Sunday, November 8, 2009

Petition for Adoption

I, Kerry, sidekick to Eyes of Amber, hereby petition The Twilight Fandom for the adoption of a new, honorary member of the Twi-Verse, one Miss Taylor Swift.

I believe Miss Swift to be a good fit within the Twilight family, as she possesses many of the qualities we find so endearing to our fictional friends and the actors who represent them. She is beautiful, talented, funny, dorky, and a good sport about all things media.

I offer to Miss Swift, unbound devotion to her work. I might not be the biggest fan of her music, but I'm rapidly becoming a big fan of her attitude. I also offer good humored posts, gushing amazement at photo shoots, and a plethora of "Awwww."s and other endearing sounds whenever I see her and Taylor Lautner in public together.

In return, I hope Miss Swift brings us more graceful under pressure moments, like the VMAs, maybe a song for Eclipse, and please please please, more funniness like last night's Saturday Night Live performance. The Monologue Song, had me laughing from the start, the Twilight spoof was hilarious without being insulting, and my life just might be complete now that I've seen her act '"gangsta".

Henceforth, I accept Miss Taylor Swift into my care, treating her as if she were one of my very own Twilight stars, with all the rights and responsibilities that go with it.


*And I, Amber, second this motion. I am a huge fan of her music and always have been. She writes or co-writes everything she records. And who doesn't love a woman who doesn't go after you for revenge when you wrong her, she just writes a song about you!

Here are two great moments at SNL. Watch for the Taylor Lautner shout-out!


Tattooedchick76 said...

I think Taylor Swift could make a great Renesmee when she is 7 and at she will be fully grown

Memory_Jean said...

hahahaha I love how she was biting her lip & messing with her hair like every 5 seconds... so KStew.

Greg Delaney said...

So Taylor Swift is funny too? I guess that makes her a quadruple threat

~ Joy ~ said...

Loved, Loved, Loved SNL last night. It was just awesome. Taylor Swift is so talented.

BTW, I'm watching TWILIGHT again right now!

"what's up Arizona? How you likin' the rain gurl?"

tee hee