Tuesday, November 17, 2009

EoA Red Carpet Review

Wow. That pretty much sums up the Red Carpet for me. The crowd, the stars, an amazing experience, and that's just me, sitting here at home, watching a live stream that would quit about every 20 minutes. I can't even imagine what it was like to actually be in that HUGE crowd massed outside the theater!

The biggest thing I noticed, was how much better both Kristen and Rob managed the red carpet. From the clothes to the interview, to the interacting with the crowd, so much more polish and calm. Awwww!!

Super huge props to Courtney, the fan correspondent who won the opportunity to work the red carpet. It's not an easy job to do as a professional, but despite the speechless moments, she did a great job, and I'm so impressed by her coherent non-fangirl self (at least on the outside) when face-to-face with Rob. Kudos, too, to Kristen Stewart for taking the time to take a picture with Courtney, even though the folks running the show tried to tell her she couldn't. Don't mess with KStew!!

Edit: Here is a video, thanks to ROBsessed of Courtney's interview with Rob.

Of course, everyone looked fabulous, such a glamorous event. I heard one correspondent say that between the level of fashion, and the crowd, this felt more like an awards show, rather than a movie premiere. The Twilight Saga is where it's at folks!

Take a look at some of the cast in attendance tonight!

Oh Rob...

Kristen rocking the sheer again. Love this! Feminine and Kstew-edgy.

When does Taylor NOT look fantastic in a suit!

Love the leather, Gil. That's You! Down with the kids!

Alex, Alex, Alex. Naughty boy. You can't sway me. Nope. Really. Right?

Dakota is adorable. Best part? Stylish, elegant and age appropriate.

I'm incredibly jealous of ability to wear something this form fitting. Hot Mama Elisabeth!

Had to show a pic of Kellan with the fans. And the suit isn't bad either.

Peter and Jennie, Hollywood's cutest couple.

Nikki. Not sure how I feel about your dress yet, honestly, but your legs are so amazing I don't even care.

Ashley made my husband's night. The amazing red dress? Yeah. Dead Hubby.

So many fans hoping to see Jackson, we just never get enough air time. We want to see more of those gorgeous eyes, and that smile!

Charlie. More leather. Might be more handsome than Gil. Shhhh.

Stephenie!! My jury is out on the dress, again, but her hair was amazing!!!!

Michael Sheen brought his daughter as his date. Oodles of cool points for that.

How dapper is Edi, with the piping and the tie and the spiffy shirt?

There is so much. The live feed is rebroadcasting the event, so be sure to watch if you missed it, and catch interviews with most of the cast.

Have a good night!

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