Wednesday, November 18, 2009

See? We're Not All 12 Year Olds

I won't bore you all with my "Most Twilighters AREN'T Tweenagers" rant again. You know it, I know it. And finally, the rest of the world is starting to figure it out. Promo, a marketing website and blog, noted the number of companies jumping on the New Moon bandwagon. Some do target the teen market, like Burger King and Nordstrom, and Hot Topic (Not that we adults have avoided those, right?) But Volvo also has joined the fun, and they are definitely not targeting the weekly allowance set.

From the article:

“From pre-teens to 50-, 60-year-olds, women are in love with this series,” she said. “We’ve targeted our media buy in this campaign to appeal mainly to women 18-54. The movie has given us a chance to expose our brand to a much larger audience, and to get people to think differently about the brand.”

Volvo’s XC60 was also featured briefly in the first “Twilight” movie released a year ago—also driven by the Edward character—but the auto maker did no marketing against the product appearance. Nevertheless, Gangeri said, the company saw a spike in traffic both to its Web site and to dealerships shortly after the debut, and again after the movie came out on DVD earlier this year.

That unsolicited interest convinced Volvo to sign a product placement deal with Summit entertainment, the production and distribution studio behind the “Twilight Saga” series, for both this current release and the third installment in the series, ‘Twilight: Eclipse”, due in 2010.

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