Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sam Bradley Show & Interview

As you've hopefully already read on Twilight Moonlighter's t5m page, I not only got to see Sam Bradley and The Men perform live on July 6, I also got the chance to sit down with Sam for an interview. So here, I'm going to give you some of the details that didn't make it into the interview.

While we were watching Pilot Speed (who by the way are also a great band), T turned to me and asked, "What does Sam Bradley look like again?" I started to describe him then noticed she was turned toward the windows that looked down over the room. When I looked up, I smiled and said, "Exactly like that." Sam was watching the band and checking out the crowd.

Pilot Speed
When we were discussing You Think You're Free and Sam said that maybe he'd gotten more immature, I commented that guys tended to to do that sometimes. I didn't hear him respond during the interview, but when I played it back later to type it out, I noticed that Sam said a very serious, "Ha, Ha." under his breath. He's such a funny guy.

The show was wonderful. Sam is definitely a crowd pleaser. Derek, Whiskey and Too Far Gone all got a huge response. Because this tour was actually in support of Thriving Ivory I had been really nervous that we'd only get a few songs, but they played for about 45 minutes. We were very close to the stage which made it all that much enjoyable. The songs written by guys in the band were awesome. This is certainly an incredibly talented group of guys. Our only complaint was the heat in there, which caused Sam to have to stop and tune his guitar at one point.

Sam Bradley
Dave Meszaros
Jeff Riedlinger
Mark Kerrey

They closed the show with Soho Whores, which caused me to laugh since I'd asked him about it during the interview. After they loaded the van, Sam, Jeff, Dave and Mark all came back in to meet the fans and sign autographs. There was definitely a line there waiting for them. The Hubs said he heard a woman say they'd driven five hours to see the show.

Sam jumped off the stage immediately after the show and was taking pics with the fans up front. This was supposed to be a pic of Sam and T, but I sort of missed T in the picture...still a really cute one of Sam, though.
Ah, that's much better
T with Sam, Dave, Jeff and Mark
We went back in to watch Thriving Ivory for a while, then decided it was time to head home. It was wonderful evening and great way to top of my birthday.
Sam and The Men are planning to do another tour in October through December, hitting a lot of major US cities. I hope we get to see him again. You can stay up to date on all their tour information on Sam's MySpace, as well as listening to his music. You can also catch up with him at his other sites...

YouTube (There is some awesome stuff on here)
Facebook for Sam Bradley & The Men

(Of course, there are pictures of me with Sam and with Sam and the band, but T's cuter so I used her pics on here. ;) If you'd like to see those I'd be glad to email them to you. Just let me know.)

More New Moon Bookmarks

Thanks to Twilight Parents Examiner, I know have pics of all the bookmarksYes, that is a wolf pack one, and one of Bella and Jake. These are available from Power Star Collectibles. Check out their link because they have tons of Twilight and New Moon merchandise.

New Moon Edward Bookmark - Yes, please!

The newest edition to my must have listI love this. Thanks to MrPattinson via NewMoonMovie.

I'ts Official - Riley has been cast!

Both Summitt and Xavier Samuel himself have confirmed that he will play Riley in Eclipse. You can view his imdb page here. I'm guessing that it's going to get some major updating very shortly. Again, I'm glad to see that Summitt is sticking with lesser known actors and giving them a chance to showcase their talents. Hailing from Australia, this will be his first U.S. role. Although he's not exactly what I pictured in my head when I read Eclipse, he certainly fits the part. I look forward to seeing him in the role. If you need a refresher course on Riley, check out the Lexicon's character bio here.

Source Twilight Lexicon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Exclusive Sam Bradley Interview

When I went to see Sam Bradley and The Men play last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sam for an interview.
You can read the interview in it's entirety on Twilight Moonlighter's page. She has also posted about it on her Examiner page, which you can view here.
Check back here tomorrow for my post of pics from the show and more behind the scenes info that's not in the interview.

My huge thanks to Sam Bradley (and The Men), SAMAMGlobal and Twilight Moonlighter for making this possible!

Jimmy Fallon as Rob on Late Night

So earlier on Thursday, this picture comes from @jimmyfallonAnd then this aired on his show (mature, or rather, highly immature language - remember, this was on late night)

I'm a huge Jimmy fan. I've loved him since he was on SNL and Fever Pitch is one of my favorite movies. I wasn't overly impressed with his Rob, but he did a great job as Dan and there were some parts of this that left me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!

Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for the video.

*Update - After watching this again in a much less sleep-deprived state of caffeine induced hysteria, I didn't find this nearly as funny. Humorous? Yes. Hilarious? Not so much.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 Things About Robert Pattinson

Katie Bain of has written an article entitled "15 Things I Learned About Robert Pattinson on the 'New Moon' Set" Alas Ladies, again, it is riddled with spoilers. I feel this is going to become the theme as on set reports begin to come out more frequently. I have bravely trudged through them myself and I bring to you a summary of some points we can safely discuss without defiling our spoiler-free friends...

