Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Moon Stars Go Around the World

Our Twi-folks have been galivanting around the world this last week promoting New Moon. As if we all aren't waiting impatiently to see it anyway, but it is really nice of them to drop by various locations to say Hello, and speak with the fans.

Yes, I did hear about the mess in Brazil, no I'm not going to post the pics or the video, we don't play that game here. Part of me is glad it's not just Rob, but still, mobbing the stars helps none of us, so lets all remember our manners.

Either way, Taylor and Kristen were all smiles and stunningly beautiful at the official event.

And a great video interview with the two of them. I love that they're so genuine when they interview. Taylor is always well-spoken, and you have to love Kristen for her nervousness. You can really tell when she feels passionate about something. I do notice a big jump in confidence level since the interviews this time last year. Yay!

Then it was off to Mexico for Kstew and Taytay. Not so crazy there, I'm glad to say, and still with the gorgeousness. I love Kristen's hair all pulled back, and it's always nice to see her smile. Taylor, well, you can't help but love that face, can you? And I mean that in a completely non-need-to-go-to-Georgia-don't-call-Chris-Hansen way.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Rob and Chris (you know, the guy in the back of the pictures) made it to Toyko safe and sound. All reports are that the large crowd gathered to greet them were pretty well behaved and orderly. Go Japan!

I can't decide if I want to be a water bottle or a microphone more...

And a few short videos of the fan meeting. I love love LOVE that they actually wait until he's finished speaking before they scream. Thank you! It was nice to listen to videos and be able to hear!

Look! It's Chris!

Thanks to TwiCrack, ThinkingofRob, and Robsessed for the pics and videos.

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