pocket Alice and Pocket Jacob have joined them! I'm not sure I like the look for Edward and Bella, but then, I'm partial to my Rayban Edward and Bluecoat Bella. Jacob is looking all appropriately buff, and I've heard a rumor that the shirt is removable. You can order yours at Amazon.
Jacob Black, Alice Cullen, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, set of all four.

Amber is Still Cheating on Edward.

She's also doing a great job with her column over at the Vampire Diaries Examiner. Today's article is about the other man, Paul Wesley. If you're indulging in a little Vampire Diaries love, too, be sure to keep up with her column and follow her Vampire Diaries twitter account for updates.

That's all for now, there are some new interviews out today too, which I'll try to get up later.


Thanks to NewMoonMovie, TwiCrackAddict for some pics! <3 you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MTV's exclusive Female Force preview!

MTV has an exclusive preview of Stephenie Meyer's Bio Comic which will be coming out on November 11. Nine days before some other big Twilight related event..This exclusive preview includes five pages from the comic...this is page 2
There are also two pages from History of Forks which is found only in the special, extended limited edition, complete with alternate cover. You can read more details and see the rest of the preview pages here.

This will actually be my first ever comic book purchase.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ashley Greene Arrives on Twitter

In case you haven't seen yet, Ashley Greene is now on Twitter, confirmed by Peter Facinelli. Click here to follow her.

If you are not on Twitter yet, the Twilight cast and crew have been great with little updates from the set. Plus they're hilarious to follow.

Ashley, welcome to Twitter!

Follow Amber and Kerry on Twitter, too!

New Moon Soundtrack Listing Complete


And in case you've only heard of a couple of these artists *raising my hand here* you can check out MTV's Quick Guide to some of the lesser-known artists. Then jump on over to Amazon to pre-order your copy.

Thanks to TwiCrack Addict.

**Update**Not surprisingly, the girls of Letters to Twilight have far outdone the MTV Quick Guide to the artists of the soundtrack with their own overview. Here is an excerpt...
As explained on Stephenie Meyer’s website as well as the super awesome New Moon Soundtrack site “…all of the music is original, and exclusive to the soundtrack.” Though I have to point out that Muse song was released on their latest album The Resistance, but according to them they were asked by Chris Weitz to cut a different version of the song. All that to say not only is it exciting that we’ll be hearing all (almost) new music but how telling is it that this saga can get TOP artists like Thom freaking York to cut all new music for it?! That’s called pull and this saga’s got it.
They have information and music and/or video samples from each soundtrack artist. I highly recommend you check it out. You can read the rest of their post here. Thanks to Moon for writing this wonderful post and UC for making sure we didn't miss it.

Review of the Twilight Tracker app for iPhone

@FireCr0tch from the blog We Bite Pretty Hard graciously agreed to do a review of the new Twilight Tracker app for us.

As I was lurking on Twitter this weekend, I heard talk about a new Twilight iPhone/iPod Touch app. I looked it up immediately (okay, well after getting up off my butt and searching through my kitchen, dining room, and bedroom for my phone) and gasped at the price: $2.99? Had anyone else downloaded the app? Was it worth $2.99? That could be the equivalent 2 or 3 songs from the New Moon soundtrack. But, @EyesofAmberBlog convinced me after minutes of chatting to purchase the app and here I am. Writing a review. The overall score will be determined by the following categories (yes, I watch way too much Food Network):

  1. Twilightiness - 20 points - Does it deliver the Twilight goods?
  2. Prettiness - 15 points - Is the app easy to navigate through?
  3. Tastiness - 15 points - Is the functionality there? Does it make you want to come back again and again?

