Saturday, August 29, 2009

Straight From the Source: Taylor Lautner

Today, Eclipse director David Slade delivered a special treat to fans via Twitter. This picture of Taylor Lautner, taken by David himself during lighting tests earlier this month.

I'm really enjoying these little tidbits from the set, it's a different experience than following the past movies, and it feels like we're all included in the process.

Thank you David!!


Happy Birthday, Sam Bradley!

Let's face it, Amber totally has me beat when it comes to being Sam's #1 fan, but I'm okay with settling for second place. Today, Sam turns 23, and he has a big day planned to celebrate.

Today marked the grand opening of his new website and the launch of his EP! The EP is available for download there and you can also purchase posters and t-shirts. Sam's Myspace page has also been updated, and you can view his new video for "Sea Blue" there.

While you're waiting for the EP to download, head over to the Shack of Soul and find out how to enter their contest for a signed poster of Sam Bradley. Also, follow Sam on his twitter and wish him a happy birthday yourself.

Happy Birthday Sam! Thanks for sharing your music and always being so great to your fans. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver next month! Finally, my first Sam concert!! (You still need to come play Seattle, though!)


Cake image from Cassy's Cakes

Dear Team Jacob, You're Welcome.

Keep an eye out for the next Teen Vogue magazine. This is a scan from the upcoming issue, along with an interview.
ON WHY LADIES LOVE JACOB "If she likes having a really close friendship with a guy, being able to tell him anything, and then having that friendship slowly transform into something more." (Uh, yes please! Unless it transforms into just playing fetch.)
Awww, Taylor, you're so adorable.

Thanks to 4tnz! for the pic

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fan-Made Fridays! Fan-Ficapalooza!

About three months after I first read Twilight, I discovered Twilight fan-fiction, and was nearly as addicted to it as I am to the original series. That's not to say, however, that I didn't start reading without some trepidation. After all, I have strong emotional bonds with the series and the characters.

I know a lot of you have read at least some fan-fiction, but let me break it down for those that haven't. Twilight fan-fiction is can be broken into a few categories. "Canon" meaning stories that could feasibly have taken place within the context that Stephenie Meyer gave us in the original series, i.e. filling in time gaps left in the story, or retelling from another character's perspective. "Alternate Universe" or "AU"; stories that involve the characters as they are written, but the story diverges from the original plotline at some point. Finally, "All Human" (AH) stories, where the characters retain their basic personalities, but with out any supernatural qualities.

The AH category seems to contain the most stories, and some of the more well-known fanfics. I'll talk about those another week. Today, I want to highlight some of my favorite, maybe not as well known canon pieces. These are some of the first fanfics I read, as I resisted anything out-of-canon for a long time. Some are funny, some are touching, but all are great reads and a nice extra to our favorite series.

The Serious: You might need a hanky.
  • Little Sister, (T) by tanwellman. Pieces of Breaking Dawn as told from Jasper's point of view (POV). Bring your hankies, Jasper's special talent lends an especially touching experience of the events. The author also has several other great pieces in their profile.
  • Be Safe. (K+) Cocoa987 brings us on a journey of that little note Edward left Bella when he went hunting in Twilight.
  • She Has Your Eyes.(K+) Prolific fan-fic author Justine Lark wrote this as Edward's thoughts as he talks to Bella during her transformation.
  • Dark Side of the Moon,(T) by Blondie aka Robin. One of my favorite writers, this is her take on Edward's New Moon story.
  • Totality,(T) also from Blondie aka Robin. We all love the 'leg hitch' scene, right? Find out what Edward was thinking!
The Funny: Silly, fluffy stories just to make you laugh.
  • Once Bitten,(M) by NoMoreThanUsual. Told from Edward's POV, Bella wonders what that first day in Biology would have been like if she had been the vampire, and Edward the tasty human.
  • Fear, (K)NoMoreThanUsual rocks at the funny fiction. Edward's worst fear finally happens, Bella runs screaming from his house.
  • 51 Things Emmett Is Not Allowed To Do,(T) by the indifferent child of earth. We love goofy Emmett, but Bella feels the need to lay down some ground rules.
  • Charlie's Fantasy,(T) by Emmy131. On the way to the graduation ceremony, what was Charlie thinking as he looked at Edward in the back seat of the cruiser?
  • As The Cushion Turns,(M) from My-Bella. The various couches (Yes, the couches) in the stories have their say. Suggestive, but nothing explicit.
The Sexy: For those of us that cried in protest at the fade-to-black moments in Breaking Dawn, cursing the young adult designation. Here's some stories that fill in those moments. Warning: Explicit sexual content .
  • Isle Esme,(M) by Vixen1836. Told from Edward's POV, this is an amazing story. Not just smut, it tells the story of Edward's thoughts, fears, and motivations as he and Bella consummate their marriage.
  • The Second Night,(M) by Nightdancers. Edward caves! Woot! Edward's POV. Hold on to your headboards.
  • Practice Makes Perfect.(M) Again, Nightdancers gives us another sexy moment. Need to burn calories? This beats swimming with the dolphins any day. Bella's POV.
  • Second Honeymoon.(M) Nightdancers again. (Nightdancers also has a 'first time' fic, I just happen to really like Vixen1836's). Two chapters, one Bella's POV, one Edward's. Edward doesn't have to hold back anymore. Nuff said..
Well, there you have it, some of my favorite canon fan-fictions. Read them, Enjoy them. Tell me what you think. Please be sure to leave a comment or review for the author as well.


