Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley talks Twilight

Paul Wesley, better know as Stefan Salvatore, is featured in the November issue of Teen Vogue. Among other things, Paul talks Twilight. While he was preparing for the role of Stefan, he tried to avoid any influence from Twilight. Ironically, the pilot for Vampire Diaries was shooting in Vancouver back in April when New Moon was shooting.
"The cast was staying at our hotel - we saw them everywhere and hung out all the time. They're actually really nice people."
Read more of what Paul has to say about Twilight in my latest Vampire Diaries Examiner article, as well as the link to the Teen Vogue article.

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Anonymous said...

This show is actually pretty good! Except I'm waiting for them to kill off the character of Caroline. She is really dumb and annoying! LOL.