Thursday, July 9, 2009

Q&A With a Twilight Blogger : Eyes of Amber

The lovely Ana Cristina from The Danger Magnet is also the Miami Books Examiner. She is doing a series of Q&A with Twilight Bloggers over the age of 20. This week, the day after my birthday actually, I was the blogger answering those questions. I am so honored that she wanted to include me in this series. You can read the article here. While you are there, be sure to check out her other articles. She works Twilight in there whenever she can!

Thanks so much for this opportunity, even if I did say some embarrassing things. (When I originally answered the questions I mistakenly thought it was going to be a compilation piece just using parts of the answers...)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

US Weekly Rob Pics

I don't really think words are necessary here.

Pictures from ROBsessed posts here and here.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Where I Was Tonight

Tonight made my birthday celebration complete and was the most awesome start to my 30's I could have asked for.
and all I'm going to say right now is that there was an interview involved...details to come!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthday Wrap-Up & Contest Winners

The news I know you've all been waiting for...the announcement of the Celebrate My Birthday Contest! Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish I'd had more to give away and I plan to do some more giveaways in the near future.

The Twilight Soundtrack ... My TwiLife
Edward ... TheShagDaddy (I cracked up when I saw that he had entered and had to laugh even harder when he won! He has promised to be good.)
And of course, there were some Twilight gifts for me as well. I now have Twilight, The Game
The Hubs bought me this poster, my absolute favorite Edward poster to date (I have the puzzle of it too)
Amber from Rob My World sent me this lovely pic
And Gozde from ROBsessed sent me this gorgeous pic. Click on it, but be prepared, it is huge
So if we ignore the tantrum thrown by my son (6) when we got home telling me that it was all my fault he didn't get to play enough Wii today and that he hated me and hated my birthday, it was a lovely day. As I'm writing this, I am enjoying a bowl of peanut butter cookie dough ice cream courtesy of The Hubs. So with a minor exception, the first day of my thirties was a winner.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! Tomorrow I will be seeing Sam Bradley and The Men as a continuation of my birthday celebration. Definitely looking forward to that.

Added - When I got home from the Sam Bradley contest, Ang from Why Not? Twilight, RPattz and Me

EW Outtakes - No Watermark

And it just got even better...bigger, without the watermark!

Thanks so much to You can see these at more at their gallery.

Jeff Riedel EW Outtakes - Happy Birthday to me!

What a lovely gift I discovered on Outtakes from the Jeff Riedel shoot for Entertainment Weekly. This was for the first Twilight cover, oh so very long ago...

I love that Rob is smiling in this one
Now this makes me think of the meadow scene, you know, the one in the book
No words needed
Oh yes, definitely meadow scene worthy, can't believe this one is an outtake
You can see the rest of the outtakes and all of the photos from the issue in the gallery at

Promos (New Moon's cast)

This is the first time I've seen Kellan in full out Emmett in a video...So cool!