Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Happy Wednesday! I have one thing to say before we get started on the Wrap-Up.

15 DAYS!!!!! /fangirl

Do you have your tickets yet? How many shows to you have tickets for already? Are you seeing Twilight first? Going to a party? Bringing your Cardboard Edward with you as a date? I don't have a Cardboard Edward yet, so I'll probably bring Shadesward and Pocket Bella. (She always insists on tagging she doesn't trust me with her man!)


Okay! Moving on..News We Missed!

These are Two of My Favorite Things!

I love The Sims. My hubby can't figure out why I like it so much. Heck, even I have no clue why I love the Sims so much, but I do. And I love Twilight. So when Twifans posted this awesome New Moon trailer, Sims Style, I might have squealed a little bit. It's amazingly well done, give it a look!

How To Get "How To Be"

So you've seen all of Rob's movies, and still, it's not enough. That's ok, now you have his audition video for How To Be! We love Rob's adorkableness, and Art is the epitome of Robadork, May cause desire for hugs and cheek pinching..

We Love Puppies And Rachelle!

Rachelle Lefevre campaigns for pet adoptionl. She's always so good for giving her time for good causes, I love it. Plus, it's always a bonus to see her. And I still want her hair.

Behind the Scenes-Volturi Style

Hit Fix showed this clip and interviews with the cast involved in the Volturi scenes. For those avoiding spoilers, the movie bits are really not much more than what's in the trailers.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Volturi Featurette

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Don't Forget t5m and the Vampire Diaries Examiner!

Check out Amber's series on unicorns still continuing, and a great article about the events in the last episode of Vampire Diaries.

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