Sunday, November 8, 2009

Interviews Might Be My Favorite Part

These were definitely the highlight of my video-watching extravaganza today. First of all, it's great to see NEW interviews, that were done just in the last few days. It's a different feeling, getting them right now, as opposed to reading something that was taken down months ago, and having no idea where they are at now on those same questions.

Here's Rob on E!

Things I noticed:

1. Rob still has all his nervous gestures. The hand in the hair (gulp). The constant drinking from the water/soda bottle, the mumbling.

2. He's still adorkable. The laugh, the quips about pushing the spotlight on Taylor, then wondering if he should take his clothes off to get it back. ( haven't lost the spot light, but if you want to talk nekkid...I'm sure we can manage to pay attention to that)

3. He's more comfortable in interviews. While he's still definitely Rob, and thank goodness for that, he's lost that "OMG what am I doing here!" look. As cute as that was, I'm proud of our man for how much he's learned and grown over the last year.

Rob on Access Hollywood

1. I saw the Robward blanket (it's actually a duvet cover) at Hot Topic today. I might have considered buying it for 2.6 seconds.

2. I love the interviewers getting clever about asking about Robsten, without actually asking about Robsten. Our Rob is too smart to fall for that!

3. More than his looks, the reason Rob is the only Edward? He gets it. that's all.

On to Kristen!

1. Kristen! Talk about some change in the last year. Still Kristen, still no-nonsense, and struggling to convey what she means, but more confident.

2. Ok. Who would make the better husband??? Really, Shaun?? Congratulations to Kristen for handling that one with out even laughing in her face.

3. I love how she handles the question about the Harper's Bazaar shoot. And all the rumors, "yep, that does encourage the thought..oh well"..

4. We like the shirtless guys, too.

Thanks to Robsessed for the videos.

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