Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scans from the New Moon Illustrated Companion

I can't get enough of these! I couldn't decide which ones to post here, they're all my favorites. There are even MORE at RPLife, courtesy of Ralphy137.

Don't be sad, Edward! We forgive Jasper!

I'm really hoping we get to see Charlie go all cop-dad on Edward.

Charlie is a character I really feel for in the books, what a crazy few years for him, too.


This pic just gives me chills...

Dr. Cullen...hello...


Eep! *covers eyes*

Hungry wolfpack boys and Emily...and her famous blueberry muffins.

Yay for Sam!

Apparition Edward, maybe? "Be careful, don't push him.."

Hiding the evidence, maybe? *sniffle* You can't make us forget, Edward!

Aro meets Alice...

46 Days!!!!!


gwen c[ullen] said...

Nevermind Aros! WE meet shirtless Edward ~ again! ::sigh::

Lauren said...

The picture of Edward, Jacob and Bella....that is at the very end(epilogue in the book) I have read the New Moon Movie Companion and apparation Edward wears the Birthday suit.

Amber said...

Gotta be honest here, this is my blog, and I scrolled through most of this post peeking through one eye. Although I have to say...the one where you see all the pictures, that picture of Edward and Bella just kills me...I may need to be sedated before I see this movie.