Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tierra's Twilight Party

I know I've been promising these pics for over a week, but isn't the anticipation part of the enjoyment! Let me start of by saying that those of you who do not know Tierra may soon get to know her very well as she is coming on board to help me with the Eyes of Amber forum. This should give you all a small taste of all the wonderfulness that is to come. Tierra does nothing half way, and she is a totally devoted Twilighter. You are just going to love her!

The invitations...laminated so that they would be reflective...
Notice the Twilight font, and the names...hmm, doesn't that handwriting look familiar?
(Don't worry, Tierra was nice and gave all the vital info, just concealing it here to be safe...especially after some of Lauren's recent stories)

Some of the lovely decorations
If you know Tierra, you know that if she has a hand in it, damask is probably involved. And can you believe the pinwheels? How awesome are they? The hand-dipped strawberries were made by Tierra. Amber (not me, there were two of us there) brought some wonderful cookie bars and Stephanie made some very delicious punch. The framed pictures atop the dark blue silk looked just amazing.
And because you never leave a Tierra party empty-handed, there were goody bags!
Inside each bag was a Twilight wrapped chocolate bar and a Twilight lip balm.
Can you believe her creativity?
And here are Kristy, who opened up her home for this wonderful bash, and Miss Tierra.
Thanks so much Tierra! The party was a blast. It's a shame we didn't get pictures of everyone together. Sounds like an excuse for another party to me...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Taylor Pic - Japan

I believe this may be one of my favorite pictures of Taylor, ever... He looks so grown up and mature here. I love it. You can see pictures of Kristen and Rob from Japan as well in the gallery at Lion & Lamb Love. Thanks to TwiCrack for posting this one. Again, I am just SO thrilled that Taylor is back for New Moon. I can't imagine anyone else in his role. He is Jacob, my Jacob.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Information

Edward is here to remind you to vote in the Dazzle Awards. Eyes of Amber has been nominated for Top Female Twilighter. I know the competition is tough, and I have no illusions of winning it, but I would like to not come in dead last! So click here to vote, it will make him happy... Also, I know there are a lot more readers here than commenters, which is fine, but I want to get some feedback before I launch the newest feature of Eyes of Amber. A forum is in the works, but I want to be sure there is interest out there. I love discussion and it's really hard to do a back and forth conversation in the comments. So let me know what you think.

And one more thing, I was so humbled to go over to '86 Rabbit and read "Blog Roll Please: Eyes of Amber". You'll find their site listed in my sidebar. I'm going to get to the sidebar soon, too. The blog redesign is far from complete. Baby steps is how most things get done around here. In the next couple days I'll be posting a review of the 3-disc dvd and pictures from Tierra's awesome Twilight party last week.

April Fool's Shenanigans

Okay, I detest April 1. I always have. Why? Because I am a totally gullible person and I fall for things way too easily. No, I take that back, I'm not gullible, I'm trusting. My husband likes to tell me things and wait until he hears me repeating them to someone else to tell me that he was making it up. I tell him it's because I trust him not to lie to me that I fall for it. Today was no more fun for me than usual. I was afraid to post anything I read

Twilight Lexicon and The Danger Magnet have wrap ups of the day. The pranks ranged from really hilarious to downright distasteful and insane. My favorite was the Pattinson cologne from New Moon Movie, what an absolutely awesome photo shop job.
I also loved Cullen Boys' post about Rob's impending retirement in 2010. Why did I love this particular post about this story? This picture...Doesn't it look like even Rob himself finds this story ridiculous??? Loved it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Great Fan Made Poster

This one was made by saveme620. I found it on '86 Rabbit, among several other really cool posters. Check them all out.
I like this one because I think the quote and the image combined gives such a vivd picture of Bella's emotional state in New Moon. "He's Gone" would definitely make a good tag line for the movie.

The World According to Rob

EntertainmentWise has an article of 15 Favorite Rob quotes. We all know how awesome an interview he is because he just says whatever comes to mind. It makes him very entertaining, although frequently frustrating or Some of their quotes came from the audio commentary on Twilight which was just hilarious and as I read somewhere the other day, made you feel like you were watching the movie with him. Here are some of my top pics from the article...

On scary obsessed fans: "There was a group of girls that left little notes in my car, outside of my apartment. One of the first notes said: I’m not weird, but please call me. The next day the note said: Please don’t ignore me. And the next day it said I’m going to kill myself if you keep ignoring me! (but I’m not weird, ok?)." - OK!

On working out in preparation to play 'perfect' Edward: "I used to go to the gym for about five hours a day, but then I started losing so such weight. My head started to look really huge in comparison to the rest of my body. (Catherine Hardwicke) came up to me and said, 'What are you doing to yourself?' (To gain weight) I literally stopped exercising. Eating a cheeseburger after two-and-a-half months of doing that - it tasted like ambrosia." - Entertainment Weekly

On his appearance: "I never really considered myself attractive. I was always kind of gangly in school. Before I go out to face a crowd, I stare and stare at myself in the mirror until I have to tell myself to stop staring, since there’s nothing I can do."

