Sunday, December 6, 2009

The truth straight from Chaske Spencer

Apparently there have been a lot of rumors swirling around Chaske and his time in rehab. While we haven't reported any of them here, I think if something is big enough for him to make a personal statement, then we should help him to get the word out. Here's an excerpt.
To all the wonderful, incredibly loyal fans:

For those of you that read that I was in rehab, I wanted to make sure you heard the truth from me directly. Yes it is true, that I was in rehab, however it was over 19 months ago, long before NEW MOON was even on my radar. It was a pivotal time in my life where I was lucky enough to have supportive friends and family to help me get healthy.

You can read the rest at his site.

The Eyes of Amber girls are big fans and absolutely loved his portrayal of Sam. "Jake's right, you're good with weird." I shall not reveal who it was, but one of the girls I was with at the midnight New Moon may have left saying that if she couldn't have Edward, she was Team Sam! Let's help Chaske get the word out and set the record straight. We congratulate him on his sobriety and the fact that he's willing to be so candid just shows what a class act this man is.

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Bouncy72 said...

Wow good on him for being open about it. Must be so hard having the public know so many personal things about you :(