Friday, November 13, 2009

Hot Topic Event: Seattle (Fake Fan Made Friday)

There is still so much to post with all the promotional events that are out, but I wanted to share with you my experience at the Hot Topic event yesterday in Seattle. This was my first official Twilight event, and while I had seen videos and pictures before, it's nothing compared to being there.

I arrived about 3 hours before the event started, and was still probably 150th or so in line. Prior to lining up though, I had popped into the Borders at the mall to look for the Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar and Maxim. I did find them, they were difficult to miss, not just for the gorgeous covers, but the four amazing women in New Moon T-shirts ooohing and ahhing. We all had a good laugh at being caught in a super fangirl moment, but you gotta admit, the Vanity Fair is amazing. These ladies were awesome, and like all us Twilight fans, instantly bonded and they graciously included me in their little group, as well as a couple other young ladies in line behind us.

Even the line was fun, everyone talking about the books and the movies, friendly banter between Team Edward and Team Jacob and having a great time with the Hot Topic employees and the mall security.

We finally got to file through, very quickly, the store, for our autograph signing with Daniel and Charlie. And oh are they adorable! Charlie was rambling random things in that gorgeous accent of his, and the best part was when one of my new Twi-BFFs said to Daniel "You slammed Edward in to the ground" and he said "Yes, he was a baaaaad boy, he broke the rules!". Unfortunately, that was all the time we had, as Hot Topic was all over the crowd control.

From there, we went to the event area, which was already packed, but managed to get a decent spot about halfway back from the stage. One of the local radio station morning show hosts was sort of hosting the event and did a great job. (Shout out to Jackie!) She said she hadn't been into Twilight yet, but I think getting to hang with Daniel and Charlie might have changed her mind! You can listen to the radio interview here.

Anya Marina, performer of "Satellite Heart" on the soundtrack, performed a few songs next. She was very sweet, and amazingly talented. She really had grasped the heart and soul of the story. She was also gracious enough to sign some autographs and take some pictures with a few of the fans.

Finally, Daniel and Charlie arrived for the Q & A session. Still adorable. Daniel is so tall, and very funny. We all agreed that Charlie should just read the newspaper to us, so we could listen to him talk. Highlights of the Q & A were Daniel saying that New Moon was one of the few movies he hasn't had to get super in shape for, since he's dressed in bulky clothes the whole time, as opposed to "usually being in his underwear" for movies. Which of course generated a lot of interest in his other movies. Charlie commented that the costumes and the contact lenses made it amazingly easy to get into character, that he really felt different and could get into the mindset of the vampire in them.

They even gave a wave and a shout out to Michelle, one of my new Twi-BFFs, who had flown in from Virginia to visit with her friends and to attend the event. She swooned. Really. But then, wouldn't you?

It was over much too quickly, but so great to see. After the event we went back up to the store where I acquired some Twi-paraphernalia. Like a keychain, and a Team Edward/Team Jacob reversible bag, and maybe an Edward pillow case.

So that's my long-winded summary, I will have some more later when the Twi-BFFs send me their much higher quality pics.

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