Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's New Moon day!!!!! is finally here! Millions of us will fill the theaters tonight to see New Moon for the first time. I'm seeing Twilight at 9 to help pass the time and increase the excitement, if that is even possible. Kerry is bravely waiting to see it with her hubs. It's going to be rough around EoA until she has seen it. Good thing I know how to keep my mouth shut! LOL

We want to know what you're doing today? What are your plans for seeing the movie? Are you taking in the double feature like me? Watching it first thing in the morning in an attempt to avoid Squeemaggedon? Waiting until tomorrow night or Saturday? We can't wait to hear how you are all celebrating New Moon!

I'll go first...I started off my day with this...

**Major Spoiler Warning Here Ladies! There is a clip in the very beginning and some behind the scenes stuff peppered all through the interview. I managed to avoid the clip...and I'm looking forward to getting to actually watch the whole interview when I get home tonight! (I just got to listen to parts of it because I'm holding true to my pact with @AmberRMW and @AccentOnLife)

I will run around like a chicken with my head cut off for most of the day, then heading over to T's for the party/dinner. We are heading to the theater at 6:30...yes, really. There are about 12 of us going together. We're taking New Moon trivia with us to help pass the time while we wait for Twilight to start.
I'm seeing it again tomorrow with my mom and 3 of the girlies from tonight. We'll follow up with dinner to squee, sorry, I mean to chat about the film. On Saturday, the hubs and I are going to see it together. I feel so bad for him having to wait until then, but I'm so glad he's willing to hold down the fort at home while I run around like I have no responsibilities for a couple of days!

So now it's your turn to let us know what you're up to today!

Here's a reminder of all the cast appearances going on today and tomorrow!
Rob Pattinson on The Today Show
Rob Pattinson on Regis and Kelly
E! Special on the Secrets of Twilight 10:30pm eastern on E!
Taylor Lautner on Jimmy Fallon
Dakota Fanning on The Jay Leno Show

Taylor Lautner on The Today Show
Taylor Lautner on Regis & Kelly
Rob Pattinson on Ellen DeGeneres
Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart (all together) on Jimmy Kimmel Live (this tapes 11/6 but airs 11/20)

Keep checking back. We have some goodies up our sleeves for you today!
Thanks to ROBsessed and Thinking of Rob for the clips!

***I apologize for the lack of laptop isn't accessible at the moment. Kerry will fix it when she gets up! (Darn west coastie!)


Samyra said...

OMG I like twilight so damn much!
Do you want to visit my blog to?
I'm new, so I would really appreciate it.

Stephanie said...

I think my 5 week old & I are going to go see it Monday during the day! Yay!