Monday, December 14, 2009

One year blog anniversary giveaway!

We're celebrating the first anniversary of the blog by giving one lucky reader a prize package full of New Moon goodies!
The package includes:
  • New Moon cup, exclusively available at AMC
  • New Moon cup, exclusively available at Burger King
  • US Weekly Sexy Stars of Twilight - New Moon
  • A complete set of New Moon Sweethearts
  • Handmade Twilight Saga bracelet from a local EoA girl, Jamie
Since we're celebrating one year, we want to know what your favorite post has been. To enter, choose your favorite post and tell us about it in the comments.

To help us celebrate, be sure to join the new Eyes of Amber facebook group. We're hoping to get some good discussions going on over there!

Also, a little teaser for the Sam Bradley fans...we have some cool Sam giveaways* coming up!

Get your entries in by midnight on Monday, December 21 to enter. Good luck!

**Note from Kerry: Not actually giving away Sam, sorry....


RaShell said...

Soo... the entry would be... what? a comment like this one? :) Happy Year-a-versary, btw! Love your blog!

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary I cant get enough of twilight and new moon I cant count the times i have watched twilight and Ive seen new moon 15 times already plus befor i go to see new moon i watch twilight frist im addicted

cutie said...

hehehe I'm not sure it was my "favorite" of all the posts on EoA, but it's the one that sticks out the most in my mind:

For it was on said post that I first proclaimed I would not be watching the NM trailer. And the rest, as they say, was history.

WOOT!! Congrats on the year anniversary!!! =)

throuthehaze said...

My fave is:

I love the pics (so funny) and the clip while it still worked. Congrats on your blog anniversary!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

congrats on one year! I loved the Taylor on SNL post b/c he really was hilarious and did a great job. I'm so glad they let him keep his shirt on too!!

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

T. L. C. said...

Pick one? You must be JOKING! Well....right off the top of my head is the post that was done recently of just updated pictures of Rob from vanity fair. I. Was. Dead. when I saw that post....

Plus, I really like those post where Kerry takes the pictures and adds extr. funny one liners to them!

My brian does not go back that far...but anywho
HAPPY 1 YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Love ya Amber and Kerry you should really come out here and meet us {tsk tsk} We would love to see you!

RaShell said...

My favorites are the Twi-Theory posts. They make me notice stuff I might have missed before and I like it :) Thanks!

cminton said...

I think my favorite recent post would have to be the full size Runaway stills, or the Welcome to the Rileys still. I am so excited for those movies. Congrats on one year! Oh and R/K Lovers sent me!

sarah said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday!! :)

yuni said...


First of all, happy-one-year-anniversary!!!!
And second, thank you so much for giving all of us, a chance to win these things. I live in Denmark, so I can't get those things except, if I buy it online.

Anyway, my favorite post is:

Because even though, I am Team Edward, I thought Taylor was hilarious. I had no idea, he could be so funny!!! :-D

Again, congrats and thank you ;-D


spellbound said...

My favorite post since I found your blog has to the the Eclipse Book Discussion: Preface. I didn't comment at all but really loved reading everyone's insights into everything. I had to grab my book & read it again! Really looking forward to the future Eclipse discussions & maybe next time I'll jump in. Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary!!

spellbound said...

Oops, was I supposed to link to that post? If so, here it is:

mjarrell785 said...

i absolutely loved the cardio with the cullens video!! thanks for posting that!!! lol congrats on your one year anniversary! :)

Princess Aurora said...

I Tried to get that cup a few weeks before New Moon came out but the NASTY lady at AMC said I needed to buy a particular combo... this AFTER I bought a combo.....but not the right one.... Witch!!!!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY love the Twi-Theory posts. I enjoy looking deeper into the Twilight world when I look deeper into the theories. Thumbs up!!!
Keep up the good work.

Tere said...

My fav post was the convo on Eclipse Book Discussion: Preface

Eclipse is my Fav out of them all so Of course anything to do with it.... is a huge plus in my book.
OH and Happy ANn!

TeamRob said...

My favorite posts are the Twi-Theory, if I had to pick one it'd be this:

Desiree said...

Happy ANNY!! Gosh...a fav...there is alot of them but I would have to say if I would have to decide then its a tie b/w your 10 likes and dislikes of NM and your discussion of Eclipse.

Here's to many more years of your antics!!! & POV. Lord, knows I look forward to it. Congrats!

CherylSab said...

Happy Anniversary!
I'd have to say my favorite post were the first ones when the site started! My obssesion started right around the time the site started so it was one of my first finds! Love it and thanks for keeping us informed AND hooked on it all!

Hannah said...

I think my favorite posts were all the SNL clips. They were soo funny..

Happy Anniversary

Callie said...

Ah, well I'm a huge fan of Twi-Theories Tuesdays! They're the highlight of the day and get me through each Tuesday after school :D I'd say that out of those, my favorite post was about "Jasper's Bloodlust"-

I enjoyed it because I'd thought a lot about Jasper's reaction before, and actually had thought of several points that were made in your post, but also learned a few new ways of thinking about it...Though most of my friends LOVE Jasper, they're a bit bitter towards him about the papercut (poor guy!), and this gives me even more ways to debate the subject with them when we discuss. Epic win.

And a BIG congrats on your anniversary! You do an amazing job!

Ezzie said...

Hmm, I'm not sure I can pick a favorite post, but recently, one that sticks out is the Sam and The Men Stories post from a few weeks ago. I hadn't really given Sam Bradley a chance before this, but after I read that interview, I found some of his songs and couldn't stop listening to them. So thanks for introducing me to Sam Bradley and Happy Anniversary!