Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chris Weitz, New Moon and Eclipse

Chris Weitz spoke to MTV again, this time about taking over New Moon and the contrast between directing styles. He also spoke about the transition process to David Slade, so that David would be aware of the direction New Moon was going, and take that into consideration with Eclipse.
With filming on "Eclipse" wrapping up, we couldn't resist asking "New Moon" director Chris Weitz whether he had seen any of the footage from next summer's blockbuster. He hadn't, he said, because he's been busy working hard to bring fans "New Moon," which hits theaters in less than a month. Surprisingly, he said he didn't really want to see the footage yet.

"As a fan and a filmmaker, I'm excited to see finished stuff from 'Eclipse' rather than anything in progress," Weitz said. "When you see works in progress, there's always some guy standing in front of some big green curtain, and it's all terribly disappointing. You really want to see the good stuff once it's all finished.

The wait is getting shorter!! It's officially November! The whirlwind of promotional tours have started. I missed this part of the experience with Twilight, so I'm looking forward to the round of fresh interviews and appearances!

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