On why washing his hair is pointless: "I don't really see the point in washing your hair. If you don't care if your hair's clean or not then why would you wash it? It's like, I don't clean my apartment ’cause I don't care. I have my apartment for sleeping in and I have my hair for just, you know, hanging out on my head. I don't care if it's clean or not." - Extra

I'm not sure where it came from, but I love when he talks about that pout thing he does that everyone says is so sexy. He says it's more because he bites his cheeks than any choreographed pose. The remark about cleaning his apartment is such a bachelor line, don't you think? You can read the rest of the article here. What other great quotes do you think they left out? I swear, I will never again be able to watch the bedroom kissing scene in Twilight without hearing Rob in my head asking Kristen, "Is that your butt?"
Thanks to CBA for finding this one.

Because he loves me...

my hubby stopped on his way home from work Friday to pick up one of these for me. Not to mention the fact that he took me three different places looking for it the night before.He is such an enabler, but I love him for it!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rob does full frontal...sort of

Okay, I am probably veering slightly off the Twilight track here, but that's one benefit of running my own blog, I make the rules. After a lot of consideration, Gozde decided to post this on ROBsessed, and as many have pointed out, it's probably best for Rob's fans to see this before it's everywhere and hits us blindsided. It is no secret that I love Rob. I think he is a fantastic actor and a true artist. Little Ashes is an art film that very well might not have seen the light of day were it not for Rob's success in Twilight. Gozde has done a great job of writing up a disclaimer for this one so I won't reiterate it here. And yes, this is a real screen cap from Little Ashes.

As she says, this isn't Rob, and it's certainly not's Salvador Dali. In my opinion it is beautiful, an artist so deeply into his character that he is almost unrecognizable. Click here. (The post and comments are definitely rated R)

New Moon Fan Made Trailer

This is another awesome one. I found it on Robert Pattinson...Who?

Yes, I do realize that Steven Strait is in this one, but so is Taylor in the beginning and their just isn't enough footage of Taylor yet. You still get the same feeling. I love that this one uses wolves, like they're supposed to be.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Is this Caius?

According to an exclusive from BBC News, Jamie Campbell-Bower has been cast as Caius. Summit has yet to confirm this, but this article is based on an interview with the actor, and I'm doubting he'd go public with this if he didn't have the role.

I like the fact that he's not a big name actor, especially in the US. We've all seen what a British actor can do in the Twilight movies. However, he just isn't at all what I pictured for Caius. I get a feeling though that most of the cast of the Volturi will not be what I had pictured in my head. I realize that they wouldn't have necessarily been old when they were turned, but I was thinking at least mid twenties to thirties. I look forward to seeing what he can do with the part. Also, he says he's reporting for filming in June. Could this possibly confirm my earlier suspicion that the Italy interior scenes will be filmed on set in Vancouver?

So there is my take, what's yours? Thanks to TwiCrack Addict for the heads up on this one. You can also see more pictures of the future Caius on her site.

Temporary Header - Now with Bonus Question

The Danger Magnet inspired me to play around some with Picasa today so I created this header. Not exactly what I was going for, but it's something different while another one is in the works. Let me know what you think?

You can download Picasa for free here.

Bonus Question - Can you tell me how many pairs of eyes in the header do NOT belong to Edward? Whose eyes are they? I'm really interested to see how many of you figure this one out.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taylor & Twilight at the KCA

The Twilight Series won "Favorite Book" at the Kid's Choice Awards last night and Taylor Lautner was there to accept the award on behalf of Stephenie Meyer.
I think Taylor looks great and certainly ready to take on the role of Jacob in New Moon. I look forward to seeing his performance. I was totally pulling for him to keep the role and I know he's going to do great! Thanks to Lion & Lamb Love for these pics. There are a ton more in their gallery.

Thanks to TwiCrack for the video.

Rob at Hot Topic in Dallas

You can always count on ROBsessed to have great Rob pics.

I know these shoes have been called terrible things, but for some reason I really like them.

Gozde said it should be illegal to be this charming. I believe that I have to agree.

Twilight Set Pics

I was excited to find these today at ROBsessed because this is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I just love how easy going and in love Edward is here.
Looks like they're having such a blast!

Fan Fiction Feature - Edward and the Bed

There is truly some wonderful fan fiction out there. As I come across ones that I really enjoy, with the author's permission, I'm going to share them here. So for my first installment of Fan Fiction Feature, I present to you a one chapter work by tara sue me.

Edward and the Bed

I heard Emmett’s feet on the stairs three seconds before I heard his thoughts. Currently, he was thinking about his latest bet with Jasper, but all that was about to change.

“Edward,” he called rounding the corner. “You missed –” He stopped as he rushed into my room and his eyes latched on the new addition. “Dude. That’s a bed.”

“Congratulations, Emmett,” I said dryly. “You’ve passed Interior Design 101.”

You can read the rest of the story here. It is a very funny take on what happened in the Cullen house the day Edward bought the bed. It is rated M, but trust me, it's no more racy than anything in the Twilight series, and a really fun read. Thanks to tara sue me for allowing me to share her work here.