Saturday, September 19, 2009

Now THAT's Seth Clearwater

Booboo Stewart got the official werewolf haircut this week, making him look even more adorable and perfect for the part. Everyone together now..."Awwwww..."

Pics from Robsten Lovers.

EW Outtakes... Again.

They are totally cute..again! This is one of most adorable photoshoots ever.


Smexy Kristen...rawr!


From TwiFans

Chris Weitz Speaks to Box Office

Once again, Chris Weitz endears himself to the Twilight fans. I love the calm manner he handles the craziness and the press. He knows how to tease us with the details we want to see, withholding just enough to leave us on the edge of our seats, waiting for more. We've all read the books, (maybe a few of you haven't, and are just passing through. Go read the books.) yet we're still anxiously waiting for the book to take life.

Chris spoke to Box Office recently, and shared some thoughts on the Twilight experience.

"There are so many films about vampires, vampire romances, teenage romances—what is it about Twilight's love triangle that's catalyzed this phenomenon?

To me, it has a lot less to do with vampires and werewolves than with readily identifiable emotional situations. Bella has a choice between the loving friend who's nearby and the distant, unattainable object of her affections. That's a pretty common scenario, and unfortunately also, so is being dumped. I know I've experienced it—pretty much anybody except the incredibly lucky has experienced it—and the supernatural element of things just allows for a degree of wish fulfillment. We can play out these scenarios on a grand scale. When you get broken up with, you'd like to think that if you just did something brave enough, something amazing enough, you could rescue the relationship that's been broken. And you would like to think that the person who's left you has left you for your own good against their heart. That's usually not the case, but in New Moon it happens to be, so that's a lovely way to fulfill one's wishes. A great thing that Summit as a studio understands is that there are dark places that the movie has to go in order for it all to work. They're not afraid of the angst and the sorrow that's in the book. In a way, the film can be kind of a throwback to weepies as well as very cutting edge in terms of visual effects."

Read the entire article here.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Amber:

I made this for you.

Love, Kerry

Peter Delivers

A few weeks ago, Peter Facinelli made a promise to the Twitter-verse.

Peter is a man of his word:

Rob, you're so adorkable, you crack me up. I know you're not a fan of twitter, as it's played its role in the less-fun parts of your life, but thank you for taking a minute to say hello to all of us.

Readers, take a minute to reply to Peter and thank him for playing the dad card and bringing us 14 words from Rob. Please remember that neither of them had to do this, and it was nice of both of them to take this time for their fans.


Fan-Made Friday: Twilight Inspired Jewelry

I am not at all in the closet about my Twilight fanhood. My non-Twilight-fan friends and family are fully aware of my obsession. They know I can nearly quote the books word for word, they aren't surprised if they drop by my house and the movie is playing again on my television, and they know, if they really want my attention, they just need to say "Look! Rob Pattinson!".

Despite my rabid obsession, however, I don't own a lot of Twilight merchandise. I have the series, in hardback. I also have Twilight in paperback, the loaner copy, currently taking residence at my sister-in-law's house. I have the New Moon calendar, the 3-disc DVD edition, and of course Pocket Edward and Pocket Bella. Occasionally, I may make my husband take pictures of them in public places.

I don't own anything wearable, at this point. Most of the commercially available t-shirts and jewelry are just a bit too....cheesy for me. I love Edward (more than Amber), but I don't necessarily want to walk around in public with his face plastered across my chest. With my luck, that would be the day I just happen to run in to Rob at Starbucks, and any hope of convincing him that I'm not as crazy as certain set-stalking, assaulting fans would be out the window.

Then, I discovered a few sites where some industrious Twilight fans have turned their jewelry crafting skills to making some really amazing, beautiful, and SUBTLE pieces. Honestly, I could see myself wearing some of these.

Team Jacob fans, I call your attention to this one, made by Twimom (fabulous creator of our header and background graphics!) She also has more Twilight inspired handpainted beads like that.

If you like the vintage look, you might like some of the pieces available at Bella Bejeweled. There are pieces of every type there, mostly just inspired by the series, not necessarily a direct reference.

