Thursday, October 1, 2009

Running With Wolves, A Look at the Real Quileute Nation

When someone asks me what I like the most about the Twilight books, my answer is obvious. The characters are so real. Every one of them, not just the main characters. Even Harry Clearwater, who you barely see in the books, you get the pang of loss when he passes, because of the friendship he bears for Billy and Charlie.

I know I'm not alone in this opinion. The throng of visitors to Forks and La Push every year speaks to that. We know they're fictional, even make fun of ourselves for having crushes on fictional characters, but anyone who has read the stories understands the magic. Going and seeing the small town, the green mossy forest, the high school, the beach, just lets us experience a little bit of the magic for ourselves. I have a trip planned next summer for sure, but I will probably try to get there before the bad weather really sets in this winter.

It's not all entirely fiction, though. The Quileutes and their traditions are similar to how they are portrayed in the books. The wolf is intertwined into their creation stories, and their love and protectiveness of their home territory is strong. Vampires might not have been a part of the original stories, but it is easy to see how Stephenie Meyer was able to incorporate them.

The Reelzchannel recently did a spotlight on the Quileute Nation, highlighting their history, and the way they have embraced the opportunity to bring awareness to their tribe and Native American history that the Twilight phenomenon provided them.

This first video is an interview with Quileute member Roy Black, Jr., dubbed "Jacob's Grandfather" by the locals. He's got a great attitude about the whole thing, definitely grandpa material.

Next up is a song and story about the real Quileute creation story. You'll see how important the wolf is to them, and some beautiful scenery of the area.

Lastly, Tinsel Korey, the actress that is playing Emily, has spent some time in La Push, working with the children on the reservation, teaching them about acting and creative pursuits. I love that she's also embracing the opportunity to teach and give back a little.


Source: Twilight Examiner

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