Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Wrap Up

I'm thinking of moving Wednesday's Wrap Up to Sundays. It seems a more logical time to do it, even if I have to give up cute alliteration. With the impending drought of 2009/2010, we need to get a little creative anyway.

It's been a great holiday weekend, still working on leftovers, watching the first of the Christmas movies, and both Amber and I have managed to get in another viewing of New Moon. Always a win!

This isn't so much News We Missed, but a round-up of some fun and pretty. Enjoy!

Ashley Greene is So Cute

Here's a snippet of her interview with Popwatch about the role that's jump started her career.

How has playing Alice Cullen changed your career? I didn’t really have a career! So that’s how it changed. But now I’m doing what I want and I know I’m going to continue to work. This is it; this is the rest of my life. I can walk into rooms and talk to directors and producers that I couldn’t get into their doors before. And I can actually sit down and speak to them like a human being and not be terrified of them. That, and of course, the fact that people care what kind of coffee I drink and who I’m dating and where I’m going. Nobody knew my name before and nobody cared and then all of a sudden in a course of a year, everything has changed.
I Love Photoshoot Outtakes

And these are beautiful... Taylor and Kristen in USA Today.

Best Fan Premiere Story Ever

Phyllis, one of the luckiest fans ever, can brag that Rob walked away with a little of her DNA. No, not like that, get your mind out of the gutter, sheesh! This luck lady was part of the LTT/LTR contingent at the red carpet. She got some of the best photos of Rob, and got to speak briefly with him and shake his hand, resulting in an accidental scratch on her finger from a sharp Rob fingernail.

You can read her full story and see all her pictures over at Robsessed, but here's a tidbit.
Then, wait for it, Rob arrived! I was taking pictures of his eyebrows and hair. (Kerry: Best Part!) Whatever I could get because I didn't think he would come over to the end corner. Officer Great DELIVERED! She just waved him over. He signed two or three posters and was very smiley, happy. I didn't have anything for him to sign because I didn't think I would get close. (should have remembered the Boys Scout motto - Always be prepared) I asked him if he would shake my hand and he just reached out to do it. This man has the softest hand I've ever felt. His hand is absolutely HUGE! He did have long fingernails that I assume are for playing the guitar. He accidentally scratched my ring finger while shaking. He said thank you and then giggled. His eyes disappeared in those crinkles that we all love. He was so very adorable. His eyes were amazingly blue.
Entertainment Weekly Gives Us the Twifecta (Sold Separately)

Get thee to the magazine stand and get all three covers, because we all spend too much money on these things. It's ok. It's Normal. I promise.

New Moon Still Working the Stats

New Moon is dominate for a second weekend, still raking in the cash and about to burst into the Top 5 for 2009. Not bad for the second weekend. Larry at ProNetworks tells us:

UPDATE 12:00 PM SUNDAY 11/29:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon won its second consecutive weekend, taking in an estimated $42.5M from 4042 locations for the Friday-Sunday period, and an estimated $66M for the five-day holiday weekend from Wednesday to Sunday. These estimates include $14.3M Wednesday, $9.2M Thursday, $17.7M Friday, $16.5M Saturday, and $8.3M Sunday. This increases the film's domestic cumulative total to $230.7M through its first 10 days of release. The current worldwide cumulative total is $362.8M. There have been no new international numbers all week so the actual total will be much higher when Summit releases updated figures later today
Taylor's Lips Are Sealed

Want to know what he whispers to Bella in the kitchen, right before he tries the ol' Jacob Black romance move? Too bad! The phrase is, of course, Quiluete, a nearly-dead language. And Taylor isn't talking. He tells MTV,
"I don't want to tell you what I'm saying," he teased, insisting that the line of dialogue is meant to be an Easter egg that only the most hard-core "Twilight" fans will be able to crack. "That would defeat the whole purpose!"
Hmm..I sense a challenge.

Rob's True Confessions

Rob had an interview with one of the Cheetah Girls. Very cute interview, and not a lot of surprising answers, but funny that he'd admit to some of it. Ah, funny, adorkable Rob.

My Favorite Book to Movie Change

New Moon was wonderfully close to the book, something I truly appreciate. A few changes were made, because that's what happens, but my favorite Harry Clearwater's death. Since we don't get much detail in the book about it, it's entirely plausible that it could have happened the way it did in the movie, and I loved it as a vehicle for keeping the danger and tension alive. Melissa Rosenburg, our friendly screenwriter, explains this to MTV.

Even Tom Cruise Wants to Be a Twilight Vamp

Or at least this look-a-like. This guy is amazing at his TC impressions, and I laughed my socks off. Someone hire him, he can be a one of the nomads from BD or something.

Celebrity Auditions: New Moon from Electric Spoofaloo on

It's Always Nice to Get Pictures of Nikki

We don't get to see much of Nikki, so I always want to post them. I'm not sold on the outfit, or on the 'school pictures' type photos, but it's still lovely to see her. These are from the 4th Annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards.

Men May Not Be As Clueless As They Think About Women

Not to lull them into a false sense of security or anything, but they might be on to something here. According to a survey by Optima Hair Specialists, men with Male Pattern Baldness want to have Robert Pattinson's hair. Well who doesn't? Jedward and Peter Andre came in second and third. Right...

Best Celeb Pictures Ever?

Not surprisingly, both Taylor and Rob made People Magazine's Best Celeb Photos list. Seems we like our boys at the beach, no matter how they're dressed. Who doesn't love Cannes Rob? The polo, the necklace thingy, and Those Hands constantly in That Hair.

And Taylor, well, keep taking pictures like this, and we'll decide we won't care about Georgia. Okay Taylor, we understand that you're not the cute, nice little boy anymore.

OMG, It's Shocking!

Okay, whatever. list compilations are both entertaining and weird. We never really outgrow the desire to poke fun at the other kids on the playground do we? People Magazine brings you their 20 Most Shocking Beauty Moments! And here's our lovely Kstew, mullet in full glory. I know, we were all sad to see the pretty Bella hair give way to the Joan Jett rocker chick 'do. I would like to point out, though, that from the looks of things on this list, she's the only one that shocked the world because of a cut made for an actual movie role, rather than a style choice. Just sayin'...

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