Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be Prepared for New Moon

Today is the day! In a few short hours many of you will have seen New Moon!! Many of our international fans have already, as midnight makes the rounds of the world. I won't get to see it until tomorrow afternoon, so at some point today I will likely disappear from blogs and twitter to avoid too much spoiler madness. (I know, I have no willpower, but I'm going to try.)

I thought I'd share with you my New Moon Prepardness Kit. Just some things I will be essential for optimizing my New Moon experience.

1. Team Edward bag. While Jacob (and Paul) just might try to sway me to the wolf-side with all the snarling and the abs, I know my true love. Proclaiming loud and proud for Team Edward and Twi-Hard participation. I picked this up at the Hot Topic event last week. I'll only use it for Twi-related events. I promise!

2. Box of tissue. I'm not messing with hankies, or little pouches of tissues. I'm going to be a blubbering mess nearly immediately. The Romeo and Juliet thing will make me cry romantic tear, then I'll just know what's coming, and start sniffling, "the scene" will kill me. Every vision, every scream, every almost feeling moment, will just keep it going, and then, we all know the tears at the end. Remind me to ask for an extra popcorn bucket to use as a trash can.

3. Towel. For the uh...drool. Because even if Taylor/Jacob and Alex/Paul can't sway me entirely,it doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy the view. And the whole wolfpack combined? That's like a...24 pack! And then we're not even talking about the peace of glittering yumminess decorating Tuscany.

4. Bottle of water. Seem weird? I'm not buying 30 gallons of soda at the theater, I don't want to have to spend half the film trying to keep my bladder from bursting. So just a small bottle of water to keep the drool and tears stocked.

5. New Moon novel. Going to need something for entertainment while standing in line. Might as well refresh my memory for the 100th time.

6. Pocket Edward and Bella. Seeing them jumbled together will remind me that all will be well, during the dark parts of the movie. Such love! Plus it'll be more entertainment for the line. Maybe others will bring their pocket friends and we'll have a full reenactment of the book!

7. Phone. I'll turn it off for the movie, of course. But while we're waiting, I can continue to watch the Remember Me trailer, repeatedly.

What are YOU bringing to New Moon?


Fox Otter said...

I too have a list of essentials I bringing to the midnight showing tonight. Well, first the group I am going with and I are meeting at Applebees beforehand for a little dinner Twilight talk. Then of course waiting for like an hour or more till the movie starts so my essentials are this:

1. Edward t-shirt that displays Edward and says "The only reason I left was to protect you." Because...I need reminded of that and I must show my allegiance to Edward.

2. In the same vain must have on my Team Edward hoodie.

3. My Bella and Edward messenger bag that I have covered in Bella and Edward pins...gotta have something Twilight centric to carry my items in, don't I?

4. A box of tissues because, like you, I'm certain I am going to be a blubbering MESS through like...90% of this movie...every trailer, every sneak peek...ANYTHING I have cried at.

5. Twilight movie game cards...for fun trivia whilst waiting

6. In the same vain, Twilight Scene It trivia cards

7. Team Edward and I Run With Vampires and And So The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb bracelets...gotta show that Team Edward allegiance at all costs...

8. Most importantly...and I do mean this...I am bringing my brain with the same thought I had in my head LAST YEAR when I saw Twilight...this is a MOVIE this is NOT the book...enjoy it for being a MOVIE and NOT the book.

Hope everyone has a great experience!

spellbound said...

I just got home from the midnight showing of NM. There may or may not be a surprise for you in the PREVIEWS...just sayin'....hmmm, wonder what that could be???? :D :D