Saturday, June 27, 2009

More pics from Rob's shoot with Simon Hayter

I'm sure that most of us have seen this beauty and I'm pretty sure that I'd seen this one before as well
But this, this one is definitely new
Thanks to ROBsessed

Friday, June 26, 2009

Whatever Happened to Way Behind Wednesday?

I became so far behind that I missed Wednesday. Actually, when you don't do gossip or paparazzi, it's been slow news in the Twilight world this week. That doesn't mean, however, that's there's nothing I needed to blog about.

First of all, Twitarded needs your votes. They have been nominated for Funniest Blog in the SocialLuxe Lounge BlogLuxe Awards. You can vote once daily per email address until July 6.

TheShagDaddy, the husband behind Rob My World, has shared A Man's View on Twilight. That's right, not only is her hubby a unicorn, he has blogged about it. What a lucky, lucky girl.

It seems that Little Brown will be releasing not just one new cover for New Moon, but two.

Alphie & Pel from Twilight Lexicon are at Summer School in Forks doing presentations and hanging out with other great fans like Kaleb Nation, The Bella Cullen Project and The Hillywood Show. They are sending wonderful pics along the way, such as this one taken in the actual Biology classroom at Forks High.
Not only have they spent the day at the school, they went to La Push tonight for a bonfire! Don't miss another of their awesome pics from the trip. Use that Twitter account you started to help Peter win his bet and follow them @TwilightLexicon. Kaleb Nation is also sending messages and doing live BlogTv broadcasts from Forks. If you want to avoid missing any of them, follow him @KalebNation.

Be sure you don't forget about the Twilight Clue Contest and Analyzing Jacob! Oh, and of course The Hubs came through with my copy of The Sexy Stars of Twilight today. I'll post about the wonderfulness that it contains tomorrow. (Cuteangiek, you may buy it, but there are certain pages you must strategically avoid. See, I'm looking out for you...)

Okay, I'm gonna leave it at that for now. I did mention on Twitter earlier today that my birthday is coming up and to celebrate, I'll be giving YOU gifts! That's right. Over the next couple of days I'll be giving out the details and letting you know what those gifts will be...

Robert Pattinson and Friends: Must Musical Clique

From the current issue of Entertainment Weekly NAMES/AGES: Robert Pattinson, 23; Bobby Long, 22; Sam Bradley, 22; Marcus Foster, 23.

One of these names you know. The others you might not, but their profiles are quickly rising, thanks to their songwriting work on the still-hot Twilight soundtrack. Bradley co-penned “Never Think” with Pattinson, while Long and Foster wrote bonus track “Let Me Sign”

How did three obscure musicians score such a prominent gig? They had an in: Foster and Bradley went to school with the British actor, Long met the other three at an open-mike night. (Before Twilight, Pattinson was also an aspiring singer.) Despite their friendship, their music is quite different. Bradley favors a rock vibe, Long is more folk-inclined, and Foster owes something to Tom Waits.

Bradley was on his way to use the bathroom when Pattinson called to say their song was going to appear in Twilight. “I pissed myself,” he says. Really? “No.”

The trio will reunite at July’s TwiCon festival in Dallas. “It’s going to be mental,” say Foster. Will Pattinson sit in? “I wouldn’t turn up there if I was him,” says Long. Foster hopes to record some songs with Pattinson soon; “It might be my stuff, or his stuff, or some stuff we wrote together.”

ON THEIR MUST LIST: Long loves rockers the Felice Brothers, while Bradley is a fan of Vancouver singer Shera Kelly. One of Foster’s favorite actors is Christopher Walken, whose forthcoming film $5 a Day features another of Foster’s songs.

I had to laugh out loud when I read Sam's response to finding out that their song was going to be on the soundtrack. Really? "No." Just hilarious. I also have to agree with Marcus that it's probably in Rob's best interest to stay away from TwiCon. It is so funny that this group of incredibly talented guys would find each other. They certainly do some wonderful work together! I look forward to hearing more from them individually and collaboratively.

Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Analyzing Jacob

And no, I don't mean this picture, but you're welcome to stare as long as you like
The wonderful Miss Ana Cristina of The Danger Magnet has once again done an absolute wonderful job and posted a character discussion of Jacob. Now, I have been accused of not giving enough Jacob love, so those Jacob fans out there, show yourselves and head on over there, read her great post, and leave your comments. Are you a Jacob hater? (TDM is definitely Team Edward, btw) That's okay, jump over there, read the discussion, and let us know why you feel the way you do. Are you happy that Taylor is back, or did you think the part should be recast? Did you love the "Fire and Ice" chapter, or did you throw your book at the wall? Whether you love him or hate him, Jacob can bring about responses just as emotional as Edward does...

She'll be doing a recap on Sunday and you just might find your comments featured there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New New Moon Cover Revealed

EW reports that Little Brown has released the cover for their movie tie-in version of New Moon.
According to Twilight Lexicon, a representative from Little Brown has said this cover will hit the shelves on September 15!
I love it! Yes, I'm still Team Edward, but I love Jacob too and I'm looking forward to seeing him get his moment. (Now I'm running and ducking for cover.) Thanks to TwiCrack Addict.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anyone up for a game of Twilight Clue?

Peace, Love, Twilight is kicking off an amazingly creative game of Twilight Clue with some awesome prizes. Bella Swan has been killed and it's up to you to find out the who, where and how. The clues will start rolling in today and will wrap up on Thursday, June 25. For all the details, check out their site here. Eyes of Amber is proud to be participating in this contest so be sure to check us out every day to see if we could be hiding the clue you're looking for!

Edward & Bella are Barbies

Yes, that's right. Barbie and Ken have become Edward and Bella. I hardly know what to say about this. You can pre-order them now from Toys "R" Us with a release date of October 20. The dolls are sold separately and are $34.99 each. Still not sure what to say about these. I know with Mattel, they don't generally make the doll resemble the actor so much as it looks more like Barbie and Ken in costumes. Here are the product descriptions...

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.Twilight has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon developing a strong core base of dedicated fans who are drawn to the story of a Romeo & Juliet style romance between mortal (Bella) and vampire (Edward). Who better to capture the young star-crossed love of these two characters than Barbie & Ken. Edward is luminescent with a shimmering complexion and trademark gold eyes. Bella doll sold separately.

(Same as above) Bella is dressed in her signature outfit from the movie. Edward doll sold separately.

Will I buy these? Probably not. They're a bit rich for my blood. Do I think they'll be big sellers? Definitely. If someone I knew bought them would I go over and play with them? Absolutely. Am I looking forward to see what the Letters to Twilight girls do with this story? Oh yes, very much.

Thanks to Twilight Poison.