Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twi-Theories Tuesday: Hallucinations and Choices

As with all the Twi-Theories discussions, there will be major book spoilers. If you haven't read the books, stop reading this article and go read the book. Then come back! Some movie spoiler pictures, also.

With New Moon coming (30 days!!!), I've been rereading the book and looking at some of the events. Last week we talked about Jacob in a broad sense, as he spans the series, and his purpose. This week, I was thinking about Bella's hallucinations and how they relate to Jacob.

In New Moon, Bella discovers that when she does something reckless or dangerous she could hear Edward's voice very clearly, urging her to stop what she was doing. She begins actively looking for reckless things to do in order to prompt these hallucinations. There were also times when the hallucinations would start, even when she didn't actively choose to be reckless.

I've always been intrigued by one moment of the hallucinations. After the cliff-diving incident, Bella begins considering the possibility of forging a relationship with Jacob beyond friendship. In her truck they have a moment.

"Butterflies assaulted my stomach as I thought about turning my head. And then, as clearly as if I were in immediate danger, Edward's velvet voice whispered in my ear. 'Be happy', he told me."

So what's significant about this hallucination. It stands out from the others in that there's no immediate physical danger. Even the hallucination she had earlier with Jacob, when confronting him about his involvement with Sam's "gang", there was physical danger, even if she wasn't aware of it.

The "butterflies" in her stomach indicate a level of adrenaline rush, though. Was it the possibility of danger, being involved with a werewolf, like Emily. Or that being involved with Jacob would be 'reckless'? Another possibility is emotional fear. The start of a new relationship after being hurt. The emotional pain of having to "give up" Edward. It's hard to say.

Every time before this moment, Hallucinatory Edward has cautioned her away from whatever she was doing. To stop moving towards the men in Port Angeles, to stay off the motorcycle, to stay away from the cliff edge, to give Laurent the lies to try to throw him off, to help calm Jacob down.

Is this occasion any different? On the surface, it sounds like "Edward" is telling her it's okay to be happy with Jake. But he doesn't say "Be happy with Jacob", he just says "Be happy."

We all know it's not really Edward talking to her, rather something from her subconscious. In some form or another, Bella knew that being with Jacob would be dangerous for her, whether physically or emotionally. This was the moment of choice. I'm sorry, Team Jacob, but I'm pretty sure it was set in stone in THIS moment. Not the moment in Eclipse. That may have been the emotions catching up with the decision, once she was emotionally ready to deal with it, but in this moment, in her truck, contemplating a future with Jacob and having a Cullen show up at her house, she was faced with her choice. "Be Happy".

Please comment and tell me what you think of Bella and her hallucinations and choices!


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Wow. I completely agree with you. In the books when she first starts having hallunications, I kinda hoped that they were messages from Edward but then I realized that she was manifesting her subconsience in the image of Edward. I think with Jacob, in any other circumstance, she would have had a relationship with him but something inside her must of realized that once she commits to Jacob it would be like cheating on Edward. Like accepting that the relationship is Dead and gone. I agree that once she runs off to Italy it was then that she gave herself (dangerous or not) to Edward.. Sorry had to shorten my comment so it might sound random.

AccentOnLife said...

I have to agree. There is something to be said for the fact that she just couldn't bring herself to turn her head. It was always Edward.

Fox Otter said...

Interesting observation. I like that theory. The way I always saw it after the first two times I read New Moon was from my own past experience with being told by the person I thought I couldn't ever possibly live without that he no longer loved me and was left in the dirt to fall apart basically like Bella (my personal connections to what happens in this book have always made this book a real tear factory for me among other reasons). Basically, I started to theorize that when you love someone as much as Bella loved Edward and you are so used to them being there in every facet of your daily life, that part of them never goes away. You see a TV show, and automatically you get this voice in your head "I wonder if he would like this?" or "He would really like this part"...or maybe you go to do something that you remember he never liked you to do and you get this notion in your head telling you "He wouldn't like that...why are you doing that?" and you hesitate to do it. It's kind of a thing with your mind. Your mind had this connection with that person just as much as your heart and the rest of your being did. I think Bella hearing Edward telling her these things definitely fits into that category because we all know all those things he said to her in her hallucinations were things he would have actually said had he actually been right there beside her. She just knew him and loved him that well in her heart, mind, and body, but she was so broken apart she couldn't fit all these pieces together.