Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kellan & Edi in Australia

I just love these two guys...they are so funny! Lion & Lamb Love has put together pics, video and audio interviews from their trip to Australia for the DVD release. You can check them all out here.

And thanks to New Moon Movie for the following excerpt...

But it’s not like the 24-year-old hasn’t been bombarded by female fans, with some sending “scandalous” pictures and even attempting to chain themselves to his arm.

“They will come up and be like, I’m going to hand-cuff you,” he said. “Now that is not they way you are meant to do it - you’ve gotta just throw them on and lock ‘em in.”

How can you not love Kellan? You can read the rest of the interview here.

More Taylor Lovin - Apologize Video

It was recently pointed out to me by a Team Jacob friend that I'm being neglectful of Taylor and posting tons of Rob. While I did not deny there is some truth there, I explained that there just hasn't been as much Taylor stuff out there, but with New Moon getting closer I'm sure that is going to change. So here is my third Taylor post of the week...

I saw this a while back, but I couldn't find out the story on it back then so I didn't post it. This is Taylor lip syncing for a school project. I love it.

Thanks to New Moon Movie for posting this one with the back story.

Friday, April 24, 2009

ET New Moon Sneak Peeks 4/24

Some of these "secrets" are not so secret if you've read the books, but I did enjoy hearing Chris Weitz talk more about how we'll see Edward while he's gone. Thanks to New Moon Movie for the link.

Taylor Got His People Page

It looks like the Twilight fans came out in full force to back Taylor. You can check our his new page here. Thanks to Twilight Lexicon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ET Press Release 4/22

That last post made me think of yesterday's ET press release. This certainly brings about mixed emotions. You really hate to see him losing parts of his life because of Twilight...

Robert Pattinson says it feels “surprisingly natural” to be back in character as “Edward Cullen.” “I’m not stressed at all on this job, so it’s kind of a nice feeling. Since the film was a success so you get a little more free reign and people are more trusting.”

He goes on to assure fans that they will get plenty of Edward Cullen in the film, even though his character in the book is largely absent from the story. “It’s as close as possible to the book,” he says. “(In the film) it’s an illusion when he appears. I think if you do it with voiceover as they do in the book, it would end up being quite cheesy. But it’s very subtle, my presence. It’s actually quite scary because Bella is kind of going a little bit nuts. I was worried about having too much presence because you really need that relationship with Jacob to drive to the third and fourth books. You really need that triangle.”

On how life has changed for the cast since the success of Twilight, Rob says, “Now it’s funny, you can’t even get through to people on the phone. They won’t even let you ring people up. I can’t even ring down to reception and say let them (visitors) up. I have to literally go down and carry them.”Rob admits that his sudden fame has had an effect on his friendships and personal relationships, “I’m always really worried about ruining their lives. Especially with people that aren’t famous. It’s such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck. I’ve eaten a lot of room service.”Kristen Stewart, “Bella Swan,” tells ET that Rob will have a chance to play a more frightening Edward in this film, “The dream sequences are really eerie. Edward gets a chance to be a little bit more scary and not so perfect.”

When asked if she is an Edward girl or a Jacob girl, Kristen exclaims, “I’m seriously not even allowed to answer that question!”

When asked if Rob had a sister, who would he rather have her date, Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, he laughs and jokes, “Edward’s wealthier!"

Thanks to ROBsessed.

Rob dating Kristen..."Ridiculous!"

In an Entertainment Tonight interview that will air on Friday, Robert Pattinson squashes the rumor that he's dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.
"It becomes a joke," the dreamy-eyed Brit tells Entertainment Tonight. "There was some magazine the other day about me and Kristen and when you look at it and realize it's on the front of a magazine... You realize that people are actually reading that even though how ridiculous it is. It's really bizarre."
Pattinson is also trying to adjust to how his fame is affecting other people in his life. "I'm always really worried about ruining their lives. Especially with people that aren't famous. It's such a massive change. I'm kind of a paranoid wreck."

Another V-Man Outtake

Goz has posted every V-Man pic in her arsenal. I don't think I've ever seen this one before. Why didn't anyone mention to Jackson that his hand is WAY lower than everyone else's? LOL You can view the rest at ROBsessed.

New Moon on ET

The day has finally arrived...

Wow, November seems so far away! Thanks to TwiCrack for the vids.

Update: After watching these a few times, I would like to note the two following complaints...
Rob is not the man behind "Edward's fangs" because Edward does not have fangs!
Also, "If you had a sister..." Well, Rob does have two sisters. I really wish Thea knew her stuff a little better and there is no excuse for Mary Hart referencing fangs.
On the positive side, doesn't the Bella and Jacob stuff look like it's going to be awesome!

Congratulations TwiCrack Addict!

Congratulations to TwiCrack Addict for over 1.500,000 hits since 12/17/08! That is awesome. We obviously know who is the go-to girl for all things TwiCrack!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More V-Man Outtakes

New V-Man Outtakes

I love Jackson, I really do, but I just don't get his hair in this shoot
Love the facial expressions in this one
You can view the rest at Lion & Lamb Love.

David Slade to Direct Eclipse


Los Angeles, CA April 22, 2009 – Summit Entertainment announced today that David Slade has been hired to direct THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE from a screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third film in the studio’s TWILIGHT film franchise based on the Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster book series, will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. The announcement was made by Erik Feig, Summit’s President of Production.

