Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hot Topic Video Spam

So, both Amber and I are crazy busy this weekend with Real Life stuff. So, of course, the skies open up and a downpour of awesome Twilighty goodness comes raining down.

You may have seen a lot of these before, but I noticed some things I wanted to share with you. And we really don't mind watching again, do we?

Here are Rob, Kristen and Taylor introducing the rest of the cast.

First of all, I'm amazed at how many of them were there!! I know it's a launch event and all, but wow. Incredibly cool of the Trifecta to show up, with all the craziness they get. Also, LOVE Kellan and his "Team Emmett" shirt!!

I'll be attending the Hot Topic even in Seattle this Thursday, and while I don't expect to see the lot of them, I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley. I'll definitely have a full report for you after!

Here are the rest of the videos. Ahem, HIGH Squeemaggedon warning. You might need to look elsewhere a few times, too. Apparently, it difficult to juggle a camera when you're fangirling.

The energy and build up for New Moon is incredible to watch, I didn't see the Twilight mania build, so this is pretty exciting for me. It's great to see the actors in such high spirits, and they look like they're really having fun with this.

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