Monday, November 30, 2009

10 Things I Loved About New Moon, The 5 Things I Missed, & The One Scene I Have Learned to Love

New Moon has been out for 10 days now, and I've been to see it four times. I'm nowhere near the record holder, I'm sure (I heard 15 from one person). Obviously, this post will contain major movie spoilers. If you haven't seen it, what the heck are you waiting for?

So without further ado, here are my lists:

10 Things I Loved:

This is by no means the only things I loved, but somethings I really enjoyed.

1. Strutward

Just like Twilight, Edward needs his grand entrance. Cheesy? Maybe a little, but oh so worth it. I loved that the beginning of the movie still gave us that dreamy feel, still in the first-love bubble, and both Strutward and the little bit of banter was great for demonstrating that, and that they were more comfortably settled in their relationship. Best part? Bella's "That's mine." smug smirk as she watches him approach.

2. Harry Clearwater

We don't see much, if any of Harry in the books, he's a background character. We hear about his famous fish fry, and we know he's a friend of Charlie's, and his death, but that's it. Making him a presence made us attached to him. Attributing his death to Victoria? Brilliant move. Makes her scary, we feel the loss of a character, and no need to invent another Buttcrack Santa. In fact, the whole sequence, back and forth between the hunt and the cliff diving was amazing.

3. Victoria's Silence

It wasn't until the third time I saw the movie that it occurred to me that Victoria never had any spoken lines. I don't know if it was scripted that way, or if that's how it ended up in the editing process, but I loved it. We never actually see Victoria in the book, she's just a menacing presence and to me, her silence represented that.

4. Jasper's Southern

Small detail, I know, but it endeared Jasper to me even more. Made him seem more like the book Jasper.

5. Rosalie's Speech

Another small detail, but I thought Nikki seized her moment beautifully. It's only a few sentences, but we learn so much about Rosalie's character in that moment.

6. Proposal

I was afraid at first that they were going to leave it out entirely, after all, marriage as a bargaining chip isn't exactly politically correct, and they've skimmed a lot of the politically incorrectness off the story already. However, while the timing and setting were different, I loved Rob's portrayal of Edward's thought process. Added bonus of using it as a cliffhanger of sorts.

7. Big Wolves.

I was also afraid the wolves wouldn't be big enough, but watching Sam-the-wolf step out of the trees and stand full size was dang impressive.

8. Months

The first time I listened to the soundtrack was in my car. The volume was cranked pretty high. I was taken immediately by "Possibility", and that first big chord really got me, and tears were definitely escaping. Hearing that paired with a desolate Bella staring at nothing while the time passes, killed me dead. Cue bawling Kerry in the movie theater.

9. Break Up in the Rain

I chose this one mostly because I feel kudos need to be given to Kristen and Taylor for pulling off this scene in freezing rain. Also, the complete personality shift in Jacob is great, and it makes me look forward to Eclipse, and the shifts back and forth between "Jacob" and "My Jacob".

10. Creepy Volturi

The Volturi don't occupy many scenes, but they need to be a big presence, and the amazing people they cast to fill the roles did just that. Both charming and sinister, menacing monsters and refined gentlemen (and lady). This was also one of my favorite scenes to watch Rob, and not for decorative purposes. His reactions to Aro are amazing.

The 5 Things I Missed.

1. "That's All I Needed to Hear."

That might be my favorite line in the whole book. The declaration of love, and that being enough hold on to while you sort the rest of the mess out. The reunion in Italy is beautiful and Edward's heartfelt apology back home brought tears to my eyes again, but I really missed that specific line.

2. Edward's Black Eyes

The rest of Edward's look in Italy was great. Paler than usual, the pale lips suggesting he'd not hunted in a while, the ragged clothing. I missed the black eyes, though, the biggest clue that he hadn't been taking care of himself. Bella always paid such attention to his eyes, and it was a detail that helped us understand Edward more.

3. Charlie's Ire

I really, really, really wanted to see the scene when the first get back from Italy and Charlie goes ballistic on Edward, with maybe the added bonus of a scene away from Bella where Charlie delivers the "Never walk through my door" speech. Because you know Billy Burke would have totally rocked that.

4. Missing Items

We got the scene of Edward in Bella's room, looking at the picture, but I doubt any viewers who hadn't read the book knew what was going on there. I looked specifically this last time, and I did notice that the corkboard above her desk had a lot few pictures, and there was less on the walls, but, no direct "my things are missing" reference.