Meyer stated, “I am thrilled that David Slade will be directing ECLIPSE. He’s a visionary filmmaker who has so much to offer this franchise. From the beginning, we’ve been blessed with wonderful directorial talent for the Twilight Saga, and I’m so happy that ECLIPSE will be carrying on with that tradition.”

Feig said, “Stephenie Meyer’s ECLIPSE is a muscular, rich, vivid book and we at Summit looked long and hard for a director who could do it justice. We believe we have found that talent in David Slade, a director who has been able to create complex, visually arresting worlds. We cannot wait to see the ECLIPSE he brings to life and brings to the fans eagerly awaiting its arrival in summer of 2010.”

Filmmaker Slade came to prominence as a director for his work on 2006’s engrossing film HARD CANDY starring Academy Award® Nominated actress Ellen Page as well as directing 2007’s genre hit 30 DAYS OF NIGHT which opened to number one at the box office its first weekend of release.

In ECLIPSE, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

So, what are your thoughts? I am completely unfamiliar with his work, but if Stephenie is excited I trust her judgement. I've been pleasantly surprised with what Chris Weitz has done so far and she backed him. Any other thoughts?

Source: Twilight Lexicon

A new ET Teaser

It all starts tomorrow...


Jackson in Nylon Magazine

The adage that you can tell a lot about someone by their shoes seems true of Jackson Rathbone, who is wearing brown leather cowboy boots flecked with yellow paint. He spent many of his formative years in Texas, and talking to him, it becomes clear that he would describe himself as an artist before he would just call himself an actor.

Strangely enough, the hotel room where we're speaking is equipped with a grand piano. Nearly everyone who's passed it has hammered out a botched chopsticks, and Rathbone, whose car is waiting outside, can't resist the pull either. He sits down, and to much applause, plays an actual song.

You can read the rest of the article here. I have to admit, after all the pics they did when they featured Kristen, I was disappointed not to see more of Jackson.
Thanks to TwiCrack.

Kellan Cosmo Girl Outtakes

You can see them all at Lion & Lamb Love.

Taylor needs our love

Twilight fans voted and Rob got his own page on Now let's do the same for Taylor! Just click below. Voting ends April 27!

Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for the heads up!

Wolf Pack Unleashed

And here we have the first promo picture for New Moon... Look closely at those eyes...although the wolves will be computer generated, Chris Weitz has confirmed that they will have the actor's eyes. That is going to be awesome. These are some brave guys...

Among wolf pack job requirements: the ability to work half-naked no matter what the weather in the Vancouver, B.C., area, where the film has been shooting for several weeks.
“It’s not pleasant for the actors,” says director Chris Weitz. “But they have all been good-natured. They show up on location in drenching, cold rain, and I say, ‘OK, off with the robes.’ “

I hope this means that the promo shots will start flowing soon. You can read more about the wolf pack here and here.

Thanks to TwiCrack and New Moon Movie.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More ET Sneak Peeks

Only 2 more days to wait...

Pants mentioned in above clip (image courtesy of ROBsessed)

All videos from ET.

A Beautiful Bromance...

Again, I generally don't post these, but this is another one from the other day when Kellan and Peter were having so much fun with the paparazzi. Do you think they were skipping? This just makes me more bummed that I won't be able to see them at the convention in gotta love these guys.
Source: TwiCrack

New GQ Outtakes

Again...I am really questioning the credentials of the photo editor at GQ...

I think I've figured it out. The pics for the magazine were chosen by a jealous man. What is it about Rob with that skinny black tie? Wow. I am also wondering how long it took them to get those sleeves up like that as tight as they are...
As always, thanks to the ladies over at ROBsessed.

Breaking Dawn gets green light? Not quite

There have been a lot of conflicting stories out there about whether or not Breaking Dawn is going to be made into a movie or not. I was actually discussing this with a friend the other day. During the European press tour, Catherine Hardwicke said that at that time they were trying to decide whether the book would be done as one or two movies.

Amidst new rumors, Entertainment Weekly went straight to Melissa Rosenberg to get the scoop.
"The most I've heard from Summit is 're-read it and start thinking about it,'" says Rosenberg, who is completing her show-running duties on the fourth season of the Showtime series Dexter. More telling, she hasn't yet received one of the manifestos Meyer famously puts together before Rosenberg begins turning one of her books into a movie. Another source is also skeptical that Summit is far along in developing a fourth film. "As far as I know, Stephenie was still having meetings asking, 'Can we really make this into a movie?'" The fourth book's racy sex and explicit birth scenes make it less pre-teen friendly then the three earlier, more chaste romance novels. Summit, for its part, has no comment on the current status of Breaking Dawn.
So that sounds to me like rumors that Breaking Dawn is a definite are just that, rumors.

Although I highly disagree that this book contains racy sex, (the only sex in the book is implied), the birth scene is definitely "explicit" and would present great challenges for filming without it looking like a horror movie. I'm just not sure how they would handle that. I do highly suspect that the decision will be made before the Eclipse script is finalized. I'm guessing if Breaking Dawn isn't looking likely, we could see the wedding at the end of Eclipse. What do you think?


More ET Sneak Peeks

Some info on what kind of things we've got to look forward to

A short clip from Rob's interview

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cast greets Italian fans

This is so exciting to see! I just can't wait until November.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Men who read New Moon are SOOOO Sexy!

I told you so...
Thanks to Twilight Lexicon. I love it when they play with the paparzzi like that. These guys are so great.