Aro's gift to Bella, in replica:

This is my favorite from Bella Bejeweled though:

Meant to symbolize the dark and dangerous beauty of the Cullens, this is breathtaking. Do you know what it makes me think of though? That's right. Edward's bed, leg hitches, and breaking the furniture. /swoon. I might have to get this one.

Amber found this one for me, she actually owns a similar piece made by the same artist and tells me the picture does not do justice to how beautiful they are. From Artistic Journey:

Also, take a look over at Bangles of Hope. There are some neat Twilight inspired pieces there, and proceeds are donated to various worthy causes. Definitely worth a look.

I liked this bracelet. A little more blatant, but still very pretty.

I urge you to look around all these sites and see all the wonderful pieces. I've only displayed my favorites. Some of these are definitely going on my Christmas wish list!

Happy Friday all!


Will You Fall For Jacob in New Moon?

Amber has a great post over at her t5m site. New Moon was a difficult book for a lot of us to get through. The emotional storm was heart-wrenching, and we missed Edward every bit as much as Bella did. Pages 71-450 are agonizing.

Jacob's role in the entire series is crucial, though, and Amber discusses that. Go check it out!

I have to wonder though...
"I feel for posterity I must make a statement as to where my loyalties lie. I consider myself a total Bella. I love Jacob and Edward both, but if I had to choose, Edward would be the one I couldn’t give up, couldn’t live without."
Are you calling me 'posterity' now, Amber?


P.S. That pic scares me to death.

*Amber here - When I saw that pic, I gasped. Yep, scares me too. And for the record, I'm not calling you posterity now, but I was thinking of you when I wrote that. =)*

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Edward is STILL Better Than Stefan

Amber, in her Mega-Mom-Blogger-Writer ways, has her first article up over at the Vampire Diaries Examiner. We'll still let this cheating slide, since this is a fantastic opportunity for her, and because she did a darn good job at the article.

Go read now! Tell her congrats!

Psst..Edward, don't worry honey, I'm still here for you..


Alice Probably Saw It Coming

In a fascinating coincidence (or maybe just a very talented event planner) there will be some interesting lunar events happening at the premieres of both New Moon and Eclipse.

The official premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be on November 16th, guess what else happens that night? That's right, our moon will official be in the "new moon" phase of the lunar cycle. Pretty cool, huh?

The premiere for Eclipse has not been scheduled yet, but if they go with four days before the release date, there will be a partial eclipse that night.

Eerie? Cue..err.. Twilight Zone music..


Source: Uberiffic Amanda Bell at the Twilight Examiner

Stuck Between Beautiful Hands and a...Planet...

Doesn't sound so bad, now, does it?

It might not quite be the Grauman's Chinese Theater courtyard, but New York City's Planet Hollywood has its own set of famous handprints. Rob Pattinson left these neon beauties on display there.

I like the way Lorabell over at TwiCrackAddict thinks. I want this on a t-shirt, too!


Speeding is BAD, capice?

For all of you fans in possesion of a driver's license. We all took the test, right? I'm pretty sure, no matter what state/country you are from, there's some basic rules of the road you have to learn. Rule Numero Uno: Obey the speed limit.

I'm not here to get into a debate about flow of traffic, or even crazy fan things, but this...this is not good.

From Radar Online:
"The last 16 tickets I gave out were to Twilight fans," says Field Deputy Bill Cortani of the county sheriff's office. "And they were actually loving the experience. Normally people are not happy about the experience. But some Twilight fans feel this is all part of the Twilight experience."
The article goes on to mention that fans are doing things ON PURPOSE in order to get a ticket. And not just speeding. Another officer mentions having been flashed on multiple occasions, for that little piece of paper and a fine, just because it came from Forks.

The police officers that serve the Forks area now get a bit of celebrity status, after all, who doesn't love Charlie? And while you might think that the sleepy little town doesn't have much to keep the officers busy, I'm sure they have better things to do than ticket unruly Twilight fans, who simply want the experience. Also, speeding is DANGEROUS people, Edward isn't always around to save you from the careening out-of-control vehicle, mmkay? I'm sure if you ask nicely, the good officers will sign an autograph on their card or something.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jacob Phasing in Slow Motion

Now this is really cool...
Again, something to make me more excited about November. From Kaleb Nation via Robsten Lovers.

