Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Preview and a Review of the New Moon Soundtrack

Take a look at this video, there is a short snippet of each song from the soundtrack. The full soundtrack will be available October 20, and you can pre-order it from Amazon here. I really love the indie sound that the Twilight soundtracks are embracing, it's a great fit for the story, the author, and even the cast. And it's great to hear new bands. (Or at least new to me, I am woefully ignorant when it comes to finding these groups.)

Entertainment Weekly also had this great review of the soundtrack, awarding it an 'A'.

Moon (due in stores Oct. 20) yields several happy revelations from its lower-marquee names: Nordic songstress Lykke Li's nearly a cappella ''Possibility'' is a lovely little Swedish snowflake, and jokey rockers OK Go achieve an impressive sort of Flaming Lips-y quirk-gravitas on the sprawling, cinematic ''Shooting the Moon.'' Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's acoustic campfire lament ''Done All Wrong'' segues seamlessly into the jaunty, Strokes-ian guitar fuzz of Hurricane Bells' ''Monsters.'' Think of New Moon as a sort of survey course in new-now-next rock: a mixtape with teeth. A

Also, here is Death Cab for Cutie's official video for their contribution "Meet Me On The Equinox". There are scenes from the movie, but most are things we've already seen in the various trailers, for those worried about spoilers.


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