Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twi-Theories Tuesday: Team Charlie

This post will contain major spoilers for the entire book series. Go Read.

This might not really be a theory, exactly. I just figured it was time to talk about Charlie. A few weeks ago, Amber ran an interview with my unicorn hubby on her t5m blog. One of the questions was "Which character do you identify with the most?" His answer surprised even me.

"Charlie, I always feel like I’m on the verge of seeing the big
picture, but when I finally see the werewolves, I’m not glad
I know."

Poor Charlie. The man has been through a crazy few years. In the mess that is the lives of Bella, Edward and Jacob for those couple of years, it's easy to miss what Charlie has gone through. I'd feel compassion for a man that just had his teenage daughter move in with him after 17 years anyway, much less with all the extra stuff going on!

So, let's sum up Charlie's recent history. His 17 year old daughter moves in with him, out of the blue. She gets a new boyfriend, that on paper he likes, but no sooner does she introduce him as her boyfriend, than she comes home crying and saying she broke up with him and wants to leave. Three days later he gets a phone call that says she's been hurt, and somehow the same boyfriend is there, 3000 miles away with her. A few months go by, things seem okay, then the same guy, leaves town with his family, quite suddenly, apparently having informed his daughter of this and the necessary break up in the WOODS, and left her there.

Six months later, she disappears for three days, nothing but a note, and returns, with the boyfriend! And everything appears to be all hunky-dory with them. Two months later, they announce their engagement. They get married, and leave on their honeymoon, where, apparently, his daughter contracts some bizarre South American disease. He's not allowed to see her, until one day, the son of his best friend shows up, strips naked, and turns into a gigantic wolf. Oh, and by the way, he's a grandfather. After a month.


Poor Charlie.

As an officer of the law, it's his job to be observant. Granted, he's a small town cop, not much to do besides ticket speeders and break up rowdy teenage parties, but the investigator is there. Sometimes, we just don't want to know.

I wonder if he always suspected there was something different about the Cullens' and it was confirmed when he actually saw the changes in Bella, or if it just never occurred to him until moment. He knew something weird was up the day of the newborn fight, in Eclipse, he commented on Billy's odd behavior, and was very close to connecting the sounds of the wolf howls to Jacob's yelling.

He also sensed something was coming with Bella and Edward. He did plead with her to tell him before running off with him. At some level he did know significant change was happening, but was it empty nest? Or another suspicion?

He also knew there was something up between the Quileutes and the Cullens, even if he didn't know what, exactly. So my questions to you, because I have no answers this week:

Did Charlie have some idea prior to Jacob's demonstration, and the subsequent conversation?

Do you think he was happier knowing? How would you feel, in his position?

A Tangent:

I love book Charlie, but I have to admit, I love him even more since the movies have come out. Billy Burke has completely consumed the character for me, and made him even more real to me. Unfortunately, we completely missed his birthday last week. Bad Bloggers!


Happy Birthday Billy! Thank you for your wonderful portrayal of Charlie, the fun tweets, and rocking the copstache!

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Bouncy72 said...

*Grin* I knew it was his birthday because it's the day before Peter's & a few days before mine :)

I liked Charlie in the books, but like you, he completely blows me away in the film. I was bummed when they skipped the scene of Edward & Bella arriving home, as I was wanting to see Charlies reaction :(

I don't know if Charlie had some idea before Jacob, I think he blocked it off in his mind & would try and not "see" anything out of the ordinary.

I think if it meant it was the only way I could see my daughter I would rather know, but damn the guy had a terrible time of it & through it all he is completely powerless.