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Twi-Theories Tuesdays: So What Is Rosalie's Deal?

This article will contain book spoilers for the entire series. I will also mention some details from Midnight Sun and other extras written by Stephenie Meyer.

Happy Tuesday everyone, welcome to this week's edition of Twi-Theories. You can read the previous entries here.

I've always been fascinated by Rosalie, she's this amazingly strong character, that we learn so little about. That's meant to be, I suppose, since she's a bit cold and stand-offish, haughty about who is deserving of her time and attention. We all know that is just the surface though, that there's more to Rosalie than meets the eye.

So I found myself wondering, what was the deal with that phone call to Edward? Why would she be so anxious to relay the information? Was she being spiteful? Was she trying to help her family, in her own dysfunctional way?

We know very little about Rosalie at this point in the story. We know she doesn't like Bella. Edward has been very vague on the reasons why, but it's fairly clear. We find out more in Eclipse, as Rosalie shares her story and some of her motivations behind her feelings for Bella. In Breaking Dawn, they bond over a common goal. Rosalie may have had selfish motivations for that, too, but that will be another week's theory.

The first reaction we see in New Moon from Rosalie is a smug expression as she helps wrestle Jasper outside following the papercut debacle. I'd imagine she's thinking. "I told you she'd be a problem like this someday..it was only a matter of time.." But Rosalie loved Forks, and believed Edward to be stubborn, so I doubt, even in that moment, that she saw what was coming.

I believe that having to leave Forks was a bit of a jolt to Rosalie. Forks allowed them to be almost 'normal'. ( from Midnight Sun, read it here) I think that Rosalie is someone, also, that doesn't adjust to change well. Her life as a human was all planned out, she knew what was expected and it always happened. Until the attack that led to her being changed, so surprise and that kind of disruption to her existence is difficult for her, it probably brings up some painful memories.

Now they all have to pack up and leave. We learn later that they went to Upstate New York, but also that they had scattered a bit. Edward was out tracking Victoria, or being a hermit, Jasper was dealing with his guilt over the situation, and they all were missing Edward. These people had been together for some 50 years or more, imagine the disruption this made.

So Alice gets her vision of Bella jumping, and Rosalie seizes the opportunity to call Edward and tell him. Was she being selfish? Absolutely. Was she being spiteful? I don't think so. I believe that with Rosalie, everything is just tinged with a dose of self-serving, but that she honestly does love her family.I believe that she called Edward to let him know so that he would come home, so that Emmett would be happy to have his brother again, so that Esme would stop worrying. She didn't understand, until the moment she heard from Alice about what Edward was planning, that what Edward felt for Bella, was the same as what she felt for Emmett.

If you haven't read already, Stephenie Meyer wrote a few tidbits to support this. These are not outtakes, just extra pieces of the story that she penned when fans had questions for her. One is from Edward's point of view, and the other from Rosalie's, check them out.

It's important to note that when Rosalie apologizes to Bella that it's the first time she's ever directly addressed Bella. This is an important moment, because it shows that Rosalie has finally accepted Bella as a "real person". She may still not like her, or agree with her choices, but she has recognized Bella's place in her family.

I think her vote, too, was a recognition of Bella's importance. The line "I wish there had been someone to vote no for me." is so significant. I don't believe it's just Rosalie expressing her disapproval of Bella's choice, but she's reminding Bella that she DOES have a choice in the matter. I think that in that moment, that was the most selfless we ever see Rosalie. She voices her acceptance of Bella in her family, but expresses her concern over her choices. Just like a real sister would accept you for who you are, even if they don't agree with you.

In the end, Edward and Bella probably have that fateful phone call to thank for their future. While it set off a scary chain of events, it did force them to deal with their issues regarding Bella's mortality a lot sooner than they probably would have, even if Edward had simply decided to return to Forks and beg forgivenes. (Again, that's another article)

Tell me what you think of Rosalie, I'll be coming back to her at some point in the future.


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Wonderful post about Rose!
I was never sure if I like her or not, but I accept her fully as part of the family. Apart from her bitchy attitude, deep in her heart she is a family girl who would do everything for the family.
That was also why, she told Edward about Alice vision, she thought " Hey it is over now, Edward come back to the family so that we can go back to the point we were before you met Bella." She probably never truly got Edwards feelings for Bella just until this point - exactly like you said.

So in the end I would say, I don't like bitchy Rose that much, but I truly accept her feelings and deep love for her family.

bouncy72 said...

Hi I was great to see a bit more of Rosalie & how she thinks. Thanks for the post.

Char said...

I wonder if Rosalie is still bitter at the end of Breaking Dawn. It would be nice if Nessie's presence erased some bitterness--in a sense that she may never have her own child, she'll never be a mother...but at least she'll play a hand in raising her niece.

Fire Crotch said...

I'm really loving these posts. Keep up the good work. I have to say that I wasn't really interested in this one because the subject was Rosalie, but Amber convinced me to read it. I think she really gets a bad wrap. She suffered a horrible death at the hands of the man she thought she loved, was turned into a vampire to be with Edward, and then was basically rejected by him. For someone always used to getting what she wants, she definitely got the short end of the stick at the beginning of her new life. I think Rosalie is the kind of person you have as a friend, but go into the relationship knowing that she is always number 1 and you can't count on her to back you up if it affects her negatively. She's one of those friends that you make a "facebook friend" eventually. I know she and Bella bonded a lot in BD, but I truly think that she was hoping that Bella would die after the childbirth so that she could raise Renesme as her own. I don't think she had some big transformation in BD. She was playing along because she was hoping it would serve her purposes of having a child in the end. Just my opinion.

Kerry said...

Thank you for all the great responses! I love hearing back from you all!

FC: I want to do more on Rosalie in Breaking Dawn at a later point. I think you have some interesting points to explore there.

She does get a bad rap, though, and I wanted to show a bit of the more positive side of her. But I agree, she's the friend that you know will always be the way she is, and you just deal with it, or move on. Adapt, or go hang with Daisy! LOL

<-- cracks me up