Friday, February 27, 2009

Edward asked me to remind you

Edward is just hanging out watching over the boxes of Sweethearts and asked me to remind you all to enter. You can read all the details at the original post here. Remember, the deadline is Wednesday, March 4 at noon EST. I've loved some of the answers for your own conversation heart. I think one of my favorites was "La Tua Cantante"

To inspire you, here are the sayings from the pack that Edward was choosing through...

Forks, I Trust You, Dazzle, Always, With You, I ♥ EC, Lamb, Bite Me, I Want You, U R My Life, I Love You, My Love, Soul Mate, True Love, Live 4 Ever, Bad Guy

So enter and see if you could be the lucky winner! More inspiration...

Twilight Tokyo Premiere

This picture just made me smile I love Rob's suit and Taylor looks great. I have no words for that contraption that Kristen is wearing.
Thanks to ROBsessed. They have a ton more pictures and videos on their site. I find it interesting that in the fan meeting Rob and Taylor are dressed just as they are in these pics while Kristen is in a t and jeans. Rob and Taylor remain standing until everyone is seated while Kristen sits during the applause.

Check out Twilight Singapore for more awesome coverage.

Rob's Oscar Date - The Real Story

After watching Rob demonstrate his kissing technique, I have used my powers of deduction to figure out the real story behind why he didn't have a date for the Oscars. When he said he couldn't get one, he was just covering for himself. His date showed up, and he tried to kiss her before they left, leaving her unconscious. Who was she, you ask? I don't know, but I'd suggest we watch for someone with a large bruise on her forehead or possibly a broken nose.

I cannot watch this without laughing hysterically. I swear it just gets funnier!
Thanks to ROBsessed.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Be a Part of NEW MOON

From Twilight Lexicon...

From Summit:
We have an exciting announcement to share with you. We will be launching a contest on our official film website, giving one lucky fan the opportunity to visit the set and a chance to appear in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.
The “Be a Part of NEW MOON” contest will go live very soon. Entry details are forthcoming. The contest will be for US/Canada residents.

I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say I just can't wait to hear the details for this one!

American Idol Twilight References - Spontaneous?

If you just want to hear the references, skip to about 4:30

This just feels incredibly contrived to me. I mean, do you think he'd really just say "Robert Pattinson from Twilight" instead of just Robert Pattinson? Then Ryan referencing Edward Cullen. Just feels a little awkward and planned to me. Seem that way to anyone else?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Peter's favorite book?

I think it's safe to say that we're all looking forward to seeing more of Dr. Carlisle in the upcoming movies...Popstar has an interview with Peter Facinelli where he talks about the New Moon script and more. In case you are wondering what Peter’s favorite book in the series is, here’s the answer:

PopStar: Which is your favorite Twilight book?
Peter Facinelli: I am one of the biggest fans of the book. I like Eclipse because it has a lot of action in it. Twilight is a close second because it gave such a great setup to this world but Eclipse has a lot of back story on the family and I am excited to shoot the third one. The fourth one is really interesting too!

Thanks to Pillow Biters.

Another Rob Oscar gif

Jackson Rathbone's imitation of Rob

The other day I posted Kellan doing his imitation of Rob running. Here is Jackson giving his take on it...

Thanks again to Cullen Boys Anonymous.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Sweetheart Giveaway - Updated

My special guest revealed, Edward stopped by to help me out with the giveaway. Of course first he wanted to inspect what we were giving away, since his face is on the box. Then he wanted to inspect them all to see what they said.
And finally he chose a favorite to show you all and inspire you to enter the giveaway!
So here are the details. There will be three winners. The Grand Prize is a set of all three boxes. Three other winners will receive one box. Not that I'm a Bella hater, because I swear I'm not, but I have two Edward boxes and one full cast box for those three lucky winners.

In order to enter, you must first leave a comment on this post answering the following questions. This will give you two entries.
1. Which box design is your favorite?
2. If you could design a conversation heart, what would it say and who would you give it to?

Now, if you'd like to up your odds even more, you can earn additional optional entries. (Why wouldn't you want more chances to win?)
Become a follower and let me know in the comments (or say you already are)
Blog about this giveaway and let me know in the comments
Link my site to your blog and let me know in the comments (if I'm already linked, just let me know)
So there you have opportunity for Five entries! Please be sure that I have a way to contact you. All entries must be in by noon EST on Wednesday, March 4. The winners will be announced that evening.

Thanks to Edward for stopping by to help out, what a sweetheart!
Update: There has been a slight change in the contest, rather than listing on the old imdb post the answers for the two questions, you can now post them here. If you have already replied on the other post, you do not need to post here again. You still have your two entries.

Giveaway details to come...

A special guest will be helping me this evening to reveal the details of the Twilight Sweethearts giveaway and give a complete list of the prizes. Ah, the suspense!

Twilight Board Game

Twilight Lexicon has the info on yet another new item of Twilight merchandise. Interesting. Click here for more info.

Kellan Impersonating Rob - Priceless!

Thanks to Cullen Boys Anonymous. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this! LOL

An Unfortunate Discovery

If you get this haircut and dry it straight, but don't flip it out, and your hair tends to curl under... you end up with this hairdo...
Alarming, I know.

Robert pattinson's MTV red carpet Interview

Here is the whole MTV interview. He mentions Breaking Dawn, what scene he's most looking forward to in New Moon and how he feels about getting back to work.

More Pics from Rob at the Oscars

Thanks to ROBsessed for compiling so many wonderful pics and videos.

Academy Official HandOut Photo

Doesn't Rob look mischevious in this one?

Romance 2008

This one has the montage that followed as well

More Rob gifs


Sunday, February 22, 2009

MTV Red Carpet Interview

OSCARS 2009 Robert Pattinson RedCarpet

I love the posturing here, the pout is never far away

Screen Caps from Rob's Presentation

The and the smile...
You can tell, especially when looking at the caps that he was nervous. She looked at him a few times, but his eyes never left the teleprompter. Again, adorable. You can see more of the caps here.

More Rob Oscar Pics

Thanks to RPatz Daily

Robert Pattinson Oscars Presentation Love in 08

As promised...

Very Swoonworthy

True to form, Rob was absolutely adorable tonight. I was disappointed not to see the prom scene in any of the romance montages, but it was great to see some Twilight clips in there. I did hate that there weren't any speaking clips from Twilight. Oh well, it's so nice to have some new Rob footage again. I'll post video as soon as it's available.

Robert Pattinson Red Carpet Interview with E @ the Oscars 09

Rob at the Oscars

Thank you ROBsessed! These are HQ images, clickety away!