Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Love Interviews with Peter Facinelli

Peter's are always the best. He's honest and funny, always says crazy stuff, that somehow makes sense. You can see the serious man, that loves his family and contributes back to the community. And you can always see the goofball, ready with a witty quip and a laugh.

The down side to Peter's interviews, is picking just a question or two to quote here for you.

Melissa Fleming, at Time Out New York, had the chance to interview Peter about New Moon, and his on-screen and off-screen families.

Was it challenging to play dad to a brood of actors so close to your own age? When I first got cast I thought, I’m only about ten years older than these kids; how am I supposed to play their father? But I was more conscious of that on the first movie. Carlisle’s speech pattern and movements aren’t very contemporary, so it gives him more of a patriarchal feel.

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bouncy72 said...

Wow imagine having that kind of lifestyle. Talk about hectic & exhausting. I like how he is prepared to make an effort with seeing & spending time with his family. He's a real sweetheart