Saturday, July 25, 2009

People Magazine Disappoints

I'm guessing that most of you know by now that Rob is gracing the cover of People magazine. One would think this is a good thing, but unfortunately that is not the case.
I've noticed in the recent past that People was starting to become a little less of a credible source and a little more tabloid. With this article, I think they've made the leap. I read the article, thanks to the scans sent to me by the lovely You can see them all here. (She got the magazine for free.) The only source they actually name for this article is the waitress who supposedly saw them kissing in Vancouver after the Sam Bradley show. There are pictures of them at that show. I find it hard to believe if they were kissing that someone wouldn't have managed to catch that. All the quotes from Rob and Kristen are from old interviews, not in relation to this article.

Whether they are together or not just really isn't any of our business. They give enough of themselves to the public in their movies and their appearances. Who they are or aren't dating or sleeping with doesn't need to be public information unless they choose to make it so. What disappoints me so much about People magazine is that they have put together an article based on here say, rumors and quotes from old unrelated interviews. They are reporting rumors as fact. (i.e. "Pattinson proceeded to have a fling with co-star Nikki Reed." Unless I've missed something, that's a rumor, not a fact that's been confirmed by anyone trustworthy.) Last time I checked, that was tabloid territory.

So as I prepare to step down off my soap box, for now, remember that just because you read it, doesn't make it so. Formerly reliable sources are becoming not so reliable. Also, on a side note, don't even believe a picture without investigating it. There are some very convincing manips out there these days. I don't believe anything anymore unless I see it come out of the star's mouth. There is so much actual information out there about Twilight and all the people involved with it, it's pitiful that People magazine, among many others, have resorted to this type of made up sensationalism to attract readers. Personally, I prefer my fiction in book form, clearly labeled as such.

So what's your take?

Happy Birthday Michael!

Michael Welch turns 22 today. To find out more about Michael's career beyond playing Mike Newton, check out the Twilight Examiner article honoring him on his birthday. I was not a fan of Mike's character in the books, but how can you not love him in the movies. Michael is an incredibly talented actor and an all around great guy. I look forward to seeing more from him as his career progresses. I believe he has a long one ahead of him.

Happy Birthday Michael!

Photo courtesy of Michael's MySpace page.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Con New Moon Panel Videos

These are so worth watching, over and over and over and over...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con Coverage Round Up

One of my favorite Rob pics to come out of today...
For this pic and tons of others, go to Thinking of Rob. If you are accustomed to getting your pics on twitter from @FakerParis, this is her new blog, so jump right over there. Same great pictures, just in a form that's easier for her and easier for us!

Twilight Poison has been incredibly busy today and put together a post of all the Comic-Con photos and videos that are available (at the time of the post). You can check that out here. A huge thanks to them for all their hard work!

Thanks to @letter2twilight for this pic of all the New Moon merchandise coming out from Hallmark. Yes, some of those are cards, including a Valentine that plays Clair de Lune. This is all so new that these are the samples. The real deal hasn't been produced yet, but should start showing up in stores in September. (Thanks to @RobPattzNews for additional info)

And RobertPattinsonWho attended the exclusive Twilight screening after the panel. The cast that came into her theater included Mr. Pattinson himself. You can check out her post including video here.

EW Comic-Con Interview

Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con interview with Chris Weitz, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner. The bonus Rob footage is so good!

Picture courtesy of Thinking of Rob.

Comic-Con Press Conference Videos

Thanks to ROBsessed for the vids.

Comic-Con Live Blogging Sites

The New Moon Panel at Comic-Con
While there was no video feed or recording allowed, the following sites were live blogging...




Picture courtesy of Thinking of Rob.

New Moon - Have It Your Way

MTV can confirm that Burger King will be featured in the "New Moon" film via product placement, with its food products being consumed by the movie's stars — well, at least, those of them that can eat human food.

To help promote the tie-in, Burger King will soon begin distributing paper crowns in stores worldwide. One reads "Team Edward" and features Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the Cullen clan. The other reads "Team Jacob" and has Taylor Lautner staring seductively from the front of the crown, accompanied by photos of Stewart, and the shirtless Wolf Pack.

"Coming to Burger King Restaurants November 2009" reads the crowns, which are currently wrapped around the heads of thousands of Twilighters around the San Diego Convention Center.

Another interesting confirmation on the crowns? Near the bottom is the words "PG-13. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13." Stay tuned for blood, Bella and burgers this November, as "Twilight" fans will be getting it their way.

From Hollywood Crush via Spunk Ransom.

Comi-Con Press Conference aka ET EPIC FAIL

The New Moon press conference was set to start at 9:30 PDT with a live feed on ET. Well, the conference did start late, but the live feed never got up and working. Instead, we stared at the back of people's heads and heard one of the girls from ET leave a voicemail, including her cell phone number. Yes, I'm serious.
For coverage of the event, we relied on tweets from @Celebuzz and live blogging from HitFix. You can read those to catch up. I'll post more updates when I have them. I am sincerely hoping the rest of the day goes better than this morning did. It was a major let down to all of those who tuned in.
Thanks to Thinking of Rob for the pic.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic-Con Debuts New Moon Merchandise

First look at some of the New Moon Merchandise

Thanks to Superhero Hype via New Moon

New Moon Promo Shots and Still, Website Goes Live

Promo pics...

and a new still
For those of you worrying that New Moon is going to be all about Jacob and Bella being all in love with each other, I feel 100% certain that's not going to be the case. I believe that Chris Weitz is committed to bringing to book to the screen, and remember that Stephenie is involved too. I think we're seeing so much of Bella and Jacob because this is the new relationship in the movie and Edward is gone for the most part. New Moon is Jacob's chance to shine. I think that's what we're seeing here. Let the Team Jacob fans have their movie. Edward gets the girl in the end.

The official New Moon website is now up and running at New Moon The Check it out for more pictures, videos, downloads and more. There are some areas still under construction and don't expect to see picture of the Volturi and wolf pack when you click on them in the cast section because they're not there. I highly suspect that we won't see the Volturi in full costume until the movie releases in November.

Thanks to Twilight Official Facebook.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well, Hello Rob!

Today, US Weekly has released 40, yes, you read that right, 40 pics from Rob's shoot for Rolling Stone. While looking at said pics, for blog research of course, I believe I have confirmed a long held suspicion. We have all heard how Rob is so humble and confounded by all the hype. While he may not understand it, he certainly knows the power that he has when it comes to causing spontaneous swooning. Not convinced? May I present to you the following...

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Come on...this is the ultimate proof. I might have been able to go with the cigarette and the eyes, no big deal, just a coincidence, but then you add the thumb???? No sir, we are no longer buying it. He knows exactly what he's up to. For more evidence, check out ROBsessed, the go-to site for all things Rob.

Thanks to RunAwayWithFate for sending me an email about these.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Jacob Still

I don't think this one really needs words. Thx to TwiCrack.