Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a difference a year makes

As you can tell, MTV has done a lot of stories about Twilight lately. That's not at all surprising since MTV has always been a big supporter, and Twilight leads everyone else with seven nominations tomorrow night.

"One year ago, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and a handful of other "Twilight" stars arrived at the MTV Movie Awards and walked down the red carpet, with most of the world's press uninterested in speaking with them. In fact, they had to go back to the beginning of the carpet and start again, just so they could be properly introduced to those who didn't realize they were movie stars."

Hmmmm, I don't think that's going to be a problem tomorrow night. You can read the rest of the story here.

Thanks to TwiCrack.

Inside Catherine's Twilight Den (of kissing)

In another article by Larry Carroll, he talks about Tim Kash's visit into Catherine's home. The above picture is of her bedroom, where Rob and Kristen's first kiss took place. Apparently Rob got a bit carried away on the first take. "The first time, they went a little too far, and I was like, 'I can't show this to anybody at the studio!' You can read all the details here.

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Catherine makes the case for Twilight

Best Kiss

Best Fight

Best Movie

Don't forget you can still vote for Best Movie here, right up until the show starts!
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Catherine thinks Rob deserves Breakthrough Male Award

Larry Carroll recently interviewed Catherine Hardwicke about Twilight's seven nominations for the MTV Movie Awards. No surprise, she thinks that Rob deserves to win the Breakthrough Male Performance Award, saying that "she'll be screaming louder than anyone if Rob walks onstage Sunday night to receive his trophy."

This is a wonderful interview and I suggest you read the whole thing here. She talks about the auditions and the original casting. Here are my favorite two quotes from the article which explain SO well why I love Rob so much...

"He can transform himself into other characters, and I love that Rob will do things that we don't expect. He's going to do really unusual, unique things — and I'm looking forward to it."

"Robert has that soul, that passion, that depth. He's a very interesting person in his heart and soul. The movies he watches are weird independent films and foreign films; the books he reads are these great, obscure things. He's a musician, an artist, and he's very special and unique," she explained, making his case as a true Hollywood breakthrough. "I can't wait to see what he does next."

Now, for my readers who don't think I show Taylor enough love, let me just say here that while I realize Taylor is up for this award as well, I did not vote for him. Now granted, he was good in Twilight, but I think New Moon is going to be the breakthrough role of Taylor's career. Twilight was just a little taste of what's to come. So, who do you think should win this?
Thanks to ROBsessed for posting about this article. And as always, thanks to Larry for such a great article! (Now, about those New Moon Mondays...)

Friday, May 29, 2009

First Scene from New Moon!

ET Online has a 15 second preview of the trailer we'll see on Sunday night...(If you don't want to see the trailers, don't watch this or read any further...I have apparently opened the proverbial can of worms around here, but at least I'm getting comments.)

Looks like they wanted to make sure we knew one of our major grievances with Twilight was being taken care of right from the get go.
Thanks to Lion & Lamb Love

Just for fun - Rob v Zac kissing contest

Radar Online asked kissing expert Andrea Demirjian to watch Rob and Zac's nominated kisses and give her educated opinion on who would win... On Zac in HSM3
“What is evident is that they are very much in love,” Demirjian said. “It’s tender, it’s soft, it’s gentle. You can tell how much he loves her because he’s smiling as he kisses her, because he’s just so happy.” She also approved of their chemistry and “body interaction,” and called the scene “one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time.”

On Rob in Twilight
“I looked at this one a few times, cuz I was like, ‘whoa!’” she laughed. “The kiss was so sexy, just the way their lips were grazing against each other—it wasn’t deep-throat tongue kissing.” Part of the appeal of this silver-screen kiss is the tension, Demirjian said, which gave the eventual smooch “all the perfect makings of suspense and anticipation. And that makes a kiss more desirous.”

Her verdict
“I wouldn’t necessarily compare them to one another, because they were two very different categories. One is sort of a beastly, supernatural thing versus two charmed kids in High School Musical,” she said. But Demirjian did give the kisses a star rating based on sexiness. Pattinson and Stewart scored a four-and-a-half out five, while Efron and Hudgens got “a four or three-and-a-half.”

So tune in Sunday night to see if one of these kisses, or one of the other nominees wins. While you're waiting, visit Radar Online to read the rest of the article and get some kissing advice.

Official New Moon Trailer in HD

On Sunday, after the big reveal on the MTV Movie Awards, you'll be able to watch the New Moon trailer in HD at MySpace Trailer Park beginning at 10:45 EST. So you'll be able to watch it over and over again... What a way to end the month!

Thanks to Pillow Biters for the heads up and TwiCrack for the image.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eating Crow, As Promised

Because of computer issues, I'm late posting this...

