Friday, December 4, 2009

Kerry saw Sam & The Men in Seattle!!

These are the pics that she's sent me on her phone! Sorry I missed you guys!

****Kerry here. This was an amazing show! This was my first time getting to see Sam and the Men perform live, and I'm so glad I went! They did most of my favorite songs, including Too Far Gone, Whiskey, Passport and Sea Blue, as well as a number of others I wasn't as familiar with, but every bit as good. 45 minutes of Sam just wasn't enough though! More Sam Please!

Afterwards, I did get a quick moment to talk to Sam and the guys and get a few posters signed. Yay! My big accomplishment for the night? Forming complete coherent sentences! Go me! Sam is very sweet, as are the rest of The Men. I managed to get a picture of the four of them. Unfortunately, all I had was my phone for a camera, so that's why the quality sucks. But it's them. Honest!

The first opening act, Elizabeth and the Catapult, were also very very good. Elizabeth has a beautiful voice!.

The headliner was Justin Nozuka, who I was also unfamiliar with. I wasn't able to stay for the full set, as my evening out was about to turn into a pumpkin, but also enjoyed, he definitely had quite the following in the crowd, also. I have to say though, no one beats Sam, I think, even if I had been unfamilar with all three acts, he still would have been the highlight of the evening.

Thank you, Sam, for the music and the laughs, I had a blast!


PokerStarlight said...

Thanks for telling us about your evening! You're right - no one beats Sam :)

Colleen said...

I think I was standing next to you when you took this photo! And you are right, Sam was the highlight:) As he was in Portland the night before. I've been a fan for some time, but seeing him live...WOW! So good it's surreal.