Thursday, May 14, 2009

The brother Rob never had?

Socialite Life thinks Luke Grimes, who plays Ryan Lafferty on ABC's Brothers & Sisters, is an "undead ringer" for Robert Pattinson. They have an entire photo gallery of Luke that I suggest checking out before you make a judgement here. I found this story so funny because I love Brothers & Sisters and the first thought that popped in my head when Ryan first appeared was definitely "Edward." Exact replica? No, there is only one Robert Pattinson. Luke Grimes is not even a reasonable However, I can totally feel the Edward vibe with him and there are certainly remarkable similarities in the two men.

Luke is a year older than Rob, but I think he'd pass better for 17...
Like Rob, he cleans up nice...
And do these look familiar to anyone? Wonder if these were done after the GQ and Dossier shoots were released...
And to the Wide Awake readers out there...does this say Darkward to you, or is it just me?
So my verdict...Could they pass for brothers? Definitely. Could I see Luke as Edward? If I'd never seen Rob as Edward, then definitely yes. He looks much more like Edward to me than he does like Rob. Does that make sense? And maybe the edge to his character on Brothers & Sisters makes me think more along the lines of Darkward. Either way, I think he's a great actor and I look forward to seeing more from him too. I love what he's doing with Ryan. So, what's your verdict?
Thanks to Peace, Love, Twilight for posting this story.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Favorite Birthday Tributes

Of course for every website, blog, facebook and twitter out there, there was a birthday tribute to Rob. How can we not celebrate such a talented individual? Here are some of my favorites...

Twitter campaign to pound RPattz...Tutorial by Pillow Biters, ROBsessed #RPattz @ #1

23 Reasons to Love Robert Pattinson...from MTV's Nicole Guanlao

The Danger Magnet...Best Title for a Birthday Post By Far!!!!!

And here, what is probably my absolute favorite post of the day...the girls of Twitarded present Robert Pattinson's Cult of Personality Explained!

And of course, I did a birthday post earlier today with a couple of my favorite pics. I hope that Rob had a day free of the paps, crazed fans, gossip hounds (not naming names here) and filled with all his favorite things. (Including peace and privacy, two things he has very little of these days)

More Beautiful Fan Art New Moon Posters

This one breaks my heart... The Wolf Pack
These beautiful posters were made by CBA reader Kristi.

Color the Cast Online

You can now color Bella and the Cullens online by clicking here and pressing play. Just when I thought I'd seen everything...

Awesome Fan Made New Moon Trailer

This one incorporates SO many elements of New Moon...

Thanks to Pillow Biters.

Happy 23rd Birthday Rob!

Happy Birthday Rob!

Quick Non-Twilight Update

If you follow my Twitter, you probably saw that my youngest son has been diagnosed with a moderate unilateral hearing loss. His treatment plan and further diagnosis are my top priorities at the moment so please bear with me if the posts don't come as regularly or timely for the moment.

If you aren't following me on Twitter, now is the time to start. Just because I may not be posting about something doesn't mean that I won't let you know about it. Whenever I find something blogging worthy I'll send out an update with the link.

Thanks for bearing with me while I put my family first.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

LTT's Ode to Jacob and Bella

Along with this video, the girls over at Letters to Twilight posted a wonderful ode to Jacob and Bella.

UnintendedChoice listed the pros and cons of Bella's decision between Jacob and Edward, and just squarely hit the nail on the head. Bella made the only choice she could, and it was definitely the right one for her. See what UC's reasons are and let me know if you agree. I agree 100%. If Bella had chosen Jacob, she would have always wondered "what if" and her mind would have never been free of Edward. Even more so, her heart would have never completely belonged to Jacob, because of Edward. As Jacob said himself, he just couldn't fight an Eclipse...

For the record, I love Jacob too, I'm just such a Bella, and love Edward more. Thanks to LTT, you girls totally rock. If you haven't check out LTT's other site, Letters to Rob, I highly recommend it. Always good for a smile, frequently a laugh, and never short of Rob fixes. I'm a major fan of the Rob porn. (Trust me, you'll love it too...and it's not at all what you're thinking.)
Here's one of my favorites...

Fan Fiction Feature: Novel Novice Twilight Winners

Novel Novice Twilight has posted the winners of the March-April Fan Fiction Challenge. I had intended to enter this one myself, even had my scene figured out, but I just couldn't ever get the time to sit down and listen to Edward long enough to flesh it out. After reading these, it's just as
I highly recommend all of the stories that were chosen. I read them starting with the honorable mentions and worked my way back up. Although I loved them all, Acceptance was definitely my favorite. Any of the five stories chosen could easily have been put right into the book. They are all very true to Edward and Bella, and all the other characters as well. Check these out, you will not be disappointed.
Sorry that I haven't done any fan fiction features lately. It's not that I've stopped reading them, it's just that I am constantly chasing my tail these days.