I thought about just editing my early post about spoilers, but some of the things I want to say won't make sense if you don't have that to read. Yes, I still hate spoilers. I made a decision a while ago and posted it here that this site would be spoiler free. There would be nothing posted here that was not officially released. If you read the comments on my other post, you'll see that Summit was very aware these pictures were being put out there, and although they did not come out in the way they had intended, they did allow them to go out since the trailer is coming out on Sunday. It was pointed out to me that I shouldn't complain about the "biggest Twilight news in four months" showing up in my email inbox, and I agree with that. This is a Twilight blog after all.

With some issues going on in my real life right now, topped off by four sick children today, I ran an errand and came home weak. I have put forth so much effort yesterday and today trying not to see a gorgeous man shirtless. Could I keep up that effort for the next five months? TwiCrack said these pics only made her more excited to see the movie. Pillow Biters said Summit was okay with it. Did that give me permission? I decided to give in. Didn't I deserve some shirtless Edward? So, I tried to decide if I was being a sell out, then took the plunge. Wow.

I looked at the pics, though I avoided the videos showing the pics put together into a reasonable facsimile of the actual scene. For that, I will definitely wait until the movie. Did the pics ruin the movie for me? I don't think so. I have to say though, my favorite pics were the ones from between takes, when it was Rob, not Edward. And the CG marks make me wonder how different the finished product is going to look. Could I have made it until November without seeing them? I don't think it's possible. In fact, I know it's not, because I clicked over to ROBsessed and there he was, right in the banner in all his shirtless glory.

So, I have to admit, I cheated, I looked, and I loved. And you know what? These pics made me so much more excited for the movie! (Although, what's with the kiss? They aren't supposed to kiss in Volterra! Sorry, I'm an Edward purist.) So for those who prefer not to see spoilers, I won't be posting them here. Especially for the girls at Twitarded and Super Secret Twilight Blog, this blog will remain spoiler free. I will, however, for those who are interested and haven't seen them yet, post links. I hope that meets the needs of all my readers.

My favorite, an in between the scenes Rob and totally not Edward. I had gone through and picked out five other pics, but my computer froze up on me and lost all those, so I'll just direct you to ROBsessed to see a ton of great pics.

ET will air more New Moon scenes

ET will have new scenes from New Moon on Friday. My DVR is already set. I am of two schools of thought about this. (Yes, I am weak enough to watch all officially released scenes and trailers.) On the one hand, I wonder if Summit is letting us have all this, months ahead of the film release , what is going to be left in the upcoming months and for us to see in the theater. On the other hand, I think if they're showing us all this now, what awesome things must they be holding back for the theater???? What do you think?
Thanks to Robert Pattinson Life.

New Moon Trailer will debut on Sunday!

MTV has confirmed the "exclusive footage" that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be introducing on Sunday night is none other than the first official New Moon Trailer!

Thanks so much to Twilight Lexicon, another wonderfully spoiler-free site to visit. All spoiler info is linked rather than posted. Thanks so much to the Lex!

Gorgeous Fan Made Poster - Spoiler Free

This poster is an edited version of the official poster from Nikitajuice via New Moon

I would also like to encourage all of you who are trying to avoid spoilers to visit New Moon without a moment's hesitation. Do they have the pics and videos? Yes, they do. But they have made it so that you have to click on a link to actually see them, so you can scroll through their site without running into anything you're trying to avoid. Kudos to NMM for making your site safe for those of us trying to remain unspoiled.

No Spoilers Here - A Rant

Yesterday the internet was flooded with spoilers for New Moon. Did I see them? Yes, I saw some of them for the split second it took me to realize what it was and exit the website. I stayed away from Twitter yesterday because I was reading things I didn't want to know. Then, I was casually checking my facebook last night and there in the "highlights" section are the very photos I have tried all day to avoid. Today, they are being emailed to me.

Am I upset? Yes, because a very pivotal moment of the movie has been spoiled for me. That's why they are called spoilers. I appreciate my bloggy buddies who took care to mark their posts for what they were and cautioned against reading them if you wanted to remain spoiler free. Honestly, I can't believe Summit isn't going crazy because these photos are out there! I am terribly disappointed to have seen these. I wanted to see Edward in November, on the big screen. Am I mad at people who have posted them on their sites? Not as long as they were properly labeled. I expect that. I am mad at those people who just threw them out there with no way to avoid seeing them. I mean, I didn't even visit any Twilight sites yesterday! You would think that would have made me safe.

I feel like a child who has been shown their Christmas present in June! Do I know the full enjoyment of, I won't have that until I see the movie. But, am I disappointed that I know what I'm going to see in Italy? Oh yes, very much so. I do not know how I'm going to make it to November without a good look at these photos, but I'm going to try my darndest.

Is there anyone else out there who feels this way?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lauren Explains...What's Rob thinking?

Go to Lauren's Bite for a hilarious explanation of these pictures and more. This is one of my favorite "Lauren Speaks Out" posts!

Last Day to Vote

Today is the last day to vote for the MTV Movie Awards. Click here to cast your vote. We want to see Twilight up there as much as possible!

Official Website is Launched