Sunday, December 13, 2009

You never know what you'll find on twitter!

Muse sent out this picture on their twitter account. That's lead singer Matthew Bellamy with our very own Mrs. Meyer!
Thanks to Team-Twilight.

Muse will be the musical guest this Saturday on SNL with host James Franco. I'm guessing one of their songs will be I Belong To You (New Moon)...what do you think?

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cutie said...

I think the guy from Muse looks like my sister's boyfriend. Holy hell. I saw it in my dashboard and thought, WHY IS HE WITH MEYER? Bwahahhahaha

hm... being that it's up for an award, I would assume they would be playing it. Me thinks SNL is jumpin' on the Twi-train! Randomly, I saw a new fragrance at Bath and Body Works the other day called "twilight something." *winks*