Take Another Look at BooBoo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater)

In a collection of great photos found at Mayhem Photos, we get another look at buff-but-not-quite-growed-up BooBoo Stewart. Perfect combination for our lovable Seth Clearwater, don't you think? You can see these and a few other images here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watch Out! The Volturi Are Coming!

Chris Weitz is my hero. These are absolutely amazing. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken fangirl record, but I am SO excited. Creepy, otherworldly, and a whole different monster from our lovely Cullen family. Perfect!

Michael Sheen as Aro.

Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius.

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus.

Cameron Bright as Alec.

Dakota Fanning as Jane.

Thanks to Twilight Moonlighters for the pictures!

People Magazine New Moon Scan & More

Want a glimpse of the Volturi? People Magazine will have a few stills this week. Can I just say that Jane looks AMAZING!! That is exactly how I pictured her.

Rob will also be featured in the French Premiere magazine. I spy a Batman shirt!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Win a Signed Sam Bradley poster from Shack of Soul!

LiLi from Shack of Soul is making the incredible sacrifice of giving up her signed Sam Bradley poster in the interest of winning new fans for Sam and for Shack of Soul. She is giving you a gift for Sam's birthday and EP release on Saturday!For all the details on how to enter, click here. Owning some signed Sam goodies myself, I know how difficult they are to part with. While you're over there entering, be sure to check out the rest of the blog. It's the newest place on the net to find info on Sam, Marcus Foster and Bobby Long.
Stay tuned for details about Saturday activities to celebrate Sam's big day!

Entertainment Weekly Outtakes Part 247: Team Jacob Love

Another outtake was spotted over at Team Twilighters; a beautiful pic of Taylor Lautner.

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? It's Wednesday, so I thought that would be a good reason to sift through the bits and pieces of Twi-News that have been floating around. While I'd love daily reports from David Slade, and daily photos and teasers , I'll take what I can get.

David Slade has sent a few tweets here and there regarding the last few weeks of filming, including some nice things about Xavier Samuels (image from TwiCrackAddict) and this last one:

Shot with Rob and Kristen today, both gave great performances. Lots of frustrating noisy planes overhead but beautiful scene regardless.

Oooo! I wonder what brain keeps wandering to the ending meadow scene, but that just might be the romantic in me.

The Forks Humans bunch arrived in town yesterday to start filming their portion. Justin Chon seemed a little excited that they get to film outside the cafeteria this time.

Dakota Fanning filmed her short part of Eclipse last week also, so glad to see she'll continue as Jane.

BooBoo Stewart got a little over excited about the films and misinformed Access Hollywood that there would be three more movies. Summit said:

“We appreciate our young actor’s enthusiasm for the franchise and his role, but his comments about the number of films were unfortunately uninformed and not accurate,” the Summit rep said in a statement to Access.

Although BooBoo has contract options for additional films after “Eclipse,” there are no guarantees yet that those films will be made.

And while a fourth film in the series is likely since there are four books in the popular Stephenie Meyer’s series, the studio could not confirm “Breaking Dawn” would make it from the page to the screen just yet.

“However, the fans should rest assured the we’re working with Stephenie Meyer to bring ‘Breaking Dawn’ to the big screen,” the rep continued.

On the New Moon side of things, MTV released this interview with Kristen and Taylor, regarding their 'break-up' scene.

MTV: He is very huggable. Tell us about one scene that you read either in Stephenie Meyer’s book or in Melissa Rosenberg’s screenplay that you were like, “Man, that’s going to be tough to pull off,” and tell us how you were able to figure it out.

Stewart: “New Moon” is riddled with all of that. I think it’s the one book in the series that I was intimidated by — in a good way. That’s the best feeling to start a movie with. But probably, my favorite line in the book is when I have to say to [Jacob], “It’s him; it’s always been him!” Like, I have to say that. Yeah, it killed me, it killed me.

Edi Gathegi was his usual funny self when talking to Access Hollywood about watching New Moon with Stephenie Meyer. I so love him!

Stay tuned, folks, we'll keep you updated as we can. Let's all ask together..Is is November yet???


Yet another EW Comic Con Portrait Outtake

Wow, I think EW wants to own me...LOL. How can you not love this pic?This is just too cute! I'm so sad that Rachelle isn't doing Eclipse.

One More EW Comic Con Outtake

This may be my favorite of the whole bunch! I love Chris Weitz...big puffy pink hearts love him!I love the way he's looking over them...Wow, I seriously love this pic!

