Friday, January 1, 2010

Top Twi Moments of 2009

It's so hard to believe that 2009 is coming to an end! Where does the time go? Weren't we all just saying, "Is it November yet?" This year had a lot of wonderful, memorable moments in the world of Twilight. Here are some of the ones that stood out the most to us. **Kerry: Adding my thoughts in italics!**

The Twilight DVD release. We started counting the days as soon as the date was announced. On March 20, we were finally able to bring Twilight home to watch over and over occasionally. There are even those of us who own three versions, although that's just hearsay. Oh, and if you haven't watched it with the audio commentary on, you are totally missing out on a treat.

Kerry Sees & Reads Twilight For The First Time. Yeah, I was a latecomer to the whole Twilight deal. My hubby read the series and wanted to see the movie before it left the theater, so January 25, 2009, we showed up to a still half-full theater and saw the movie that would instantly change how I spent my free time. (And some of the not-so-free time)!

New Moon Casting News. It trickled in slowly and sometimes took days to verify, but it was like water in the middle of the desert. Each announcement was like opening a long-awaited gift, particularly when Summit gave us the completed list.

Rob Breaks The Internet
. Otherwise known as the Least Productive Day Ever. New Moon filming in Montepulciano, Italy brings us shirtless Rob in the Italian sunlight. /swoon

First New Moon trailer. The MTV Movie Awards were a fantastic coup for Twilight. While the acceptance speeches and the infamous almost kiss were wonderful, the true highlight of the night was the first trailer.

The MTV Movie Awards Show. For me, this was really exciting. This was the first time I watched anything 'live' with the cast or Twilight-related. Made me feel like a real fan, not just playing catch up with old youtube videos. Unfortunately, it meant I had to watch the MTV Movie Awards.

Various Wonderful Magazines. Including, but certainly not limited to US Weekly Sexy Stars of Twilight and the New Moon edition.

Speaking of Magazines, What About....? GQ = Kerry falls in love with a 23 year old guy with dirty hair. Vanity Fair publishes some of the best pics of the cast, and then kills us dead with an amazing shoot with Rob. And then outtake after outtake after outtake after outtake. Oh, and of course let's not forget Taylor's Rolling Stone, or Kristen's Allure. Or any of the other 4.324.857 others.

Seeing Sam Bradley and The Men. Okay, so this is definitely a personal highlight, and not really Twilight related, directly. But, were it not for Twilight and Sam's co-writer status on the soundtrack's Never Think, I might never have found this fabulous artist. Meeting him, interviewing him and seeing him perform was definitely a highlight of my year. This is an experience that Kerry and I both got to have this year, but unfortunately, months and miles apart. Sam is so adorable! I had a great time seeing him in concert in Seattle, and was pleasantly surprised to find him attending a Marcus Foster concert in Nashville a few weeks later! Hi Sam!

Comic Con. It was the first chance to see the cast together since they wrapped filming. It was incredibly exciting and of course the panel was wonderful. Afterward, even more of the cast showed up afterward to introduce special screenings of Twilight.There was tons of fantastic coverage from this event.

New Moon Hot Topic Tour. It was loud, squeemageddon in the extreme, but a lot of fun. Twilight fans can make friends in an instant. It was also the first fan event I had been to, and again, just to be able to experience it was so great. Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley are hilarious and did great on stage. Daniel has this sweet charm, and Charlie rocks the British accent, we were all swooning in no time. A shout out to Susan for letting me use her pictures!

Chris Weitz. This isn't a moment, more of a combination of moments, but definitely a highlight. When he was announced as the director of New Moon, there was a lot of skepticism. I admit, I was among those nervous fans. But he has absolutely knocked it out of the park with this movie and won many of our hearts in the process. He totally gets it! And we love him for it. Click here to check out all we've written about him.

New Moon Premiere. 10,000 fans lining the streets, some having been there for 5 days, all trying to catch a glimse of our beloved cast members. Amazing dresses and suits adorned our actors as they worked the red carpet, with several of the media commenting that it almost seemed more like an awards show than a premiere with the type of fashion they were seeing.

Taylor hosts SNL. There were skeptics galore, but Taylor pulled it off with flying colors. He got the chance to demonstrate his comedic side and those awesome martial arts moves and physical tricks he's famous for. Awesome, awesome job Taylor.

New Moon Release. It's not that Amber forgot this one, I stole it
from her
offered to write it. Probably the BIGGEST Twilight moment in 2009.
Ticket sales climbing up the charts and breaking records, proving that the audience isn't as narrow a field as they might have once thought.

The growth of the blog
. Of course, this is a bigger deal to Kerry and I, but it's something we're really proud of and thankful for. We were able to expand to a blogging page on t5m, added the lovely Kerry, reached over 1300 twitter followers, purchased the domain name and most recently even became available for subscription on Kindle! It has not been without help from so many fellow bloggers and of course, our wonderful readers! You guys make all the Twi Moments so much sweeter! This is a definite highlight for me! Now I get to write about my addiction
hobby! I also got a great friend in Amber and laugh and think over all your comments.


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Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

You hit the nail on the head girls! These were the best moments of the year by far and i think as a community all these events have brought us closer together as fans and friends!