Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rob at Walmart meeting

New Moon locales in Vancouver

From Twilight Lexicon...The Vancouver Sun has an article giving plenty of location ideas for the filming of New Moon. Not only do they suggest suitable sites based on appearance, but they even list details such as the ease of access and distance from local areas that are "likely a terrifically rich source of Twilight fans". This is a really interesting read. A lot of thought has gone into this article. My favorite piece of advice is in relation to the Cullen house...

Edward Cullen's home in Twilight is a very modern wood and glass structure in
the woods. The home used in Twilight is in Portland, Ore. It's a day's drive to
get there from Vancouver, so why not go back? It's easier than trying to build a
fake house. The risk in using the same house is that fans will be watching the
neighbourhood for any signs of activity. The home is already on the Twilight fan
pilgrimage circuit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Twilight Soundtrack on The Tonight Show

Tonight when Jay was doing a segment called "If you bought this..."

If you bought the Twilight Soundtrack, you probably bought...the Whitening strips for Fangs.

He also said while showing the cd, "Isn't he cute Kevin. This guy is so cute... I don't know which one of them I want to have sex with"
On Youtube here. I was really nervous about how the joke would go when he pulled out the soundtrack, but this was funny and it could have been SO much worse! Twilight has certainly made its mark on pop culture.

Kellan's Turn, Max - Italy

Rob may be on the cover of GQ, but he's not the only one appearing in swoon-worthy photo shoots. These are from the March 2009 issue of Max - Italy.

I would say that Kellan's appeal definitely transcends the language barrier.
Thanks to Lion & Lamb Love for these scans.

Filming Early?

According to a story from Just Jared Jr...

Thursday night, the whole New Moon cast - including Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre and Robert Pattinson - headed to Gotham Steakhouse for dinner.
As as the cast was leaving, Jackson, 24, revealed to paparazzi that filming for New Moon will be starting earlier than anticipated. He shared, “[Rehearsals] They’regoing great, they’re going great. We’re actually going to start filming on Monday, so be sure to check it out.”
So the original schedule was to start filming March 23. If that has been moved up, that's great, it gives them a little extra time. However, consider the source here and take this with a grain of salt. Either way, they'll be filming very soon, each take getting us one step closer to November 20!

Source TwiCrack Addict

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More New Moon Set Photos

I just love this picture of Jackson...check out those dimples! Doesn't he just look like he's having a blast!
Ashley must be freezing
Kellan in a second outfit
Rob in another outfit
Taylor has seriously buffed up
Taylor and Nikki before the wigs...
Kristen with Taylor and Nikki after the wigs
Looks like Taylor's wig is better this time around
Jackson and Nikki...definitely could pass for twinsAnd one more Rob/Movie Edward
While I am incredibly excited to see these pics, I'm seriously thinking that whoever wins the trip to the New Moon set should be warned of the risks from being exposed to SO much second-hand smoke! I love that Rob is wearing the Nikes. Don't write me hate mail, I like them. I think Nikki's wig looks great and I'm glad that she didn't have to go through the hours of bleaching it this time around. Just over a week until Twilight hits DVD, and New Moon beginning production...what more could you ask for? Ah, and of course, Rob in GQ.

Movie Edward has returned!

And all is right with the world... You can see more pics here. I'll be posting some more as well, but I had to go ahead and get this one up.

Rob in GQ...

These are some gorgeous photos...obviously shot quite a while ago, before he cut his hair. The interview is from December so I'm guessing these are from about the same time. The photos are by Nathaniel Goldberg.If you're still breathing, you can read the article...He's Hot, He's Sexy, He's Undead. This is definitely not a PG interview, unless I'm mistaken, it would be an R because of the frequency of the use of the "f" word and some discussion of, shall we say, pivotal scenes from Little Ashes. Having said that, I think this is one of my favorite interviews with Rob. Some of my favorite quotes...

He explains that the place he’s staying at in L.A. has a microwave, and
that he’s never had a microwave before, and that he spends a lot of time looking
for new things you can microwave. Those frozen cheeseburgers, from the store. A
carrot. Did we mention that he’s had about nineteen cups of coffee?

“There was a call from the head of the studio,” Hardwicke says. “ ‘Are you
sure you can make this guy handsome?’ ”

“The only way to establish any kind of mystique,” he says, “is to
completely shut up and never talk to anyone. And I’m contractually obligated not
to shut up.”

"I spent three days apologizing to the dog.”

He turns on the heat—“That’s supposed to do something, right?”—and then
merges into traffic, still blind, cursing his way into the left lane. “I think
I’m better off on Melrose, because there aren’t any pedestrian crossings,” he
says. “You’re going to regret accepting this lift.”

I will definitely be picking this one up when it hits the stands. Thanks to Cullen Boys Anonymous.

Robert Pattinson on the cover of GQ Magazine

Thanks to Joy for the tip on this one!

Who's In Vancouver? 2

Just an update, Elisabeth Reaser has now been spotted in Vancouver as well. Looks like the only Cullen we're waiting for now is Peter Facinelli. Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Ashley Greene is there, right by Jackson's side as she is so frequently seen.

Source TwiCrack Addict

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kellan, Rachelle and Edi playing with dolls

Twicrack Addict posted this video from E Online. They are playing with the Tonner dolls and talking about how things will be different filming New Moon than they were during Twilight.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who's In Vancouver?

I realized that I have neglected to mention who is in Vancouver. As of right now, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz, Rachelle Lefevre, Taylor Lautner, Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed have all been sighted. Ashley Greene isn't headed to Vancouver, she's off to Italy after the weekend. Filming is still due to start on March 23.

So here is my question... why the heck isn't Rob in seclusion yet??? He's worrying me. At least he was studying his script.

Sources TwiCrack Addict, Twilight

Happy Birthday Edi!

For those of you who don't know, Edi Gathegi is hilarious! Here is just one example from MTV.

Go to Lion & Lamb Love to find out what Edi will be doing on March 20...probably the very same thing you'll be doing!

Twilight The Puppet Saga

With the DVD release coming out I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite parodies...

Peter's April Fool's Joke on Stephenie

I remember seeing Stephenie talk about this in an interview

If Kellan was cast as Edward...

How can you not just adore Kellan? LOL He and Peter are so funny in this one

New Moon Trailer (fanmade)

I have had this one in my favorites but never posted it. They are now celebrating over 4 million views!

New Kellan MTV Interview

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Twilightations - Twilight Lips Giveaway

Twilightations has made yet another wonderful find. Their giveaway this time around is from Twilight Lips. You have got to check this site out. They have an Edward linen spray that I really want to try as I love linen sprays, and of course I love Edward. I may have to order Bella's travel bag as well. It would be especially wonderful to take the Twilight convention! Check out this great giveaway and enter to win!