First on the chopping block: The Name - Twilight Tracker makes me think of a segment from the Tonight Show called Twitter Tracker where this guy in a big booming voice just keeps saying Twitter Tracker! Twitter Tracker!! Twitter Tracker!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can check it out here. But then I thought about the name in reference to Twilight...and really, doesn't it seem a bit preferential to James? He was a tracker and all, but he got killed off in the first movie. Anyway, I'm sure they meant it as a place to come and Track all things Twilight, but really, we have Twitter and blogs for this purpose.
The app itself is pretty basic. You can hook up to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, but you still have to create a Twilight Tracker account. I'm not sure what value linking to your Twitter or Facebook accounts has, since whatever you say is totally out of context with your Facebook and Twitter friends. The Twilight section of the app has news (with no links to real sites or articles and obviously hasn't been updated in a while), photos (there's 5 and nothing we haven't seen 10 million times before, but you can make them your wallpaper if you want), videos (Twilight trailers and a couple of things from New Moon), and small character profiles. The Shouts section of the app is a Twitter-like chatroom that doesn't really have any cool functionality (like RT or @reply). There hasn't been a lot of shouting going on, but I'm thinking that the $2.99 price has kept hoardes of Twilighters from downloading the app. I asked those using it if they liked the app and received mixed reviews. Mostly they wanted more content.

The price, the content, and the overall lack of cool functionality makes the tastiness of this app pretty low. I don't know if I will expend the energy it takes to thumb to the second screen of apps to open this one again. I give Twilight Tracker a 32 out of a possible 50...that's 64% or a D- for those students out there. Not good.

  1. Twilightiness - 15 points - some cool news, but it needs to be updated more frequently and link to the actual articles
  2. Prettiness - 12 points - easy to navigate and high quality pics
  3. Tastiness - 5 points - boring'd get more if you joined Twitter

Save your money and put it towards the New Moon soundtrack on iTunes. And yeah, you BlackBerry people don't need to feel inferior for missing out on the chance to have your own Twilight app.

Major Spoilers...Major Amazing New Moon Stills

The L.A. Times Hollywood Backlot ran these beautiful pictures today. This movie is going to be so beautiful.

Double the Bella

Sorta symbolic, yes?




TwiCrackAddict also had this video slide show of the pics:

See the rest of the pics at the LA Times.

Fifty. Nine. Days.

Words from Kellan's Heart and Kerry's Soapbox

Kimberly Sherman, over at the Twilight Parents Examiner had some recent words with Kellan Lutz, and we wanted to share them with you. Kellan is always so sweet, I love him to death. I always appreciate how funny and gracious he is with his fans, and the time he gives to us. He told Kim a few things though, that are good food for thought for all of us.

"Everyone’s so loving and supporting- there’s no haters. There’s so many Twilight fans that have given me presents- gummy bears or chew toys for my dog. It’s so humbling; people wanting to have a picture with me or wanting me to sign something. It’s so endearing.

But when we’re here working 12, 14, 16 hour days, on our off days we just want to be a normal human being and go get a bite to eat or go play pool and be normal. We just want to get out of our hotel rooms or apartments, but we can’t, and that’s a tough thing. And we don’t always want to have to look our best. I just love dressing comfy to go out, but we can’t because there’s always photographers there."

"We’re all very happy to be working and be part of an amazing franchise like this, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s allowed me to get some great work and to do amazing movies, independent ones that I can show some great acting with, and some great character roles, but really, we’re just human…"

And this is Kellan talking. We all (including Kellan) know he doesn't get the worst of it. Both Justin Chon and Christian Serratos have been quoted recently regarding how difficult it is for Rob to get out of his hotel to join the rest of them...his coworkers...for a bite to eat. We've all seen the tabloids in the line at the grocery store, with the rumors spouted as fact, and the cleverly photo-shopped pictures.

Here's the issue. It is all about supply and demand. We see the pics, we drool, twitter explodes, we click on links, sites make money, and they buy the next set from the paparazzi. Wash, rinse, repeat. Just like any product, they'll provide it if we buy it.

