Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kristen Stewart Interview

I've said it before, but our Kstew is getting so much more comfortable in interviews. She's still rambly, but I like her that way. It makes her Kristen.

The Twilight Examiner published this interview where Kristen discusses the emotional roller coaster of the story, and the challenges of performing Bella experiencing that.

Q: Obviously New Moon is a really emotional journey for Bella. How did you prepare yourself for shooting the scenes in which she was really depressed and distraught?

Kristen: Right. I wish that there was a more solid way, prep for an actor, I mean just in terms of being sure that you’re ready to do what everybody expects you to do, but there’s just not. I was so completely intimidated by that scene. I mean in the book there’s nothing there’s literally nothing like it that I can think of in the real world that I could relate to. You know what I mean? Like I’ve been broken up with, I’ve had my heart broken whatever, like I think. But it was still higher than that. Like “oh, oh you think you know what it feels like to hurt? Have you ever died? You don’t know what you’re talking about.” You know what I mean? Yeah, so it was about being really comfortable with Chris and knowing I could say anything to him, ever. Chris is great and he is the most, like, I just feel very comfortable around him and he made us feel really safe and considering those parts of the book I actually don’t have any of the other actors to play off of so I was very much alone and terrified, absolutely intimidated by the material and he made it so much easier.

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rakeback said...

I think New Moon will definitely become a bigger hit than Twilight because there is so much hype around this movie and the new-found stardom of Stewart and Pattinson, whereas the original movie didn't have any hype going into it.