Photoshoot Picspam!

Dimply, muscly Mr. Kellen Lutz is the on the cover of August Man, a Malaysian men's magazine.

LOVE a man in a suit, Kellen is no different.

*Amber here-notice how the color of the magazine title plays up Kellan's eyes...very smart*

*I hate to be against nature here, but I love Kellan's hair dark...oops, and this is Amber again*

More here.

Remember that beautiful Entertainment Weekly New Moon shoot with Taylor and Kristen. New outtakes now! cute!!

I love Kristen's eyes, so amazing.

This might possibly be my new favorite Kristen pic.

Taylor's eyes are pretty nice, too.

*Amber again. Awesome, awesome photo shoot. I'm thinking not falling for Jacob in New Moon will be much more difficult during the movie than the book. And now I'm ducking as I run away*

**Kerry will have no trouble resisting Jacob, but then, we already know Kerry loves Edward more than Amber does.**

*** As I have stated before, I am a total Bella. I love both Jacob and Edward, but it's Edward that I couldn't live without. Edward was the right choice for Bella, but I totally understand the draw of Jacob and hate to see him hurting. Anyway, I have gotten off track here. Amber and Kerry will be having a discussion not fit to post on the blog.***

EW pics from via TwiCrack

Wednesday Wrap Up!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Why does the beginning of the school year always seem so hectic? Even after I stopped being a student, and before I had students, it always seem ed like September was a crazy month. And in all this craziness, there is always the News Kerry Missed. Let's take a look, shall we?

Bella's Birthday Bash

Cute alliteration, huh? I wrote over the weekend about the town of Forks and the celebration happening over the weekend. Seems like the event was a success. More than 1200 people showed up to commemorate their favorite series. The Forks Forum said:

"Hundreds of Twilight fans wave for the Saturday afternoon group photo at the Forks Chamber of Commerce’s 2009 Bella’s Birthday/Stephenie Meyer Day celebration at Tillicum Park in Forks. The two-day event concludes Sunday. Forks Chamber of Commerce Director Marcia Bingham estimated that between 1,200 and 1,500 fans traveled to Forks and LaPush for the event, perhaps more."

Team Taylor Treats

We all know Taylor was looking seriously good at the VMAs, but just in case you didn't get enough, here's a video from the red carpet as he spoke to Access Hollywood.

And since we know you want to see more Taylor, now you can purchase his calendar! Be sure to circle February 11!

Sweet Soundtrack Stuff

Okay, now I'm pushing it, I know. We know of two songs now for the soundtrack.

First up, Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me at the Equinox":

Next, it was just announced that The Used will be providing an original song, written specifically for New Moon called "For You I Would". They've finished recording it with the help of Nine Inch Nails producer Danny Lohner. I can't wait to hear it!

We also know that Muse is in talks for the soundtrack. There's nothing official yet, but I'd be surprised to see a Twilight movie without Muse in the soundtrack.

Eclipse Excitement

If you heard rumors last week about hubbub on the Eclipse set, here's what David Slade tweeted on the subject.

Also, more antics, unfortunately, he hasn't uploaded this pic yet. Come on David. We want to see this!!!
Movie Poster New Moon Paperback Released

Yeah, I just didn't have anything for that one. The movie cover edition is available now, this one is for you Team Jacob folks. I do love slightly creepy Edward though.

And the inside cover is pretty nice, too...thanks to for taking the pic!

Edward is WAY Better Than Stefan

But we're going to congratulate Amber anyway for landing a writing gig at The Examiner covering the Vampire Diaries. This is an awesome opportunity for her and I'm so proud! Don't worry, she'll still be hanging out here with us, but now we get to harass her for cheating on Edward. We'll have linkage for you when her first article goes up later this week!

I'm going to wrap this up for now, but check back later today. We'll have photoshoots galore and Twilight pretties!