1. Rob is a "sugar hound" evidenced by peanut butter cup wrappers and a can of Coke. (What, Rob with a can of Coke?? I'm shocked.)
2. Over the "Edward Cullen" on the back of his chair is a large piece of yellow tape with "ROBERT" written on it in bold black letters.
7. (Yes, I had to skip that many to protect your virtue) Robert is friendly with his fans. Although, I have to say that the author does state the fact he never spoke to her during her two days on set. She uses the example of how he treated Rachelle Lefevre's little sister to come to this conclusion.
"Robert is alarmingly, nerve-wrackingly handsome in person. He also seems to have some sort of gravitational pull, as every woman on set, not limited to, but certainly including me, inched closer to him as covertly as possible when he was in the vicinity. He didn’t seem to care or notice."

9. The picture below (from the March 2009 issue of GQ) hangs in the New Moon production office at Vancouver Sound Studios
11. "Robert has the confident, swaggering walk of a guy that does well for himself with the ladies. This success surely isn’t hurt by his carved physique" (spoiler removed)
The next four points are direct quotes from the article...
12. Regardless of the international pandemonium he causes, Rob is, according to co-star Lafevre, really just a humble, friendly guy.
13. People cater to the boy. One of the stage managers made a point of putting together a plate of food for Robert so he wouldn’t miss a meal while filming, saying: “Just tell me what Robert wants, and I’ll set it aside for him.”
This must be what it’s like to be treated like a movie star, as no one offered me anything to eat.

14. Even Taylor Lautner has Pattinson envy. When I asked Lautner the one bonus power he would bestow on Jacob, he responded, “I want to steal one of Edward’s powers.” Seems even werewolves get jealous.
15. The only time I saw the very elusive Kristen Stewart not on a monitor was when she walked by me on her way to the set. She was with Robert. Maybe this means all those secret relationship rumors are true ... nah, I’m pretty sure it was because they were both to be in a scene together. So I'd like to think ...

So number 15 isn't exactly about Rob, but I included that one because it demonstrates the lack of evidence it takes for some to come to their conclusions...I'm not pointing any fingers.

I'm sorry to tell you, but that is definitely all you can read of this article without spoilers. Add the link to your list of things to read the day after you see New'll enjoy it.

Another Chris Weitz Interview

Today seems to be the day for news from Chris WeitzAgain, this interview does contain some spoilers for those of you trying to remain completely pure...for which I suppose the above picture is a spoiler...sorry for are two spoiler-free excerpts...

There are speculations – hopes, even – that you might come back to direct the fourth book, "Breaking Dawn." Is anything being talked about now, or is there even any carry over from "New Moon" to "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn" in terms of planning?

I think it’s really charming that, not having seen New Moon, people would be enthusiastic about me wanting to do Breaking Dawn! I think the proof is in the pudding, and they should see New Moon before they decide if they want me to do anything else to do with their series. But I would hope to earn that kind of rumor. I haven’t really spoken with Summit about that; all I knew was that I was going to be too tired to do Eclipse, and that it was better that somebody else take it over as well so that they could put their own imprint on it. Also, the way the films are being shot would have precluded it anyway. But in terms of the planning, David Slade came in while we were still shooting the end of New Moon and I showed him everything that I could to give him a sense of what direction we were going; he’s going to take it in whatever way he wants to because he’s his own guy and will have his own style and particular take on things, but just as I was inheriting certain things from Catherine Hardwicke, he’s going to inherit certain things from me and make the choice as to whether he wants to keep them or alter them. We’ve had discussions…Tippett is going to do the wolves for Eclipse so that there’s a continuity in terms of the look of the werewolves, and obviously the cast is going to remain the same; so Dakota is Jane, and all the Volturi are the same people that we’re familiar with. Other than that, it’s kind of David Slade’s show to run on Eclipse, and by the time that comes out they’ll probably want him to Breaking Dawn, not me.

Considering "Breaking Dawn’s" mature themes, do you think it’s doable?

It’s a tough one. Yes, it’s doable; anything is doable. It’s a hard one, because the series gets more and more ambitious as it goes along. Yes, it’s doable; anything is doable.

It certainly seems that Breaking Dawn is high on the list of concerns for everyone out there. At this point, I know that Rob and Kristen have both said they would do it, but I do not know of a contract being drawn up at this point. I know that at one time Rob had said the hold up in scheduling the film was his shooting schedule. If they try to crank out Breaking Dawn as close to Eclipse as even Twilight and New Moon are, we should hear something within the next few months. I don't think there is any way they could, and definitely don't think they should, go for as fast of a turn around as they have scheduled between New Moon and Eclipse. I expect there to be some announcement around New Moon.

New Moon: Behind the Scenes (New pic of Jacob and Bella)

Wow, this is a steamy picThe Los Angeles Times (picture source) and the Sun Sentinel have a behind the scenes of New Moon article that is definitely worth the read. While it definitely contains spoilers for those who are wanting to remain completely pure, it does also contain information about Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The following excerpt talks with Chris Weitz and producer Wyck Godfrey. (And is safe to read)

""I promised the actors that no matter what, we would have time to discuss every single line," Weitz explains. "There was a line that he felt was repetitive, and Rob wasn't feeling where he was in the scene. We worked it out and came up with some alternate dialogue. I can work on the fly a bit because I'm a writer-director, which is helpful. I don't feel stuck or panicky when an actor is not down with a particular piece of dialogue."

