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10 Things I Hated/Loved about New Moon: Jacob Edition!

Hello EoA readers! If you've been tuning in to the blog over the last couple of days, you may have noticed a new guest has appeared -- me, Sabrina! I'm Amber's long-time (I'm not allowed to say how long) friend and fellow Twilight fan. Amber has graciously given me permission to visit from time to time so that Team Jacob is well represented. And so, I give you my thoughts on New Moon with a Team Jacob Spin!

10 Things I hated About New Moon

10. The New Vampire Eyes
You know, just a few short months ago, it seemed like the Cullens all had slightly unusual, Amber-colored eyes. Were they all exposed to radiation since then? The problem is not really the eyes themselves. The problem is the glaringly obvious change.

9. The Volturi scene change
Okay, so Edward leaves Bella to heartbreak and misery for several months, and it takes all of 30 seconds for them to kiss and make up? Sorry, I'm not buying it. Besides, I like the
idea that Edward has to suffer a bit for his mistake.

8. Jasper's Hair
What is that
on Jasper's Head? A Mop? A Dead Yorkie? Oh. It's a wig. Next time consult Alice before trying a new 'do.

7. The Music
If we had any doubt, the music of New Moon reminds us from the very beginning that this is not a happy tale. Gloomy tunes dominate the first...I don't know...hour
of the movie? Okay, okay! They're doomed! We get it already!

6. The Volvo
Edward is supposed to have a silver Volvo. I'm sorry, but that's a black Volvo. Maybe dark gray, at best. Silver? No way.

5. The Wolf Pack

The wolf pack was just not exactly what I was expecting. Maybe it's just that they pale in comparison? Is it just me, or were the movie posters a little... over-exaggerated?

4. Cameron Bright as Alec
The Volturi all played their parts to perfection -- with the exception of Cameron Bright. His delivery of his single line was without inflection and odd, particularly next to Dakota Fanning's genius as Jane. Bright is only 16 now. Maybe some years and practice will improve his portrayal in Breaking Dawn.

3. Taylor Lautner is still 17
It's cruel and unusual punishment to parade shirtless, 17-year old, Taylor Lautner in front of audiences that mostly consist of women who are legal adults. We want to drool and ogle, but we just can't -- not yet. Maybe for Eclipse?

2. The Scene in Bella's Kitchen Even though I *knew* it was going to happen, it was still frustrating. For the love of all things holy, kiss now; answer the phone later!!

1. The Scene at Emily's House
Explain to me why everyone is shirtless in this scene except for Jacob. That's discrimination! They should've made Taylor take off his shirt too. You know... just to be fair.

10 Things I Loved About New Moon

10. The New Vampire Eyes
Apart from the change between the two movies, I loved the new vampire eyes. They are seriously creepy, and also kind of lovely. Maybe they can fix them digitally in Twilight.

9. The Acting
In Twilight, I had trouble connecting with several of the characters, mostly due to bad acting. Most everyone was more settl
ed into their roles this time around, and it allowed the audience to sink into the world as Stephenie Meyer created it.

8. The Direction
New Moon was better than I had ever expected. It was lovely and vibrant. The scenery was fantastic, the effects were superb, and it's all thanks to Chris Weitz. Here's hoping Summit brings him back for Breaking Dawn.

7. The Cliff Diving/Hunting Scene
Charlie's hunting wolves, the wolves are hunting Victoria, Victoria is hunting Bella, and Bella is going cliff diving. Underscored by Thom Yorke's Hearing Damage, this scene is incredibly intense and action-packed
, and also aesthetically gorgeous.

6. Michael Sheen as Aro
Although he only had one real scene in the
movie, Michael Sheen easily gave the best performance in the film. He added complex dimensions to the character of Aro, and he was truly creepy through a guise of civility. He was simply brilliant.

5. Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner
There were plenty of people wondering if Taylo
r could pull off a role this size -- figuratively and literally. There's no disputing that he stepped up and gave the performance of a lifetime. He played the part well, but his drastically changed physique is proof that he was was willing to do whatever it took to be Jacob Black. The results? Wow.

4. Edward's Wardrobe
Did anybody else notice that Edward never changed his clothes after he left Bella? By the time we catch up with him in Brazil, his designer outfit is little more than tattered rags. You see, Bella's not the only one who suffered, and I like that it's obvious.

3. Jacob's Idea of First Aid
Fresh out of band-aids? No problem! Just borrow Jacob's shirt. And maybe if you get hurt enough, he'd run out of shirts. I'm thinking the risk of bleeding to death might be worth it (*after he turns 18, of course*).

2. Harry Clearwater's Death

When you've read the book a movie is made from, the last thing you expect is a twist or surprise.
New Moon gave us just that with the death of Harry Clearwater. My jaw literally dropped as my mind figured out that it was absolutely within the parameters of the book. Amazing!

1. The Months
I very carefully avoided all New Moon spoilers, so I had no idea how they would handle the progression of months. If this scene was done poorly, it had the potential to ruin the movie for me altogether. It was heart-breaking, breath-stealing, and beautiful. Thank you, again, Chris Weitz.

**Amber here. You can check out Sabrina's review of New Moon without a pro-Jacob slant on her Examiner page.**

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with things you hate #6. Why do they change some of the simple things? Like the color of the Volvo, it really doesn't make sense. Or in the movie when they say Bella got the motorcycle from a junk yard. Why not stick to the basic facts.