I'm afraid of two things. One, that our beloved Twilight cast will get burnt out and disgusted before Breaking Dawn gets made, and it'll all come to a screeching halt. Or worse, that someone's health, be it mental or physical, becomes compromised by it. Is that likely? Maybe or maybe not, but I do worry.

Two, this doesn't help our case any. The fans. If you're enough of a Twilight fan to be reading a fan blog, then you're more than aware of the hate that Twilight and Twilight fans get. We're stereotyped as a bunch screaming 12-year-olds that can't separate Rob from Edward and actually believe that if we go to Forks, we'll find the Cullens and Mike Newton waiting for us. It makes us look bad, it makes our favorite books and movies look bad. It makes us embarrassed to let our fanhood be known.

Eyes of Amber has a pretty strict "no paparazzi" rule here. We won't post pap pics, or leaked images, we've had to pull mistaken images before to follow that. I urge you to avoid the tabloids and such where possible. Use your fan voice to express your wishes that the stars of Twilight be allowed their privacy. They will give us their time, when they can, they've shown that many many times.

**Amber here - I would like to say that I stand 100% behind everything that Kerry has said here. This is one area where the fans really can make a difference. Stop buying the magazines, stop clicking the links, stop letting these paps make money by violating what little privacy celebrities have. Remember, first and foremost, they are people, just like us and they deserve to be treated with respect and common courtesy. Unless they are on the clock, they owe us nothing. Any of their personal time or glimpses of their personal lives they choose to give us should be seen as a gift, NOT a right. If we love and appreciate these people the way that we claim to, let's start acting like it!

Read Kim's full article here.

Introducing New Music Monday - Greg Holden

Eyes of Amber has teamed up with SAMAM Global, Shack of Soul and myRobertPattinson to bring you New Music Mondays. Twilight introduced us to new artists like Sam, Marcus and Bobby, but there are certainly more artists out there worth giving a listen. Each Monday we will spotlight a new talent bringing you their music and exciting giveaways including autographed cd's, concert tickets and more. So without further ado, we present New Music Mondays, bringing you more of the artists we like through the fan sites you love.

Greg Holden

On Tour Now with Ingrid Michaelson

"Sing for the City" Available on iTunes September 22

UK singer/songwriter Greg Holden's self-released debut CD "A Word In Edgeways" was immediately featured on iTunes as one of "Today's Best Singer/Songwriters" just one week after its release. Now this emotive and awe-inspiring artist is gearing up for his much anticipated sophomore release, "Sing for the City" - available on iTunes September 22nd. Much of the music, including the lead track "You're Scaring Me", was inspired by Greg's first time experiences performing in New York.

Just 10 weeks after launching his "Living Room Series" on YouTube, this ambitious live musician was the featured Spotlight Artist. Since then, he has been YouTube's Spotlight Artist 3 times with more than 800,000 + plays.

Greg has shared the stage with acts such as Idlewild, Turin Brakes, The Subways and Ben Griffiths. He is currenlty on tour in the U.S. with Ingrid Michaelson and will wrap with a solo performance at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on October 9th.

For tour dates or to sample Greg Holden's music please visit or to see footage from his "Living Room Series" or catch other live performances.

Here is one of my favorites from Greg

Stay tuned for details on the giveaway...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Twilight App for iPhone and iPod Touch

I've been telling the hubs that I want an iPod shuffle...but now I want an iPod touch
I really love the look of everything for New Moon. This is gorgeous! I'll have a review of this app up for you in a couple of days.

Speaking of New Moon, I have my ticket for the midnight showing! T called me last night with the news that they were on sale then she came by and got me. They'd already sold 66 out of 216 so we didn't want to take any chances. Thank goodness for Jamie for letting us know. The tickets were not available on Fandango so I had no idea.

Do you have your tickets yet???

Thanks to Robsten Lovers

Little Side Note...This is post #600!!! We have also broken the 100,000 hits on the blog. When we break 1,000 followers on twitter, there may be something special in store...