Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sam and The Men Stories

If you're a fairly new reader to the blog, you may not know of my complete fangirl status when it comes to the music of Sam Bradley. My birthday present from my hubby this year was a trip to see Sam and The Men. I could not have asked for a better present! The show was awesome, I was privileged to get an interview and talk to the guys in addition to the awesome show that they put on.
Kerry would tell you that I never miss a chance to promote the guys on the blog, so I thought the fact she's going to see them warranted a post! Not to mention there is some great new stuff out there.
The wonderful Amber and Lili from Shack of Soul got to sit down with Sam, Dave and Jeff back on November 21 and their exclusive interview is beyond entertaining!Here's an excerpt.

Sam: It was only supposed to be for one show.

Dave: Yeah.

Jeff: I didn’t know that.

Sam: I didn’t know that either but you said that…

Dave: Then after that show we were like, ‘We should keep doing this.”

Sam: It makes a better story that way.

Read the rest here.

Also, the lovely Loren and Shaun who were the subject of my t5m article about men who read Twilight have been getting in as much Sam as possible. Here is an excerpt from their recent post
Shaun went to go get us drinks and check out Elizabeth & The Catapult and Justin Nozuka’s merchandise that was displayed, and ended up running into Sam. Sam not only recognized and approached Shaun, but remembered that he’d met him in Birmingham (like 6 months before). They talked for a few minutes about multiple things and then Sam went back to the back to get ready for the show. Shaun came back up with us to watch the show, and was already impressed with Sam at that point.
You can read all the rest here.

If you aren't already following Sam on twitter, you are missing out. Follow him here. And what's that, you didn't know that The Men tweet too? Well you must follow them here.
Have you downloaded Sam's EP, because I know if you've hung around here you've heard about it! You can get it directly from his website here. I adore this EP!

Individual pictures of Sam courtesy of Jen Cokeley. You can check out more of her great Sam and The Men pics with the SoS interview.

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