Monday, November 16, 2009

It is New Moon Week!!!

This is it ladies and gentlemen! The final week of waiting! All reports coming in from those who haven gotten to screen early are positive. Tonight is the official premiere, and fans are lining up for blocks to get a chance to see the stars as they arrive tonight. This map was sent to me by my L.A. bestie to show just how long the line is.

Amazing, no? For those, like me, whose Los Angeles geography is rusty, the theater is at the west end of that line. Fans have been lining up since Thursday. They've been visited by Alex Meraz, Cameron Bright, and many well-wishers (gawkers?) . I just really hope they all get a chance to see the red carpet happen, since they went to so much trouble.

We could always use more excitement, right? All this week, the stars will be making appearances on the various talk shows. Here's an updated list I stole got from my LTT Twin, Jena, who is currently one of those people camped out in that line.

Kristen Stewart on Conan/The Tonight Show
Taylor Lautner on Jay Leno
Chaske Spencer (Sam) on E!'s That Morning Show
Dakota Fanning on Ellen DeGeneres - East Coasters go NOW!
"10 Vampires we Love" on E! @ 9:30pm central/10:30pm eastern
MTV "Love Bites" @ 10pm eastern/9pm central (featuring Kristen and Rob's Twilight audition....yes, you heard that right, Cougar Cathy's lost vids!!!)
MTV New Moon special following "Love Bites" at 9:30pm central/10:30pm eastern

All media shows to have LA Premiere coverage
E! Live from the red carpet of New Moon premiere 6:30pm cenrtral/7:30pm eastern

Kristen Stewart on The Today Show
Kristen Stewart on Regis & Kelly
Rob Pattinson on David Letterman
Kristen Stewart on Jimmy Fallon
Kellan Lutz on Ellen DeGeneres

Rob Pattinson on The Today Show
Rob Pattinson on Regis and Kelly
E! Special on the Secrets of Twilight 10:30pm eastern on E!
Taylor Lautner on Jimmy Fallon
Dakota Fanning on The Jay Leno Show

Taylor Lautner on The Today Show
Taylor Lautner on Regis & Kelly
Rob Pattinson on Ellen DeGeneres
Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart (all together) on Jimmy Kimmel Live (this tapes 11/6 but airs 11/20)

There are MORE appearances coming in the following weeks, but I will post those at a later time.
Set your DVRs!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, my DVR is on overload right now!! Good thing we have more than one tv in the house. Can only record two at a time!! So have to watch one in the other room!! Why did they have to do that to us! its TV media madness!!