Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twi-Music Meets Fan-Fiction

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the Twilight-inspired band The Bleeding Forks. The band is holding a fan-fic competition, with prizes of $100 and to have the story inspire lyrics for a new song.

Here are the details:
*New Twi-Band holds Twilight Fan-Fiction Competition* * * The newly formed Twi-Band, “The Bleeding Forks,” have decided to hold a competition amongst all Twilight Fans. The competition which will start on October 31st, calls for competitors to write a one page, Fan-Fiction scenario about a Cullen Christmas. The winner will be chosen by the band’s sole member, Ben Alcott. *First Prize will win $100 from the band, and the story will be used to make lyrics for The Bleeding Forks upcoming “Cullen Christmas Song.”* “I wanted to pose this challenge to the fans in order to pose a challenge to myself. I wanted to give all of us a chance to flex our creative muscles, and give myself an opportunity to work with fans. There’s usually this huge figurative boundary blocking fans from musicians, and I want to break that down. Since there never was a Cullen Christmas, I thought Fan-Fiction was the most logical approach to writing lyrics, and generate some excitement.” Anyone who wishes to send in there Fan-Fiction piece can send it to **
As a note, since it's not mentioned specifically, one-shot fan-fiction is generally about 4,000 - 8,000 words in length, and since they're a Twi-Band, I'm guessing they're going to want canon stories, so get your vamp on. If you choose to write one, please let us know, I'd like to follow the progress of our readers!

Good luck and Happy Writing!

Thanks to Edward Cullen (dot) net.

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