Friday, May 8, 2009

You just have to love Michael Sheen

He has the best Tweets! Thanks to New Moon Movie for the image.

Cardio with the Cullens

A wonderful find by New Moon Movie...

I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel. One of my favorites..."Diet Mountain Lion...It's No Irritable Grizzly"

Why is Twilight so Accessible?

Twilight Lexicon has another article by The Deadbolt featured on their site. This one is about "just what make the Twilight Saga so accessible and relatable to so many people." This is a much lighter read than the last article I posted by Larsen Hill, Is there Life After Twilight?

"Why is the Twilight Saga so accessible for a wide range of fans that spans so many age groups? Here's a look at four reasons we see as to why the Twilight Saga is highly accessible for so many young girls and females of all ages.
  • An Ordinary Character for an Ordinary Girl
  • The Harlequin Factor and Ultimate Romance Novel
  • Novels for the Online, E-mail, Text and Twittering Era
  • A Search for Mr. Perfect - You Want What You Can't Have"
I agree with most of this article, although I certainly wouldn't call Stephenie Meyer's writing as poor by any means. Unless, as she mentions, you're comparing to Shakespeare, by which most modern writing would be considered poor. I relate to Bella so much. Like Bella, I met my Edward at 17 and married him at 18. I've even had a Jacob. As for Mr. Perfect? She's right, he is as unattainable as Edward, but I have certainly found my own version of Edward, as close to perfection as it gets in the real world.
I am far from a teen, but I would have loved these books as a teen. But I think I probably love them even more now as a wife and mother. Living in a house full of males, the escape is wonderful, but it's also something shared with my hubs who loves the series as well. I am under 30 if you're wondering with four children under do I find time to read or blog? LOL)
So, what do you think?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

NNT's Lessons on Little Ashes

Novel Novice Twilight is doing a series, "Lessons on Little Ashes" that is absolutely wonderful. I said earlier that the more I read about these people and their lives, the more I wanted to see this movie. They are doing a wonderful job telling not only about the people, but about the world at that time. I highly recommend checking it out. Here is a trailer for the series.

Thank you to Novel Novice for putting together this great series.

So, Where is the New Moon Teaser?

Mine has not arrived yet as I ordered the collector's set from Amazon. (Darn super saver shipping seemed like a good idea at the time.) But I was very glad to get this information from CBA via Pillow Biters and thought you might like to know this too...

"Summit Entertainment still needs to upload the trailer before anyone can download it. Twilight also comes BD-Live-enabled.. As of right now, Summit has not yet launched any features for download, nor announced any upcoming content on the BD-Live. We all have to wait till they upload it, so whenever Summit decided to release it, that's when we'll get the New Moon trailer. Honestly it could be months, before we get to see it. No one really knows when they will upload it, but they will announce it on their website."

So let's hope they pony up the goods soon!

Little Ashes Movement Day 30

Tomorrow is the day - Little Ashes will release in the US, UK and Spain. If it's playing in a theater near you, please go see it sometime this weekend. It will help out those of us who waiting to get it in our area. To find out if it will be playing in your area, just click here.

From ROBsessed...
What is The Little Ashes Movement?

It's a fan movement. We provided a list of theaters(HERE) including the theaters that are already scheduled to play Little Ashes. If it's not playing at a theater near you you need to call and request Little Ashes from the theater listed. If we do not have a theater listed for you then leave us a comment with the name and number of the theater and we'll update the list the next day.
It's as simple as that. We made it happen at a lot of theaters in US. Theaters left us messages saying "okay don't call anymore we ARE scheduling the movie" :)
YOU can make it happen. If there is a number we've listed in your area call and ask them if they will be showing Little Ashes, if they say no then politely ask them to look into it since it's a great movie with Robert Pattinson and you and tons of other people would really love to see it.

So check out the list and join the movement. And while you're there, say thanks to Gozde for starting this movement and wish her a very happy birthday! (As she lives in Turkey, she gets nothing out of this at all...she still has to wait for the DVD)

Wonderful Interviews with Peter, Michael, Edi and Kellan

These interviews are great, although I'd rather have heard from Edi on a subject other than Rob. Edi is such a funny guy and we don't see nearly enough of him in interviews.

Thanks so much to TwiCrack for these great videos.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another gorgeous Shielou creation

I just love this one! She's trying out a new 'do for Edward. Click over to her blog to see her new Harry Potter piece and vote on Edward's hair. I am always amazed by her talents.

What a lucky, lucky, lucky girl!

Wow, to be her!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Incredible Fan Made Jacob Poster


New Moon Jacob 2 by ~Grodansnagel on deviantART
Thanks to TwiCrack Addict.

EW Mother's Day Gift Guide

I was flipping through my newest Entertainment Weekly when I came across their Mother's Day Gift Guide. As you can see, they make wonderful recommendations! Of course the red emphasis was added by
If you repost, please credit.

200 Days...and an announcement

Just looked over at my widget and realized that today is 200 days from the opening of New Moon! How cool and exciting is that?!
Also in reference to New Moon, I have an announcement to make. From this point on, I will not be posting any set photos, videos, or other possible New Moon spoilers. If it doesn't come in the form of an official release, you won't find it here. I realize that's probably not a popular decision, but I'm afraid that I'm seeing too much. I don't want to spoil the movie for myself, so I can't possibly put things on here that I'm not looking at myself.

I've seen enough to know that Chris Weitz is doing something amazing and I can't wait for the promo shots and trailers.I want there to still be a whole lot of mystery to me when I sit down in that theater, 200 days from now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

"Be a Part of New Moon" Winner Announced

Congratulations to Ky Wildermuth! You can watch the winning video and the other finalists at the official film webiste. The other wonderful news in this email...Blu-ray will be released tomorrow! Can you believe the wait has passed already? I cannot wait to get my Amazon set in. Then I will have a total of 3

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pillow Biters: When Good Twilighters Go BAD

In checking blogs this morning I came across a dark and grainy picture of Rob and Kristen, obviously taken without their knowledge. No, they weren't doing anything scandalous, but that's not really the point. I have to say it bothered me, but when I found a post at Pillow Biters about the same picture, I was sick to my stomach. Not only was it taken without their knowledge, it was taken against Rob's wishes, after he'd already said no to a picture more than once.

Here's what we have to ask ourselves people...which is more important? Chasing and stalking Rob, taking pictures with/of him or him being happy enough to continue acting. Rob strikes me as the kind of guy who would be just fine going back to writing music on the roofs of London. He's in this for the art, not the fame. I think the fame is the downside to him. Please, give him some space and let him be.

So just in case you're confused, here is a picture of Rob when he KNOWS he's being photographed and is as willing as he's ever going to be.
His birthday is just over a week away. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he could be given the gift of space and some peace? What better way to show him how much we love him.