Thanks to TwiCrackAddict and NewMoonMovie for images and stuff.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Taylor and Kristen to Attend Knoxville Premiere

It's official, Regal announced earlier today that Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be attending the Knoxville, TN premiere on November 17.The premiere is an annual charity event Regal holds benefiting Variety - The Children's Charity of Eastern Tennessee. A limited number of tickets will be made available to the general public. A drawing will be held giving individuals the chance to purchase 2 tickets to the premiere at $100 each. You can read the rest of the article and find out the details on how to enter here.

I have to say, I'm certainly close enough to make the trip for this, but I don't know that I'd be willing to shell out $100 a seat. However, Variety is an absolutely wonderful charity and I encourage you to read more about them on their website here. Watch for more information about the charity and the premiere coming up on the blog soon.

More From the VMA's!

This has to be one of the most adorable Rob/Kristen pictures. Very sweet!

Just off stage after introducing the trailer. Why so serious Taylor?

Yay! Smiley Rob is my favorite!

Still with the serious face Taylor. Maybe thinking about going werewolf on someone?
Beautiful Kristen, again. Is her hair pulled back, or did she cut it again?
*Note from Amber - According to her reps it was pinned up in the back, not cut*

Katy Perry and Ashley Greene. I think my husband has dreams about this. :p
That's four of some of the prettiest eyes there last night.

Our lovely Ashley interviewed Taylor, dressed in his dapper Calvin Klein suit. Ashley, I'm so proud of you for working that red carpet last night, it's hard to work on the fly like that!

I didn't get to watch the whole thing last night, so I'm still catching up on the rest of the evening. Kudos to Taylor Swift and Beyonce for being classy ladies.


Taylor, Kristen & Rob at the VMAs

I think they all look wonderful!
I loved Kristen's hair tonight and they all looked so relaxed. This is the way we want to see them!

***Kerry here!*** Kristen looks so beautiful tonight! The dress, the hair, the Taylor, snazzy as always, and Rob..oh Rob. Sexy, slight rumpled, and that mischievous smirk. /swoon

You can see the rest of the pics at MrPattinson

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Moon Extended Trailer from VMA's

I'm not even sure what to say except wow. I cannot wait to see this movie. How much longer until November????
Robert Pattinson IS Edward and Kristen Stewart IS Bella...they have become these characters so well.

(Side note - For those of you who think Twilight fans are confused, I do realize that these actors aren't really the characters. What I am saying is that they have completely become their characters in these roles to the point that you don't "see" the actors anymore. So please do not quote that earlier line in some hokey article about how we're all deluded and don't know the difference between Rob and Edward. Well, that felt pretty good. I haven't gotten up on a soap box in quite a while...)

Happy Birthday, Bella!

Well, Bella Swan-Cullen, happy birthday. You're eighteen! Again! (I'm trying to be happy for you..and not bitterly jealous.) The whole town of Forks has thrown a big party for you. Dances, scavenger hunts (not to be confused with lunch), costume party, and tours of the high school. We all know how you love to be the center of attention, so I'll bet you're just thrilled!

I had hoped to go celebrate this year, Forks is about a 4 hour drive from my place, but my plans were thwarted. I'll catch you next year for your..err...eighteenth birthday.

I know the good people of Forks have mixed feelings about all the attention the Twilight novels have brought to their area. All those uncomfortable things you can imagine crazy fans doing have happened there. People traipsing all over the town, through funeral processions on First Beach, stealing the gas cap from "Bella's" truck. However, the new-found fame of Forks has brought an incredible amount of tourism to the area. And tourists spend money, and that's something this struggling little lumber town can always use.

The Forks Chamber of Commerce and the whole town really, has been very welcoming to fans. There are tours, and fun mementos of the story, like a replica of Bella's truck, and a sign at the hospital declaring Dr. Cullen's parking spot. You can also drive up to Port Angeles and enjoy the mushroom ravioli at Bella Italia.

If you ever get a chance to visit Forks, plan to spend a few days. Beyond the Twilight-related activities, this area is beautiful. I highly recommend a few days at the Lake Quinault Lodge as well. Bring a raincoat, some sturdy hiking boots, and a sense of adventure.

Also, please be respectful. Forks and La Push are happy to have the tourism, and will welcome you to their towns, but people live their everyday life there. Be sure to express your appreciation for opening their town for exploration.