5. Spilling the Beans

Lastly, I missed Bella spilling the beans about the Cullens' abilities. Jake is well aware of Edward's abilities at the end of the movie, but no idea how he knows. Maybe it's a wolf-thing in the movie. Maybe we're just meant to assume that Bella told him at some point, but I would have liked to have seen it.

The Scene I Learned to Love
Alice's Vision

Hands down, the cheesiest scene in the movie. Maybe in a lot of movies. Especially after a year of Kellan mocking Rob's run at TwiCon's all over the nation. I was thinking about it a lot, though. It really confused me. Not as to what was happening, but..why so freaking cheesy?? The movie is pretty cheese-free, with the exception of Strutward, and the vision scene is so different, completely standing out against the dark, emotional tone of the rest of the movie.

I have a lot of faith in Chris Weitz though. I know that every aspect of a movie is analyzed and edited and manipulated to convey whatever message is needed. I couldn't believe that this scene wound up so cheesy by accident. That means it had to have been done on purpose. And then it struck me. We are seeing the future, but we are seeing it through Alice's eyes. And Alice has romanticized Bella and Edward from the beginning, thus turning a smirky, smouldery race through the woods to hunt, into a romantic frolic.

The next time I saw the movie, I didn't mind it so much.



RaShell said...

Hi Kerry,

I'm with you on all of these, except for the vision scene... I see your point, but still, when I watched it with my husband (2nd time around) and knew it was coming I was actually embarrassed and other people in the theater laughed...

Fire Crotch said...

I always love your analysis. That scene is so cheesy. It totally makes me want to vom every time I see it. But now, with your insight, I totally get it.

I really missed Charlie going ballistic and the missing items. I wanted to know that hid them under her floorboards! And amen to the black eyes.

The good. The music was great. And yes to Rosalie's speech! She totally rocked it. I look forward to her portrayal of Rose in BD.

Ah...Strutward...what else needs to be said?

LOL, my word verification word is pining.

Fire Crotch said...

Oh, I did think the second cheesiest scene was Bella flailing around hitting her head on the rock after the cliff dive. It was really terrible.

Anonymous said...

Strutward scene: But did you see how Rob played this up? Edward's almost embarressed look down and smile on his face. Rob felt so uncomfortable doing this so it played so well in to the movie. (there is an interview where he talks about this scene).

Too_Far_Gone said...

Re:/Cheesy Scene - I've been talking about this with multiple people. I think that not only are we seeing the future through Alice's eyes, we're seeing a fabricated "vision" made up by Alice to prevent Aro from killing Bella. I don't think that was the future at all; I think it was just Alice trying to convince Aro that she had seen the future when in fact, she had no idea whether Edward would change her or not.

Re:/ Charlie - We need more CopStache in this movie. Billy Burke rocked every single line, and I would have LOVED to see him tear Eddie a new one upon his return from Italy. (That's it, I'm getting a t-shirt that reads Team Copstache.)

Re:/ StrutWard - I've been trying to decide whether Rob smirked because Bella was totally eye-effing him, or because he could hear our screaming from the theaters...

Love your blog, by the way. Been reading for a while, just never commented before. xo

Bouncy72 said...

I totally agreed with all your points, *grin* except the vision scene, sorry :)
Yeah I think Edwards eyes should have been more taken notice of...I thought that with Laurent as well, He was supposed to be hungry & yet they were 10 times reder than they were in Twilight...*shrug* oh well
I wish they had put Charlie going balistic in too. I felt the first time I watched it, that if I hadn't read the book, I almost would have thought that when Bella woke up she dreamed the whole thing!

Kerry said...

I love all of you and your comments!

I know I'm in the extreme minority when it comes to the vision scene, but it did help for me the think of it as an Alice thing.

@TFG: interesting idea about the "fake vision" idea, I sense a Twi-Theory coming on. And I can totally support Team Copstache

@FC: I remember some people giggling at the crashing into the rocks thing. Maybe I just don't get it, all I thought was "ow!"

Anonymous said...

They are dropping like flies for his eyes, drawn by a buring desire:

Anonymous said...

I loved that they kept Bella's dream in the beginning. Totally was not expecting they would put it in the movie. Loved that we got to see more of Jasper's character.

LOVED the movie scene with Bella, Jacob, and Mike. SO FUNNY. And props to the actress who plays Jessica. I mean I just love her and think she is PERFECT for the role.

Still don't like the frolicking in the meadow scene. It's the kind of thing someone who is skeptical of Twilight would expect.