After this film, Weitz will depart the "Twilight" saga; director David Slade, known for his edgy-with-a-capital-"E" feature debut "Hard Candy" and the bloody horror outing "30 Days of Night" will helm the third film in the franchise, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which goes before cameras Aug. 17 and is set for release June 30, 2010.

Producer Wyck Godfrey says changing directors while maintaining the same actors and screenwriter, in this case, Melissa Rosenberg, will bring a different energy to each "Twilight" movie without disrupting the overall continuity. Weitz was brought on after Hardwicke opted out of doing "New Moon," citing scheduling conflicts, but Slade's selection raised some eyebrows. The heart of the story is the romance between Edward and Bella after all, and Slade doesn't seem like much of a romantic.

Godfrey points out that "Eclipse" is darker in tone than the stories that precede it and more action-packed, making Slade the right choice.

A bigger question mark hangs over what is the most adult entry in Meyer's series, "Breaking Dawn." Godfrey was mum as to specifics, saying only that everyone involved fully intends to make what would be the fourth movie. (The Web site lists "Breaking Dawn" as in development with a tentative 2011 release date.)

"We're shooting 'New Moon,' prepping 'Eclipse,' doing all the marketing—it's a little overwhelming to really think in a detailed manner of how we're going to crack this, but we have every intention to," he said of "Dawn.""

Thanks to Twilight Examiner for her article earlier today reporting the Sun Sentinel story.

Another Gorgeous Fan made New Moon Poster

This may be the most powerful one I've seen yet.
Done by Emauthoress on deviantART. Thanks to Peace, Love, Twilight.

New Taylor Lautner Interview

Taylor recently did an interview and awesome photo shoot with Interview Magazine

Thanks to His Golden Eyes You can see more of the pictures in their gallery and read the entire interview here. It's really an awesome interview, except for the point when they say the story is about Bella Snow..LOL.

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Way Behind Wednesday

Okay, so I've dug out of the hole that I've been in trying to get out of for the last bit and it just so happens to have been on a Wednesday, so here we are...

1. Robsten Lovers is having their first ever charity auction, with the proceeds going to Autism Speaks.
2. New Moon Trailer is showing before Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince.
3. Comic-Con will include a Twilight screening with a live introduction by the cast. It looks like Rob and Kristen will be there.
4. Starshine Magazine has a new interview with Jackson Rathbone.
5. TwilightersItalia phone interview with Kellan Lutz.
6. Twilight Scene It! You can preorder it now.
7. Rob's appearance on Ellen ran again today.
8. Interview with Christopher Heyerdahl who will play Marcus in New Moon. Did anyone else notice that he was absent from the US Weekly Sexy Stars of Twilight? They had a section with all the rest of the Volturi pictured.
9. Justin Timberlake says that Rob is sexier because "God loves him more" Sorry, JT, I have to disagree. I love you both!
10. Twilight Moonlighter exclusive interview with Blue Foundation
11. Twilight fan goes cliff diving More info
12. The Danger Magnet's Q&A with Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict
13. Graphic Novel version of Twilight on the way. Will it be a companion or an alternative to the series?
14. Jamie Campbell Bower models his girlfriend Zoe's art
15. A belated Happy Birthday to Gil Birmingham (only belated on my part)
16. The Danger Magnet character discussions Betting on Alice Recap Decoding Jasper Recap Rosalie and Emmett
17. The Danger Magnet Q&A with Ang (Amcas)
18. Is Twilight coming between you and your significant other?
19. 20 Random Questions about the Twilight vampires
20. SSTB announces discussion of Wide Awake

Okay, by the time you read through all that, I should have my Sam Bradley and The Men post ready to go. Wow, I believe this was the most behind Wednesday of all. Also, be sure to check out these blogs which I read regularly, just didn't post specific articles from them in this post.

Letters to Rob
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My TwiLife

And of course, check out the blogs listed on my sidebar

Jackson as Sokka

New Moon Movie has this first look at Jackson Rathbone as Sokka in Last Airbender.
I have to admit, I've been eagerly awaiting these pics. The only negative thing I have to say is that I hate that the haircut for this role caused the hair issues for New Moon. Jasper's hair was so much better in the first movie. They should have left well enough alone when it came to Jasper. So what do you think?

Also, on a side note, Jackson had to cancel for the convention in Atlanta this past weekend. I had originally planned to attend, but as it sometimes does, real life took precedence. Then I got the email saying that Jackson would be attending and I was absolutely heartsick that I wasn't going to get to see him there. So, getting the email saying that he'd had to cancel made me feel better about not getting to go. Although Catherine Hardwicke came in his place, which was certainly a wonderful addition.