More Outtakes: Entertainment Weekly at Comic Con

Entertainment Weekly was definitely hosting that meeting. Here we go with five more outtakes. To be honest, I see why they are outtakes, but we'll admire the pretty anyway. We're good fans like that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Counting Down...4 Days Left

One day closer...visit Sam's MySpace while you're waiting and help to get him to 1,000,000 plays by Saturday. What an awesome birthday present, right? He's put some of his older songs back on there too so there's a bunch of great stuff to listen to!

Rob To Host SNL? Fans Still Hoping

Hollywood Crush complied a list of celebs they and fans would like to see hosting Saturday Night Live this coming season. Who topped the list? I'll give you a guess...

You're SO smart! Our favorite Brit (No, not Sam, Amber! Focus!) is in high demand by fans to host SNL. Fans even petitioned the show last year to bring him on board. The answer was no, but there's hope for the future, at least as far as Lorne Michaels is concerned. Here's the million dollar question though, will Rob do it? I'd love to see his quirky, dry, adorkable humor on SNL, how about you?

You can read the article and the rest of the list at Hollywood Crush/MTV here.


The Photoshoot Outtake Gods Smile Upon Us Again

I'm starting to think these magazines have our number. Here we are, salivating for New Moon to come out in November, pouncing on every scrap of info we can get from the Eclipse set, and they just start leaving us this trail of delicious outtakes from various photoshoots. Do they plan this? Is there a meeting of magazine people somewhere? Either way, I'm loving the results, Because here we go again, from Entertainment Weekly this time.

Miss the scruff, but I love the pose..

This, and the published one similar to it, isn't really one of my favorites, but I'm certainly not objecting.

No one does 'intense' like Rob and Kristen. It astounds me every time.


Monday, August 24, 2009

16 -Month New Moon Calendar!

Here are some images from another New Moon calendar. Looks like this one will contain set photos and stills. *fangirl moment* I'm sure I can find another place to hang another calendar!

I'm so in love with New Moon Edward. LOVE the look for this movie.


EW Portraits from Comic-Con

The first two are in HQ

I still don't know how so many people with gorgeous eyes ended up in a movie where they have to wear contacts! Just seems cruel.
Thanks to Lion & Lamb Love

The Countdown Contiues...5 days to go!

If you missed the earlier post, be sure to check out Sam's video that just released today!

How do you picture Bella's wedding dress?

InStyle went to some of their favorite fashion designers and asked for their take on Bella's dress.

"In Eclipse, Bella's dress is described as an early 1900s design (which complements her antique engagement ring) with friend and Maid of Honor Alice Cullen's modern tweaks to the train and veil. "You look like you just stepped out of an Austen movie," Bella's mother says to the bride-to-be when she spies her in the gown in the final book, Breaking Dawn. "It's gorgeous! So graceful, so elegant.""

There are nine designs, but I picked my three favorites to show you here.

This one is by Lela Rose and I think it is absolutely gorgeous! I can totally picture Bella in this one. This one is by Max Azria and is the closest to what I pictured from the description in the book. I think it's probably the best choice based on that, but you know as well as I do, just because the book says it, doesn't mean that's the way it is in the movie.
I love this one as well. It is by Monique Lhuillier and is based on a dress from the 1920's, certainly era-appropriate for Edward's bride.
So check out all the dresses here and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

Sam Bradley Releases Official Sea Blue Video

From Sam's MySpace...

Im Excited!!!

The E.P is being release on the 29th of August on

I finally get to show you my Music Video too. Please watch it. Comment on Youtube. Pass it on! Anything you can do! Zack Spiger and I made this with no budget and few materials and we had an amazing time doing it! Lets make this the most watched video I have!

Thank you all


Sam's YouTube

Chris Weitz Shares Some More Details with MTV

There is a new interview with New Moon director Chris Weitz over at Not a whole lot of new information, but some expanded insight into the process and ideas behind the movie. And, Chris is hilariously funny, as always.

MTV: You revealed two scenes that were a big hit at Comic-Con. How do they fit into the movie?

Chris Weitz: We showed two new scenes, and each one focused on abdominal muscles. That was the high point, I think, for the audience. [Laughs.] One scene was the one in which Jacob is teaching Bella how to ride a motorcycle. She falls, he comes to rescue her and dab her forehead — thereby revealing his bodacious abs and chest. And the other is Bella rushing to save Edward when he decides to commit suicide by revealing himself to the humans in Volterra, Italy.

I'm already so excited for New Moon, and Chris really seems to have a good handle on the story and the audience. You can read the rest of the article and learn about Vitamin "T" here.

Is it November yet?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sam Bradley Countdown Continues

August 29...Sam's birthday, EP release and the launch of! Head over to his MySpace and listen to his new music while you wait!

Uber-cute Entertainment Weekly Outtakes!

Check out these way cute outtakes of Taylor and Kristen's Entertainment Weekly photoshoot. I love the smiles and the easy, happy atmosphere in this whole shoot. Very Jacob and Bella.
Photos via Twilight Moonlighter. Clicky for big pics!